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  1. All condos have been sold, in excess of $1 million.
  2. Charleston airport surges to new record Charleston International didn’t quite make land 5 million passengers in 2019, but the state’s busiest airport still set a new record. The growing terminal saw 4.87 million people arrive and depart last year, up more than 400,000, or 9 percent, over 2018, according to the final tally from Charleston airport officials. December’s numbers alone came in at more than 390,000, 13.2 percent higher than in 2018. To put the airport’s passenger growth in perspective, the terminal reported 2 million passengers in 2010, punctuating the airport’s phenomenal growth in just nine years. Additional routes are already being added in the new year, with Allegiant announcing earlier this week it will tack on twice-weekly flights to Louisville, Ky., in May. Southwest Airlines plans to take on Delta Air Lines for part of the Atlanta market this summer while also adding a Kansas City connection.
  3. Good point. I want to say there might have been a space or two. There is not a Lease listing on the website either though.
  4. I saw that as well. I don't know if it has always been there or not. It is not listed on their website.
  5. If you want this project to have a Conference Center and/or the museums, then the public money is required. Neither one of those things would break even without subsidy. If you just want a hotel and residential, then no you would not need nor would you get a public subsidy.
  6. It is glaringly obvious that the county has zero experience in this realm. I thought we were pretty close to an agreement but I don't know what the end result is going to be.
  7. vicupstate

    The West End

    Yeah, the kids played in the green where the nearby residents let their dogs do their business.
  8. vicupstate

    The West End

    Gather GVL weeks away from opening
  9. What was the 'loophole'? IIRC the last time (or maybe the time before) the penny tax was proposed, it was for a multitude of recreational projects. Are you certain about the Local tax applying to food, because the standard sales tax does not.
  10. Charleston has an Urban Growth Boundary but it is voluntary and only applies to Charleston County. Generally it has been adhered to though.
  11. This is why I question the wisdom of limiting height at County Square. You can only go up or out.
  12. $1 mm building permit issued for 420 Laurens Rd. This is the 'Nashville Hot' chicken place that was announced awhile back.
  13. That WORD link says the meeting is today but it is actually TOMORROW, Jan 16.
  14. York County has had a Local Option Capital Sales Tax for many years. I believe it was one of the first counties, if not the very first one, to enact it. It is a 1 cent sales tax that goes only to York County infrastructure. These are allowed to run for seven years but can be re-approved for successive seven year periods. I know the first seven years was strictly for roads and included widening I-77 to either six or eight lanes from whatever it was already. It has been re-approved every 7 years since the beginning, I believe. I know it barely passed the first time, but was re-approved the second time by a massive majority. It was enacted in the early or mid'90's IIRC. Considering the hundreds of millions that has raised since then, it isn't surprising at all to see a major difference between them and our area.
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