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  1. It's interesting they have decided to stop using seasonally adjusted figures for jobs. The reason they seasonally adjust the numbers because with the increase in seasonal jobs also comes an increase in seasonal residents that are attracted them. For example the summer non-tourist population in Myrtle Beach is substantially higher during the period from Easter to Labor Day. They are supposed to normalize it to take this into account. This was once the standard for reporting unemployment. I suppose it makes things looking better now if they don't. U3 Unemployment for SC now stands at 11.5%. U6 may be approaching 18% - 20%. This is a truly staggering number.
  2. This of course assumes that he asked and was turned down by the Charlotte city manager (or city council) for a similar salary increase. If this did happen you might have something. If it didn't, then it means he is doing a runner. We also don't know how the entire benefits packages compare between the two places as they have not been published. The point I was making was that while we were being told all these wonderful, but in my estimation unrealistic things, about CATS future, the guy making the claims was secretly making plans to leave Charlotte. These kinds of positions don't normally get filled overnight so I would say that it was probably going on for a while. Maybe I am missing something here, but if he was so valuable to this plan, as put forth by Tober, the Mayor, the city council, and everyone else that took his words without question, then there should have been an effort to retain him. I don't see any evidence of that. If any of you questioning my opinion have something that would prove otherwise, then of course I am willing to be educated.
  3. In other time, this was the mass transit line to the remote suburb of Dilworth. (where the blue line goes today)
  4. ^The only evidence that we have ever had on support or lack of for this plan was when the public voted for a bond package that specifically forbid spending on a baseball at this location. This was the only time the public was ever asked about the matter. The current plan was a perversion of that vote and earned them a lawsuit. Nobody has ever polled the public on their opinion of the land swap deal. It is my guess they would vote it down too. There is nothing to stop them from building this project now except for the lack of political will and of course money.
  5. It's not a city tax. It is a Mecklenburg county tax. It's the county commission that will decide if the tax gets asked for or not and only if the NC legislature first grants them the authority. The Charlotte city council has no political skin in the game when it comes to raising the transit tax which is why they were so quick to vote to ask for it.
  6. I can't speak to those other systems, but Parker's surprise departure seems to be a slap in the face to CATS and the 2030 plan given the accolades what he was given as the hand picked successor to Tober. We were told he was CATS future, that he would get the203 plan constructed, etc etc. IMO, he is getting out while the getting is still good. The next person to head this agency is going to have to be the one to tell the people that if they want more trains in this city, then be prepared to pay a lot more taxes for it because the current transit taxes are being consumed by other things. I've said before the 2030 plan is dead, and IMO, Parker didn't have the nerve to bring this discussion up in a public forum and ask for some alternatives. It would be politically bad for him and given that transit agencies in general live more on rhetoric rather than real results, it would not be good for him personally to tell the city and council this is a bad plan. Hence run from the burning barn. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise.
  7. There are no injunctions issued by the court to stop them from proceeding. They can have a ground breaking tomorrow if they want. However the politics have turned away from the public paying for this sort of thing and Reese is being used as the scapegoat for all of the politicians to back out of the deal, quietly. They are eating a lot of crow now on LYNX, the NASCAR HOF, CMS cutbacks, etc etc. Last thing they want is to be seen enabling another sports arena with tax money, even one that is as convoluted as this one to hide this fact. The people know what they are doing. I fully believe that if this had been two years ago, the CCCP and the Knights would have started the project then all of a sudden discovered the Knights needed more money, and they would have pulled it from taxes instead. This formula has been repeated endlessly by the uptown interests to get stuff built. The wrench in their plan is the economy and this is why it isn't happening.
  8. It can go on as long at the court system agrees to listen to an appeal. A higher court will accept an appeal when they feel the case in lower court was not handled properly or the decision was not in line with the laws or constitution. Ultimately he has the right, under our Constitution, to take it to the Supreme Ct. However it is unlikely it would ever get that far as it become ever increasingly difficult to convince the higher courts that your case has any merit. If you take a case to court and lose but a higher court decides that maybe your case does have merit, would you not want to have them hear it? I think it is unreasonable to think that most would not do this. What in, they don't have any money to build a new stadium, do you not believe? Have they made a different statement on the matter. The actual quote from the general manager on this is posted above. The county has also walked away from it's part of this project. It says it will not fund any capital project that has already not started for the next 16 months. They have also taken the money that was alloted to this project and moved it elsewhere. This was also posted above.
