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  1. ^^ The Principal that is the applicant appears to own or manage Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Marriott, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Radison and Hilton properties. Hostmark Hospitality
  2. The Hub 14 Townhouses behind the future Starbucks. Planning Commission approved the land subdivision awhile back.
  3. Epic Center Going to Planning Commission this month.
  4. $13.37 mm building permit for the new construction in the old BB&T parking lot.
  5. Most projects of this size are no different. Once they get this approval, they will not need any approvals beyond the staff level. That is not typical by any means, so that is an advantage down the road. This is not a last minute request either, it has been voiced for some time. I don't think it is necessary to include affordable/workforce in this project but it isn't beyond reason either. They just need to hammer out the details and work the numbers to see if or how it can be done. Charleston has done many things to get affordable housing in a very expensive and gentrifying areas, including this one: There is no need to reinvent the wheel. They just need to get down to brass tacks and get an agreement. Frankly, I think the city needs to sit down with David Stone and have a broad ranging discussion on how to develop his land in a way that addresses the affordable housing shortage with literally everything on the table. Go very high on density, let the city pay for creating open space, be open to suspending any regulation on parking, setbacks, etc. (within reason), and just about anything else. He has a massive amount of proeprty in the core that is ideal for bus and other transit. It is largely isolated from existing neighborhoods, which should limit NIMBYism to some extent. It is a once in a century opportunity, IMO. If done right, it could make a massive difference in the housing problem and even serve as a national model.
  6. ^^ From the article that Butch Kirven wrote: After 14 months of diligent work, the county, the city and the county’s developer partner have reached an agreement in principle which, when approved by the Planning Commission and City Council, will allow actual work to begin on the project. At the meeting it was stated that PC would get it in September an Council in October. I believe Council has to approve everything that goes to Planning Commission.
  7. He certainly does. City Council must approve the changes. Planning Commission is only a recommendation. I see both sides of this argument. To Kirven's point, prior projects have not been of this magnitude. Also McClaren will have a workforce housing component. I do see that the point is to maximize return to pay for all the improvements required. Perhaps a compromise is to capture a portion of the the revenue stream once the improvements are paid for, as a recurring revenue source for affordable housing. The alternative will be to have these pots of money set aside for affordable housing be used to subside units at county square itself.
  8. HBO is filming a show inside the old Sears.
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