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  1. That's an awesome shot bluff. The river is almost twice as big when its above flood stage.
  2. Nice work as always otacon! The colors are really vibrant in your last ones.
  3. Wow, those were awesome! The last trolley shot and the one with the fire trucks were the coolest. The lighting was perfect and they all looked so professional. Good job!
  4. Nice pictures L T! Thanks for showing them. I really like the picture of the newly renovated Goodwyn Tower.
  5. I have a bunch of pictures I can put on, but I keep forgetting to or I want to do something else. Hopefully, I will get the urge to put some on here again.
  6. I like the rendering a lot. It has nice usage of the space given, everything goes together, and it sort of reminds me of the old baptist hospital.
  7. Wow Memphis Dave, you have a great view. I like the skyline shot a lot because it makes One Commerce Square appear to be a lot taller to me anyway. Just think of One Beale in that shot!
  8. Yet again more great photos! I really like the Exchange Building in the pano shot.
  9. Hey great firework shots otacon! Man, those are a lot better than the ones I saw out at Bellevue tonight. I was expecting something big and so were the other thousands of people out there, but to no avail. I got 10 or 15 minutes of OK fireworks and 30 minutes of trying to get out of the parking lot.
  10. Man the lighting is great! More wonderful shots by the professional.
  11. They just keep coming! More great shots otacon! ........Wish I could be Downtown everday. I Sure hope someone would put a sign on the 100 N Main Building. Its a great place to advertise, and its the tallest billboard in the city. Without one at night it looks like it looses 30 feet off the building.
  12. Wow, another stunning shot otacon! Keep them coming! It looks like Suntrust needs to fix some light bulbs.... including the one in their head.
  13. Wonderful shot, Now thats what Memphis is all about.
  14. Sure, here's some. Looking North on South Front. Ditto Looking East down Vance Ave from South Front. Looking South down South Front.
  15. Yeah, I have no idea what its about, and I don't think it is listed on emporis. Thanks for the replies everyone. otacon: Very nice shots. The pano is great.
  16. Finally, here is the end, part 3. Here are some skyline shots. Well, I hope you liked them. Comments are accepted.
  17. Heres part 2. Continuing down Front.... Confederate Park. Here's Madison. The Madison. A nice clean alley. The Exchange Building. Heading down Main. Lincoln American Tower. One Commerce Square. Peabody Place Tower and garage. From South Front.
  18. I'm not nearly as good as Octacon, but here are 44 pics I have taken over the past 6 months. These are the ones I thought were worthy of posting on here. The pics where taken with a Kodak CX7300 digital camera. This will take 3 posts since there is a limit of 20 pics per post. This is part 1. Enjoy! We'll start at Shelby Farms. Here is a pic some of you have been waiting for. Next lets head to the fair! These were taken on a pretty cloudy day, and when I started to leave it started raining. These were taken off the tallest ferris wheel there. Heres the LB. It has a great design. Heres the Orange Mound Tower as I like to call it. I'm not sure what it used to be, but it makes a great billboard. This is the Lipscomb & Pitts Building off Poplar Ave. by the Union and Poplar interchange. Downtown behind a mountain of trees. Not sure what this building is called, but I think its a retirement home. Its at the zoo entrance off Poplar. Heading into downtown. Theres the church before it burned down. Heading down Front.
  19. Wow! nice shots Otacon! Everyone of the pics you have posted on here are amazing. Are you a professional photographer?
  20. Yeah I wouldn't want any of those buildings(if you could call them that) in Memphis.
  21. 3,100 square feet for each unit is pretty nice too.
  22. Nice pics watnow! I really like the 2nd one.
  23. Nice pics everyone! The Goodwyn Building looks like it is coming along very well. I wonder when they will start to build the Grandview. Hey Rardy, did you take those pictures on Saturday? Because in some of the pics, especially the Macys pic, I can see the smoke from the fire at the old defense depot.
  24. Nice pics again Rardy! I really like the ones of the historic buildings. In the first shot of them (which you did very well in not capturing the more modern buildings in the shot) it looks like its back in the 30s or 40s with the exception of the cars. Good job!
  25. Nice pics Rardy! The back of downtown is really cool. Where were you taking those shots from anyway? I have plenty of pictures I haven't posted yet. Hopefully I will get around to them in a couple of days.
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