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  1. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    It has to be to the Bowater garage. CAP owns it now, The city owns that land between the Main St. bridge and the garage or soon will. I think that is a separate one story building that will be submitted later I assume.
  2. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    That is Japanese Dogwood Lane that is there now, right?
  3. The State of Downtown Retail

    12 S. Main St - Ottaray Seafood and Raw Bar The tackiest storefront on Main Street will soon be gone.
  4. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Camperdown Office Building
  5. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    The thing is you only need 8-10 stories to have a skyline to begin with. With only a few exception that is what our skyline is already made of. Three 10 story buildings do a lot more for the skyline than one 30 story building would do.
  6. Trees were being cut down from this site today.
  7. North Charleston

    North Charleston to add 2,200 space parking garage to coliseum/performing arts center campus The North Charleston Coliseum, Performing Arts Center and Convention Center complex off International Boulevard and West Montague Avenue is preparing for the 2018-19 development of an estimated 2,200-space parking garage. The $50 million project, which will take about 18 months to two years to complete, was approved by North Charleston City Council at a Sept. 28 meeting. The plan The five- to six-floor garage will be located at the lot closest to the Convention Center between Coliseum Drive and Firestone Road. The initial engineering plan is scheduled to be complete by early November and be put out to bid, according to city of North Charleston project manager Adam MacConnell. The contract will be awarded in January. "We think this may offer an opportunity for additional development in and around the Coliseum," MacConnell said. "North Charleston is starting to come into its own. Additional entertainment type areas might allow additional development to create a true entertainment district in the area." During construction, around 400 of the complex's spaces will be out of commission, leaving approximately 2,000 available, according to the Coliseum's director of marketing, Alan Coker.
  8. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    1 Wade Hampton Blvd. has been subdivided into 4 tax parcels. Three within the building and the land around the building. The land around the building sold for $850k to North main Dental LLC on 10/6/17. The seller, which also owns the Bowling Alley/Event venue across the street, still owns the three building units.
  9. Economic Development in South Carolina

    $69 Million investment to bring 1,000 jobs to Anderson
  10. Annexations

    Yes. That is correct.
  11. Annexations

    That is a good question. When the UGB was established I think it was more of an agreement between Charleston City and Charleston County. I doubt anyone thought much about N.C. being in this area. I don't remember if the UGB came before Watson Hill or not. Also, i don't know how binding the UGB is to begin with.
  12. Annexations

    Similar to Watson Hill a few years ago, North Charleston is seeking to annex West of the Ashley. Watson Hill was Dorchester County and this is Charleston County. I expect some effort to stop it or at least stop further movement by N.C. Conservationist have a lot of interest in maintaining the undeveloped nature of the Hwy 61 corridor. North Charleston seeks to annex West Ashley Plantation in the Hwy 61 corridor
  13. Grand Strand Photos

    B of A kicked itself out of Florence. My brother had account with B of A and they told him his account (and all Florence accounts) were moving to B of A.
  14. 110 Markley Street: 24 unit condominium

    19 Sold. 50% pre-sold
  15. Downtown Developments (North of Calhoun)

    ^^ How long since you have been there?