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  1. Avenue : Downtown rooftop event venue
  2. Outside developers vie to shape County Square
  3. The listing says * CALL FOR OFFERS DUE JANUARY 31, 2017. Does that mean that is it still on the market?
  4. Planning Commisison approves Townhouses with alterations Stone Ave. Townhouses The units now face each other.
  5. 7,000 SF vs. 140,000 SF doesn't sound like a win for DT. As long as something positive happens with the College Street property, I won't complain. How big is the existing building?
  6. When the whole concept of the Congaree Vista was laid out in the '80's ('70's?) by Findlay, the plan was to have USC stretch it's campus all the way to the River. They are just implementing that plan. That plan did not involve USC going North of Senate Street.
  7. BB&T moving to Butler Rd. corridor from DT building Hate to see they leave DT and the city proper, but glad to see the potential for their parking lots to be developed and potentially an upgrade to the building too. The city really needs to be deeply involved with this area since there is so much land available for development/redevelopment. Just the BB&T and Woodside properties alone are more than 10 acres. Throw Cline in and you have another 5 acres. Then you also have the Butler/Buncombe corner that Sphinx wanted to put a store on.
  8. Indeed. I very difficult but important project is moving forward after years of fits and starts. Very good to see.
  9. Apples and Oranges. One is market-driven and one is physics driven. 30 acres is a lot of land and it could certainly be shorter than that. if the demand is there to do so. BTW, Riverplace took at least eight years and is a small fraction of the size of County Square, not to mention waterfront.
  10. Atlanta and Charlotte developers eye County Square redevelopment
  11. What is Foundation Square exactly? Whatever it is, is has way too much hardscaping.
  12. BAR approves Jasper design Looks like this is a sure thing now. The large building - one of the largest the board has ever reviewed - includes ground-floor retail spaces totaling 25,000 square feet, and a 75,000-square-foot office space along Barre Street. It will house 222 residential units, a slight reduction from past proposals. That has allowed for more amenities, including a fifth floor terrace and outdoor pool, as well as a fitness center. The Beach Co. President John Darby has said the company expects to raze the existing 1950 apartment building sometime this summer.
  13. Indian Auto Part Plant coming to Dorchester County Volvo spin-off, 130 jobs.
  14. That address is for Markley Station, where work has already started.
  15. I am hearing work will start soon.