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  1. vicupstate

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    Private fundraising reaches $3.5 million for Unity Park
  2. vicupstate

    CONSTRUCTION THREAD: North Hills on North Main

    No DRB but if it involves Multi-family beyond a few units, it would need Planning Commission approval.
  3. vicupstate

    Downtown Developments (North of Calhoun)

    Hotel Bennett set to open after 25 years in the making I have followed this since it started back in '94 but even I didn't think it had been this long.
  4. vicupstate

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    Affordable Housing incentives and zoning proposed for Unity Park area The NCO zone should allow at least 3 stories IMO. Otherwise this seems logical.
  5. vicupstate

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    the specific wording is 'rehabilitate the building site' . I guess that leaves it open to demo and build something new.
  6. vicupstate

    Florence Developments

    40 Apartment units planned for S. Irby near Cherokee Rd. Skilled Nursing facility coming to West Lucas St.
  7. vicupstate

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    900 Pendleton Street Abandoned building This is what is planned. It didn't register with me initially because I thought these abandonment things meant a renovation was being done. Apparently that is not the case though. 900 Pendleton
  8. vicupstate

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    2.67 acres on Guess Street next to Mills Mill sold for $875k. There is a plan to build residential units here.
  9. vicupstate

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    If they want to beat the 2020 census, they need to hurry. it is 15 months away. The 75% rule for annexation is 75% of the owners owning 75% of the assessed value. It probably should be used a lot more than it is.
  10. vicupstate

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    The hotel was just revised a couple of months back. Obviously it will be the last to start, not to mention there is already a lot of work going on in the same block. The other two projects may have to reach a certain phase before work can start on the hotel.
  11. vicupstate

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    They are already doing two buildings now. The office/condo building and the apartment building.
  12. vicupstate

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    It will go for First Reading at the Jan. 28 meeting. Second Reading on Feb. 11.
  13. vicupstate

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    Greenville Journal See page 11 for drawing.
  14. vicupstate

    Stone Avenue/North End

    Townhouses for 611 N. Main North Main Community Meeting notes I've been told these will be similar in style to the Westgate on Wardlaw units.
  15. vicupstate

    West Greenville Village

    ^^ I wonder how much space this will take up in the project. The Institute's existing space is quite modern, so this is a little surprising.