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  1. Bradley traffic is up the begining of this year. I get the monthly traffic reports directly from the airport. Total Passengers- January 2013- 385,256 January 2014- 421,045 9.3% increase February 2013- 369,386 February 2014- 404,155 9.4% increase
  2. Now all we need is the line between Manchester and Willimantic on the way to Putnam and Boston become a train line again. They should have never put in the walking path, what a waist of money. How nice would it be to get on a train in Willimantic and be at south station in under 2 hours! I can only wish!
  3. The editorial is very similar to the original article and the article the day after the news broke. Geez. I really hope the Courant can get through these hard times for newspapers. I really hate that new design, but who knows, maybe other newspapers follow the courant.
  4. Why does the courant keep posting the same article each day? Am I missing something?
  5. The only logical carrier that would fly Hartford to Rome would be Alitalia. Alitalia doesn't have anywhere near the connection's KLM out of Amsterdam has or Delta/Air France out of CDG. There are much better opportunities than Rome, AA to London with connections on British Airways and Lufthansa to Frankfurt will certainly come before Rome ever will. On top of all that, Alitalia is bad shape as an airline. They have cut 100's of flights and many destinations including San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington and Montreal. Hartford will never have a flight to Rome, at least not in the next 25 years.
  6. I am pretty sure the "two new airlines" are domestic carriers. As for as international service, lets try and keep the Amsterdam flight around before we go and add more service. I think the only real possible international destination would be Paris. Delta could possibly add service to CDG but I think they would cancel Amsterdam before doing that. Rome would never happen, the airport isn't as big to offer connection possibilities like Paris or Amsterdam. London is always possible since it is probably the largest O&D destination out of Hartford. Munich won't happen. Frankfurt would be the logical choice if Lufthansa ever wanted to venture into Hartford. You may see that in the next 10-20 years, nothing sooner I don't think. I say BDL will see 3-4 international destinations 15 years from now. Within the next 5 years maybe a total of 2.
  7. Let the guessing begin.... I am going to say the following are possible. 1) Airtran 2) jetBlue 3) Virgin 4) Midwest or Frontier returns
  8. Single story..... Are you kidding me? Please don't build this, please save us the disgust.
  9. Ricky, Don't you think LGB would work with jetBlue condisering they have a decent west coast feed there? Plus LAX is ending soon.
  10. I think jetBlue could have much success at BDL, evan today with flight to: Puerto Rico- There is 3 cities served by jetBlue in Puerto Rico and I think BDL could have non stops to at least 2. Domincan Republic- Maybe a seasonal flight? Large Domican population in the area Los Angeles- Now that Delta is gone, maybe a flight to Long Beach not only for LA traffic but conencting traffic on the west coast. Burbank could work as well but Long Beach would be prefered. Oakland- Nobody has stepped into the San Francisco market since United left. DEN- Now that frontier is gone, a similar product may work well. Florida- If Delta cuts back more or leavs, huge oportunity
  11. Nice map. From looking at the map, Hartford needs more residential down near the convention center and State house square. Constitution plaza needs something bad! You forgot the East Hartford side of the river, that residential tower is ownership units. Also, only 2 owner occupied buildings downtown is kind of lame.
  12. This flight has been on and off the past few years. I believe this was a seasonal flight since shortly after 9/11. This is one of BDL's longest flights but there are still longer flights to Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver (seasonal now), Cancun, San Juan, Amsterdam that I can think of. Salt Lake city, another long flight was discontinued last year. BDL never regained San Francisco service since it was cut after 9/11.
  13. Are you serious????? As for a fall start date, thats a great idea so they can work for all of a month and stop for the winter, wow!
  14. Capital Grill would go great in downtown.
  15. It is Portland Jetport. It was a typo.
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