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  1. vicupstate

    Scott Towers highrise to be demolished?

    If it was approved that long ago, it has to go back thru, I believe.
  2. vicupstate

    Scott Towers highrise to be demolished?

    Once a plan for the new project is public, I will create a new Thread specifically for it.
  3. vicupstate

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Building permits issued for three of the units at 12 S. Calhoun St.
  4. I thought we had a Wade Hampton thread but I guess not. Wade Hampton may have new look This all sounds good, but being a US highway, I wonder how realistic this is. Also, putting a median in might not go over with some of the commercial owners.
  5. vicupstate

    Florence Developments

    City council seeks to demolish Florentine building as part of redevelopment project
  6. vicupstate

    Master Plan Results

    No way. Stay within the current ROW. That land would actually increase in value significantly if the surrounding streets were 2 way instead on 1 way. It might still be somewhat challenged though.
  7. vicupstate

    200 E. Broad Street Parking Garage

    Sun Trust in particular needs a revamp. Retail/restaurant would work well there. They may be waiting to build new on the remaining parking lot before doing a renovation there, though.
  8. vicupstate

    Markley Station

    Todaro Pizza is open at Markley Station. I ate there Friday and definitely recommend it.
  9. vicupstate

    Downtown Developments (South of Calhoun)

    A 5,686 SF circa 1856 commercial building at 415 King St. sold for $500,000 in 1998 and $4,920,000 this month. An increase from $87 a SF to $865 SF.
  10. vicupstate

    Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    For the public at large, no. However the tenants at the Fieldhouse office building across the street will be using some of the spaces. The Episcopal church across Markley St. will have some access to the garage as well.
  11. An interior parking deck will contain 463 parking spaces – 415 for residents and approximately 48 for monthly/daily use
  12. One80 Place Pg 87. After the palns for One80 Place are the latest plans for the massive project at Meeting and Line St.
  13. vicupstate

    Master Plan Results

    Keep in mind that a two way E. North. St. Would be an option to Beattie Place.
  14. vicupstate

    Master Plan Results

    That is planned also..
  15. vicupstate

    Florence Developments

    The $57 mm project is for that block [Evans, McQueen, Baroody, Coit]. Not sure how much of the block is involved. A major eye clinic has just been built in that block (Stokes). $17 mm in public money and $40 in private.