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  1. Manufacturer HQ coming to Greenville creating 100 jobs
  2. Students present their vision for the Village
  3. If you contact the developer now, in the early stages, he might let you combine two storage units.
  4. ^^ Great breakfast place.
  5. Topside Pool Club opens Memorial Day
  6. A new construction house on Burdette St. sold for $323,700. Highest price I have seen in W. Greenville. A house going up now on the West Greenville side of Perry is probably three times that though. I assume that is not a spec house but custom built.
  7. Apparently, they do lease space at ONE. The employees moving into 125 E. Broad are mostly already DT in Riverplace. Still, they are adding locations through mergers. The bank HQ is in Blairsville, GA, population 652.
  8. Demolition is complete, so I would think very soon.
  9. Markley Station Alterations
  10. NCAA Tournament returns to Greenville for 2022.
  11. http://210 Spring St. Hotel Last item in the pdf
  12. Pacific Box and Crate development fills in Charelston's Upper Peninsula Tech Corridor Lots happening in Silicon Harbor these days. I hadn't even heard about Pacific Boxand Crate and I follow the Charleston area pretty closely.
  13. I think that is a mistake in the article. They must have been thinking of BB&T being in the ONE building.
  14. Great news, but I guess Erwin Penland has dramatically cut back if they have totally left those buildings.
  15. Wilkins House restoration complete I toured the house earlier this week and it is absolutely wonderful. Kudos to EVERYONE that had a hand in making this happen. Truly something for the entire city to be proud of.