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  1. 1.383 acre parcel on Pete Hollis sold for $810k on 3/17/20. This is the townhomes site. Everything between Keat Ave and Pete Hollis. 615 Poinsett Hwy. bought by Sphinx on 3/17/20 for $603,735. This is the SFH between Channel 4 and the new Sphinx station.
  2. City seeks to demolish more buildings to make way for project Urban Square
  3. No. you understated it. There are over 3,100 deaths. It took 40 days to get 1,000 deaths, but only 6 days to triple that number.
  4. ^^ We were at 1,000 deaths on Friday.
  5. He has NOT revised his estimate at all. He ran multiple models based on different scenarios. The 500k estimate was based on doing nothing at all to stop or mitigate it.
  6. We had 650k deaths in 1918-19 when the population of the US was a small fraction of what it is now.
  7. Fauci predicts 100-200k deaths in the US. We are at 2.2k now. Even the low end would be worse than the typical flu season. To say nothing of the fact that would be over a much shorter time period.
  8. Right, like people are all of a sudden going to go back to bars because of an AG's opinion. I question if a opinion on a Shelter in Place order even applies to a curfew. They aren't the same thing.
  9. Yeah, these things are not predictable. And by 'wrong' the worst case scenario can be wrong, in that it was not sufficiently negative. The British Prime Minister did not take the virus seriously enough and now he has the virus himself, as does the future King. Funny how that works.
  10. Premier Medical lab services named first SC Covid-19 testing  
  11. It MAY be that the new building is wrapping around the existing building in an L-shape or it may build 'over' the existing building. If it is the later, I would expect some sort of support on the front west side is required.
  12. Yes. One is on the East side at the front and the other is on the West side in the back.
  13. Two stairwell structures now going up next to McDonald building. Judging by the height of them, this may be 4 stories instead of 3.
  14. The Shoeless Joe Museum places were recently updated and I assume approved.
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