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  1. Thanks for sharing. That gives hope for something similar to happen to the Tower East building on North Main.
  2. Not sure if the numbers work, but that would be a good one to do. The market for that amount/type of office space is clearly not there. It looks very dated and the architecture isn't the best. The views would be great as well.
  3. ^^ It seems like the Class A space gets taken but the Class B and C space sits and sits. Maybe we need to take a major Class B building and convert it into a different use altogether.
  4. A new baseball and track complex will be constructed next to the Tennis Center off of N. Cashua Sr. New Red Wolves Field will be sponsored by Carolina Bank
  5. Maybe they can borrow one of the six from Bridgeway.
  6. I couldn't remember what the other big store was, it was Best Buy, which at the time was a pretty popular place. As I recall the traffic declined after Walmart left but once Sam's and Best Buy left too, it really dropped off to where it is now. Now it seems auto dealers are the only thing there. I would much rather this corridor return to viability than lose a greenfield at Bridgeway for a competing retail center. The Nicholtown gentrification would support that option as well. Plus Laurens is close enough to the Haywood Mall area that they could synergize each other. Throw the aftermath of Covid and the continuing rise of online shopping and that is all the more reason to do so.
  7. You beat me to it. 152k SF issued on 4/13/21. Hopefully we will see dirt moving soon.
  8. It definitely needed it when it was DONE, but it certainly doesn't need it now, the Woodruff to I-85 section I mean. After Walmart left, Sam's and several other places left as well.
  9. I went all the way back to June of last year and I don't even see this on their agenda. Hopefully this project can come back somehow. This should have been postponed. DeWorken should have made it known beforehand that he was not going to vote. The motion to approve should have been withdrawn and a new motion made to table it.
  10. The part between Woodruff Rad and I-85 does not warranty six lanes.
  11. The shopping center that is already at Verdae and Laurens is half empty, so don't look for them to add more space soon. You won't hear me defending Simon though. They had the chance to remake Haywood Mall and have probably missed their chance.
  12. This was indeed the case. Laurens Road was packed at four lanes then they widened it to six lanes. Then almost as soon as that finished, the Walmart moved to Woodruff Rd and the traffic count dropped immediately on Laurens, and Woodruff which was still three lanes got more crowded. We keep pushing further out into greenfields while the older ring of retail fades and goes vacant. Every penny spent to widen Laurens was a total waste of money.
  13. They would only be involved if it needed a rezoning or the land was being subdivided. They might not be involved at all and even if they were, would not consider architecture and only layout in terms of traffic flow, egress, etc.
  14. I doubt it will TYPICALLY have the crowds that Falls Park does, although concerts, etc. would be an exception. If it gets the use that Cleveland Park gets, I will consider it a success. A key thing will be to have a residential base within walking distance, which is the plan. The drive-in/destination crowd will always be there but the walk in crowd needs to be sufficient too. Keeping it well maintained will be critical as well.
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