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  1. vicupstate


    Retail building, Townhouses next on tap for Verdae Hard to believe Verdae is nearly complete with only 40 acres left.
  2. vicupstate

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Greenville Summit building sold for $16 mm on 7/10/18. Greenville Summit LLC is buyer.
  3. vicupstate

    Economic developments in the Charleston metro area

    Zoning Board approves new Hotel At least 20 new hotels were either under construction or approved on the peninsula before this one on Hagood Avenue. Including the latest approval, the new projects would add about 1,850 rooms to the 4,750 rooms currently available — nearly a 40 percent increase.
  4. vicupstate

    Economic developments in the Charleston metro area

    Saw this in the July issue of Greenville Business magazine. Office vacancy and rates: DT Charleston: $41.63 SF North Chas.& East Cooper: $36.06 West Ashley: $32.36 Chas. north suburbs: $26.95 Charleston Metro: 6.9% Charleston DT: 3.9% Cola metro: 15.1% GSP metro: 11.6%
  5. vicupstate

    999 Morrison Dr. Charleston Technology Center

    868 Morrison St. and King St at US 17 rezonongs 9.14 acres seeking rezoning in close vicinity to 999 Morrison. Also, a rezoning on King st. between the two US 17 ramps. This looks to be another major residential project in the works.
  6. vicupstate

    The glut of available office space downtown

    Exactly my point. That was announced before this most recent vacancy. We have significant vacancy now, and will likely to continue that for years to come as there is still more in the pipeline already. We should not seek to incentivize more buildings, but to incentivize more tenants.
  7. vicupstate

    New Greenville developments

    Not related to Greenville but Charleston is getting it's SECOND Whole Foods. The first one was in Mt. Pleasant and the new one is in West Ashley. Maybe within 10 years we can get a second one as well. A second Trader Joe's would be nice in the mean time.
  8. vicupstate

    The glut of available office space downtown

    Why would you build additional office space when there is a substantial amount of vacancy already? The city should be trying to fill the existing space so that demand will warrant new construction.
  9. vicupstate

    The glut of available office space downtown

    Actually it was the poster that misstated or misunderstood the wording. The newspaper said there was 10 floors of apartments, which is correct. However, the poster said the building was 11 stories, which is also correct.
  10. vicupstate

    The glut of available office space downtown

    The municipalities have the play the game and the hand they are dealt. The companies ask for the incentives and create the bidding war.
  11. vicupstate

    The glut of available office space downtown

    There is NOTHING good about poaching companies from one part of the Metro to another part of it. It is a net negative. It increases the infrastructure burden and sprawl issues, does not result in additional jobs, and give an undeserved break to companies that were already in the economy to begin with. It creates a bidding war that benefits no one except the company involved, not the general community.
  12. vicupstate

    USC Upstate Downtown Campus

    In my fantasy version of Greenville, they would buy the two Williamsburg style buildings DT (Greenville Water and First Citizens) and build a campus around those buildings. There is still considerable vacant land nearby and with Unity Park coming it would fit in nicely with everything else going on. It would be close enough to support DT businesses yet still be set apart significantly. They looked at this area at the park area, when the park plans were still very much in infancy, I hope they return to that idea.
  13. vicupstate

    The glut of available office space downtown

    I seriously doubt there is any real incentive to move to the suburbs except lower cost. I wonder if they even consult their employees on these moves. After all they probably bought/rented where they did based on the existing location of their job. On the other hand, a lot of mid-level employees can't afford to live anywhere other than the suburbs. I realize cost always is the biggest factor, but their is something to be said for supporting the city from which you generate an income. Abandoning space DT for the suburbs and putting costly infrastructure on the taxpayers back does not do that. The BB&T move makes even less sense since they already owned the DT building. Is it really worth paying rent at a brand new building as opposed to staying put at a long paid for building? Now that DT has multiple spots of big space available, we will see just how well we do at bring in new business HQs. They certainly don't have the 'no available space' excuse any more. Can someone in the industry explain why TD Bank would not have sub-leased the space they had already vacated years ago?
  14. vicupstate

    Greenville County Square redevelopment

    I'm sympathetic to the idea that the County Administrative building should go elsewhere, but at the same time I think it works as proposed too.
  15. vicupstate

    Augusta Road

    It is not believable that this house has structural issues sufficient to justify a demo. Me thinks they are going to subdivide the lot.