  9. Walmart has let it leak out that it will be revamping part of it's super stores to form an electronic boutique that will compete directly with Best Buy and similar types establishments. They are planning to take the business that was abandoned by Circuit City. They will be spending a considerable amount of money to do this and also are looking at become a Apple re-seller. i.e. They will be selling Macs. This will draw in the very crowd that some here think won't shop at Walmart. There isn't any reason to believe they won't try to incorporate this in their new store which will be competing against the Met. I have not known Walmart to fail at any market that it decides to go after.
  10. I recommend you have a look at the article. The point being made was that cities like Charlotte are re-segregating. i.e. becoming less diverse. The Black student interviewed at West Charlotte High said that she had not attended class with a White student since she was in 3rd grade. Furthermore she said that she had seen her mom's high school year book from West Charlotte where the mix was closer to 50%. She was astonished that it was once like that in this city.
  11. ABC News is doing a story this week on West Charlotte High School. The point is being made about this once integrated school of 2000 students only has 19 White students now.
  12. ^You are not making any sense. Amtrak asked for operational funding. They got essentially what they asked for. Somehow you are making the statement that because it just $1.5B that it is the status quo in terms of rail travel development in the USA. While I understand this is your opinion, it's based on a misunderstanding of Amtrak's role in this process.
  13. But Amtrak is an operator and owns little to no track ROW. Federal funding to improve or create new ROW would not come from this operational fund. Faster trains better trains also would not be funded out of this amount. I still don't see where there is a problem.
  14. If Amtrak requested $1.84B for this purpose, and got $1.5B then I am not sure what the problem might be. This seems to be within a contingency amount for a funding request.
  15. Actually this is an increase though I do like the way the real estate likes to spin numbers. (always be wary of percentages) In March these numbers represent 76.36 foreclosures/day In April there were 76.96 foreclosures/day. April is 3.2% shorter than March.
  16. Mark Cuban's HD only channel HDNet is replaying a concert the network apparently filmed in Charlotte last year called The Cure 4Play in Charlotte 2008. Some checking reveals this was in Bobcats Arena. I am not sure if TWC carries this channel but it is available on the satellite carriers such aa Dish and DirectTV. Looks like it was originally broadcast late in 2008. It was on this afternoon. Not once was NC added to CLT. So go to CostCo and get a cheap HDTV and have a look. It appears it was so popular that it has shown up on various downloads. Power to the People.
  17. There is a company in Spartanburg called, Nodal Techniques, that has developed a battery powered riding lawn mower. One of the models can mow close to 4 acres before needing a charge. I have to commend them for choosing to use parts made in the USA. I hope they do well.
  18. ^Why would Amtrak need more than that increase? What are they proposing that would require a significant increase in federal funding?
  19. Very nice. I wish they had held onto those two steam locomotives and that wonderful carousel. These are irreplaceable items and would fit in any modern park today. How can you get rid of working steam locomotives that were built in the 1800s? Boggles the mind. Too bad the owners after Hall did not see or realize this. I had not see that article about the hotel/business complex in more than 35 years. Nice find on that too.
  20. Where was this stated? You mis quoted me yet again. I posted actual quotes from the politicians on this matter that appeared in the newspaper this week and offered up my opinion of it. You are more than welcome to disagree with my opinion. But if you are going to do that then at least try to get what I posted correct and use actual facts. You already demonstrate above several times that you don't do this. In regards to McCrory and his control of this project. If McCrory wanted the MTC to shutdown the NE LRT project, I am willing to bet good money that if he brought it up for a vote in any MTC meeting, he would immediately get a 2nd and a majority to vote with him on the measure. Anyone with an understanding of the politics of this matter should know this.
  21. They have said they don't have the financing to build the stadium. Hence this deal is dead regardless of Reese.
  22. CATS plan is to do engineering work on the project until it is ready to move forward for FFGA with the federal government for federal funding. McCrory has been on the record that if the application failed he would not vote to continue with it. The new news here, and the fascinating part is that he says now that he will ask for the MTC to shut down the project when CATS is 30% done with the design. This is a proactive step that could occur before this year is out. It's certainly different from CATS stated plans and different from what the Mayor has stated in the past. I think they are slowly working to the premise that brought forth in the other topic in that the present 2030 plan is dead. It's not just fascinating, it's mind blowing. . If they want to build more rail transit in this county, there is going to have to be a complete rethinking of what they have done so far and an honest assessment of the results vs money spent. This won't happen until the shutdown the NE LRT project.
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