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  1. It is quite obvious that hotel occupancy is down dramatically everywhere. That said this project was in limbo before Covid. So who knows. Shortages can be caused by things other than increased demand. The level of new construction starts doesn't seem very full at all. Once everything that was already under construction pre-Covid completes, there is likely to be a noticeable drop off in construction. I base that opinion on the agendas and building permits locally.
  2. vicupstate

    The West End

    I was hoping by some chance this project would include the (now closed) Dialysis place at Academy and McCall. It has been on the market for some time. I will say there will be some opposition to this from SOME of the neighbors. This plan may morph in some fashion before it is over. I have always thought the five HUD houses on Perry looked out of place. The architecture is dissimilar to the rest of the street and they each sit on their lots at different depths even though they look the same. I won't miss those leaving.
  3. 1.927 acres on Airport Rd. Airport Rd. 1.24 acres on Augusta Rd. 3315 Augusta Rd.
  4. Good to see. That building has been vacant for eons it seems.
  5. vicupstate

    The West End

    The red and Blue areas in the link are indeed part of this project (also the small parcel that is excluded from the Red parcel). Also included are 100-108 Perry Avenue, which is owned by HUD. 68: 3-story Townhouses that take up most of the site plan. 36 apartments. These will front on Academy and Calhoun. Rental only with 25% being set aside for Affordable but the income range is TBD at the moment. The HUD properties at 100-108 Perry Ave. will be demolished. Neighborhood meeting will likely be held this month with city meetings next month. That sounds a little aggressive to me though. This is a joint project between HUD and a private developer. There is a HUD meeting Thursday that has this on the agenda. DRD would have to approve the design. I believe either the Board of Zoning Appeals or the Planning Commission or both would have to give an approval. The number of units is denser than what current zoning allows.
  6. First picture: Townhouses. Second picture: Arby's.
  7. My understanding is that is it is Augusta Street in the city limits and Augusta Rd outside.
  8. 10,884 SF at 101 N. Main St. , Bank of America building 2,718 SF at 101 N. Main St. 2,218 SF at Two Liberty Square 1,519 SF at 301 N. Main St. , Landmark Bldg 6,497 SF at 15 S. Main St. 4,282 SF at 15 S. Main St. 2,625 SF at 109 N. Main St -- NEAT Bourbon Bar 4,500 SF at 245 N. Main St. Suite 201 NOMA Tower 2,000 SF at 501 Buncombe St. 1,558 SF at 7 W. North St. -- Woof Gang Bakery and Dog Grooming 2,286 SF at 800 E. Washington St. 2,991 SF at 401 Pettigru St. 15,000 SF at 105 Shaw Street 1,000 SF at 1284 Pendleton -- Fringed Gypsy 556 Perry Ave. -- LaRue Fine Chocolate
  9. vicupstate

    The West End

    Email from West End neighborhood association. Sent from my LGLS676 using Tapatalk
  10. vicupstate

    The West End

    A 104 unit apartment/townhouse project is proposed for the N. Calhoun, Ware St . Perry Ave. area. I believe it involves the property in RED in the link but it may be the Blue part as well. Not 100% sure of either though. Ware & Calhoun
  11. It is about the integration of Greenville schools, which was a big thing in its day.
  12. How in the world does he do that so fast? That back part of her head was not there 3 hours ago.
  13. Maybe that is why Simon is letting the grass grow in the parking lot? Get ahead of the game?
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