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  1. One rumored possibility for the old Gayfers/Dillard's building is Burlington Coat Factory. Honestly, I wonder if the best case scenario would be for a developer to buy not only McFarland Mall, but also the shopping center just up the hill with the defunct Winn-Dixie, and demolish the whole lot of it, with the possible exception of the stand-alone parcels Chili's and Books-a-Million. At this point, I'd expect McFarland Mall or the Winn-Dixie center either to have difficulty attracting anything but discount retailers, since that's mostly what they have now. However, if someone wiped the
  2. Latest rumor = Dillard's closing. This probably spells the end of McFarland Mall, which has been ailing for many years. Perhaps more interesting, though, is that this will leave the entire Birmingham-Tuscaloosa area without any Dillard's locations.
  3. Yeah, that kind of took a lot of people off guard. Their ad in the yellow pages: "To get a better piece of chicken, you'd have to be a rooster !" I imagine the new owner will want to keep some form of "Cotton Patch," since it has such strong name recognition in the area. Other bits from recent T-News articles : * Reworked "Riverwalk Place" development proposal (across from the library) could include a 9,000-square-foot Japanese steakhouse overlooking the river, next to the park pavilion. * UA still in negotiations with Bryce (Honestly, I expect this one to go through. The main s
  4. It's around Sixth Street and 23rd Avenue, I think. This photo might help : http://tuscaloosa.com/documentview.asp?DID=294 That's University Blvd running left-right at the bottom of the screen, and 6th street running parallel behind city hall. The city hall annex that's under construction is to the right of existing city hall, where it's just a surface parking lot in this photo. Both blocks of old businesses across 6th street have pretty much been demolished, as have two blocks just off the left of the photo (which will be the new Federal building plus a city park/plaza ). I thin
  5. I've been in Texas more than Alabama the last couple months. Midtown is filling in pretty nicely: http://midtownvillagetuscaloosa.com/village_directory.html I think the "grand opening" is supposed to be around March. The Barnes & Noble and Panera Bread always have a crowd. Some of the other stores just moved from other shopping centers in town. The main positive of the development, though, is that it keeps the main retail focus close to the middle of town. The proposed North River Town Center project is dead. As proposed, it would've been a big-box-anchored, 100-acre developme
  6. Also, according to the Tuscaloosa News (7/7/07), several proposed local projects have applied for GO Zone funding from the state, although probably not enough funding is available for all the proposals. The largest local proposals (by total amount, not just the fraction that would require GOZone) : * Hunt Oil refinery expansion, $400-500 million * North River Town Center, $128-million mixed-use riverfront development (Note : I live near this thing, and there is huge opposition from neighborhoods, so there might be significant changes in style or scope.) * Municipal projects, $50
  7. Given the moribund state of the condo market down there, I wonder whether that "St. Andrews Resort" will actually happen, even with the zoning approval ? In general, I'd like to see the Ft. Morgan peninsula area mostly preserved. Even if one puts aside valid environmental and aesthetic concerns, there's simply no way to build adequate infrastructure to handle major development out there. There's basically one east-west road, and that's all there really can be. The one area of Gulf Shores-Orange Beach where I would like to see more development/redevelopment is at the "T" in Gulf Shore
  8. The one closest to the hospital is http://www.crimsonplace.com/fw/main/Home-36.html The university has also started a "Crimson Choice" program of university-related rental properties: http://crimsonchoice.ua.edu/pages/properties.html
  9. The IP is easily one of the most improved properties on the Mississippi coast. I couldn't believe how nice their Brazilian steakhouse was a couple of days ago. It impressed me as much as any of the restaurants I've been to in Las Vegas.
  10. That's cool. I'm staying at the Palace next week. The rooms there are extremely nice for the price.
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