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  1. No clue. I just know Ale House pretty well. I'd be shocked if they spent the type of money on Cheyenne. Squarefootage and asking price.
  2. That has got to be wishful thinking. The Ale House's business model would never have them paying the rent that Cheyenne Saloon would require.
  3. Magicfan95

    The Plaza

    I don't think Urban Flats will get kills, but it could be very deadly for the theater.
  4. HOB? Not happening. The new Amway is configurable to smaller concerts, I can't imagine the city allowing that to happen. The owners of Tabu are converting their venue into more of a concert setting.
  5. Went before the game yesterday. Pretty cool. Just sampled the food (they were passing it out) it was ok. It will do very well in that location. It doesn't actually open until Saturday. Just soft opening.
  6. Sadly, Orlando Brewery is sinking as is. Get out there people! As for Burtons? No way.
  7. Magicfan95

    Amway Center

    Because Amway is paying over 5 Mil more than Geico is annually for the rights...
  8. It's down 35% because of the economy. It is still one of the biggest money makers for the GOAA and one of the busiest exec airports in the country. It won't ever close.
  9. Can you even compare the two? No. Nor will you ever be able to again. It's a different ball game now. The goal of the canopy (which is basically a new effort to fix the area) is to assure traffic rain or shine. They're trying to fit the mold of Wall Street, and in doing so, want to improve upon Wall St.'s biggest problem, it is a useless venue when it rains. Which happens. The attraction for tourism will be occasional at best at this point. Maybe for the bowl games. Definitely for the NBA All Star game, or any other special event at the new arena. Church Street is running out of ideas, and we've been through this 3-4 times now. Basically, this time...it's do or die.
  10. Magicfan95

    Amway Center

    Two reasons. 1 - They were worried about the reflection of the sun and I-4. 2- and more importantly, it would have made the place warmer, thus cost more to keep cool. One of the seeling points was making sure the building was energy effiecint. In Florida, mid summer with the sun beating on it...that would be near impossible.
  11. Unfortunately neither is likely at this point. No investor wants it and the money just isn't there to fix it.
  12. Magicfan95

    The Plaza

    Heard some bad news from a good source last night. The Plaza Theater might be shutting down or going to 6 screens at the end of February. I was told one of the Cheesecake Factory guys took over, and had plans to redo the menu, etc, but the theater is hemmoraging money.
  13. Magicfan95

    Amway Center

    Last I was told that will be a color'd tarp and not a jumbotron.
  14. Darden was approached and said no. Companies like Darden are looking for more of a campus and tower anyways.
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