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  1. Actually, The office is in one of the white buildings sitting on gaines..... theirs 3 that look very similar... Mine is the collins building.... its 107 west gaines.... but.. sometimes i do the mailrun to the capital, and am across the street from u.
  2. Name: Mike Occupation: Attorney Generals Office Live: in Tally Student at FSU Age: 19
  3. Tallahassee sits on a base of how many hills?
  4. hmm, I can paint a picture with words.......
  5. Hmm, to be off topic, if anyone here has questions about cell phones, I love them and know a lot about them so feel free to contact me,
  6. 97preludesh


    I disagree.... I think the prime time to refurbish the entire mall and expand is now! There are only 2 empty stores in the enitre place!!! this place is thriving... remember 8 years ago... without AMC, the mall was almost dead.... hardly any stores... now look at it, its a healthy steam engine...... And the upper level by parisian is occupied,,, the army navy and marines have offices there. there is stone age unless they closed up there.... there is garnet and gold, i think is up there now.... so.. If i the mall owner.. I take out a 200 million dollar tab.... Re do everything, the outside facade, make it look high class, redo the inside, add another level and watch this baby go!
  7. 97preludesh


    I think tallahassee mall should extend its 2nd story throughout the entire mall. Its only 2 storys or well 3 storys actually by AMC movies.... Tallahassee Mall has rebounded and all of the storefronts almost are full. If they build another story, then better stores will come!
  8. 97preludesh


    yes. tallahassee mall needs some updated interior additions, as well as governor square... whenever i go out of town, the malls are so much more inviting to step inside of
  9. sorry but thats the most unattractive building,
  10. they should go out and buy some spinnas for their car, and some chrome teef.
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