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  1. The caisson drilling rig is on the site.
  2. 2 bulldozers and an excavator now on site.
  3. A bulldozer is now on the site, was just parked there as of this morning.
  4. Here is the webcam link:
  5. It looks like the base of a tower crane for phase 2 is in place.
  6. I walked by the site today and saw what looks like the base of a tower crane being installed.
  7. It looks like the pilings are going in, so I guess this is now officially under construction.
  8. The tower crane is going up.
  9. The base of the tower crane is now in place.
  10. Metro

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    According to the Tras4mation public information staff, the new South Street/Hughey Avenue on-ramp will open next Tuesday morning, November 18th.
  11. Metro

    Amway Center

    On the web cam, it looks like the tower crane will be going up soon.
  12. Metro

    The Plaza

    From Orlando Business Journal: "At the risk of jinxing progress at the AMC theater in The Plaza, it looks like construction on the long-awaited entertainment venue may finally begin. Meyer Development Services Inc. of Homosassa has been granted a building permit to do $2.5 million worth of construction at 155 S. Orange Ave. We're not going to hold our breath."
  13. Metro

    Other Metro Area Projects

    It looks like there is finally some activity at the Channel 55 (Majesty) Building in Alt. Springs, with new windows being installed on the lower floors.
  14. Metro

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    OBJ Peabody expansion article
  15. Metro

    The Plaza

    A recent article on Church Street Station in either the Sentinel or OBJ mentioned that Cameron Kuhn will be announcing "soon" who the theater operator in the Plaza will be.