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  1. It is just a standard awning. Is it the color you have an issue with?
  2. ^^ 55 Camperdown that was next to the Main St. bridge.
  3. The Charleston metro area gained an estimated 16,552 residents in the 12 months ending July 1, 2016, for a total population of 761,155, the Census Bureau said. Here's how that growth was shared among the three counties: Berkeley: Gained 8,122, to 210,898. Charleston: Gained 7,193, to 396,484 Dorchester: Gained 1,237 to 153,773 Metro was 24th fastest growing in US 24 Charleston-North Charleston, SC 744,603 761,155 16,552 2.2 3,710 9,662 5,952 12,377 11,471 906
  4. Pendleton Street properties to be redeveloped
  5. ^^ Agreed. I wonder if there will be more in the Stone Ave. corridor?
  6. Conestee Mill redevelopment plan announced I love the sound of this.
  7. 42 Unit Apartment complex sells fro $528k per unit That is a HUGE amount by the standard of nearly all SE cities.
  8. The office building as originally proposed is dead. It may be dead altogether. I really don't see why Wyche doesn't just go in the new 12 Camperdown office building.
  9. Not exactly West End but not sure where to put it. 122 Westfield Street
  10. There is nothing wrong with the school that can't be fixed with paint and such. it adds character to the area, IMO.I It is very representative of school architecture in that time period too. I would truly hate to see it torn down, and the neighbors mostly agree. Hopefully something can be worked out to renovate it within the zoning code without resulting in negative results next door. The rezoning was approved but the decision to subdivide the lot was postponed at the applicant's request.
  11. The old DMV property at Laurens Rd. and Pleasantburg has sold. $1.6 million for 10.16 acres on 2/15/17. Hopefully we will see movement on this long-planned project.
  12. If you look at the zoning in that block, it would be the only non-residential zoning in the block. That was an issue with the staff/commission as that is discouraged generally and in this particular area specifically. When the area was being 'reclaimed' by the city a decade plus ago, the new residents were told the existing offices (which are grandfathered in) would be replaced over time with residences. A developer that is active in the area, well as some residents wanted the school to be residential only and believe it would go that route, if the School Board adjusted its price to make doing so viable. I think everyone was fine with renovating the building, and MOST were okay with it being offices as long as the building remained as is. BUT the rub was that two adjacent lots (facing Arlington) were also included, one of which has a office on it (that is grandfathered). Had the rezoning gone through, there would be nothing to stop demolishing the school for a new office building (possibly incorporating the other two lots as well) either now or in the future.
  13. Rezoning was not approved. Sale will close regardless in May. New owner may try to renovate school as offices using a different zoning and/or exception.
  14. City launches Downtown Reborn Visual Guide Downtown Reborn
  15. What project is that?