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  1. The Food Thread

    Looking forward to trying D'Allesandro's and Todaro's, especially the former. Sidewall is my favorite. Went to Toss once and was impressed with the pie ingredients but the sauce was too sparse. I plan to give them a second chance though. Mellow is always as good safe choice. Barley's is pretty good as well. Stone Pizza did not impress me.
  2. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    100 East apartments sold for 9,550,000 on 4/12/18.
  3. The West End

    The new West End Walk townhouse that faces Mallard sold on 4/11/18 for $639k.
  4. The West End

    The project in the picture is definitely at Arlington and Leach. Permits have already been issued. The other project on Claussen is not as far along.
  5. The West End

    Arlington Ave. at S. Leach St. I can't remember if it is 10 or 12, but it is one or the other. 1 or 2 units face Leach St. or the alley and the remaining 8 face Arlington.
  6. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Welcome to the forum, GVLprogrowth! BTW, the parcel he is referring to with the sign is on the NW corner of Pendleton and Leach.
  7. Line Street Apartment Mixed Use Projects

    Side by side apartment proposals planned for Line St. Re-reading this article from March 21 2017, there will be a SECOND mixed use building NEXT to the one described above. Another 100 apartment units in 380k SF. It will fill the gap between the Lowline (RR tracks) and this first project.
  8. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    Hartwood Holdings bought 8 Claussen Ave. for $400k on 4/5/18. The parcel is .22 acres. Hartwood already owns the two adjoining lots at 501 Augusta and 503 Augusta St. Augusta parcels are zoned C-2 and the Claussen parcel (which fronts Thurston St. as well ) is zoned PD. Kathryn Hartness Norwood is the registered agent for the LLC.
  9. Line Street Apartment Mixed Use Projects

    Line Street project They just put the plans online.
  10. This project requires just about every type of BAR approval imaginable. Partial demolition, full demolition, moving multiple buildings, building a new single story building. And that isn't even the main part of the project. This is where the I-26 terminates at Meeting Street. It will look lot different than it does now in a couple of years. Line Street Agenda An Ohio-based developer will seek permission from the city of Charleston to demolish, dismantle or move several older, dilapidated structures at Meeting and Line streets to make way for a new apartment building. Lifestyle Communities of Columbus is scheduled to ask the Board of Architectural Review in a special meeting Wednesday to raze the two-story structure dating back to the mid-1800s at 491 Meeting St., across from the shuttered Church's Chickenrestaurant. The developer also wants to move a two-story house dating to about 1885 from around the corner at 38 Line St., beside the AAA Downtown Storage property, to 491 Meeting. In addition, Lifestyle Communities also wants to partially demolish, renovate and relocate the late-1800s houses at 41 and 43 Sheppard streets to vacant parcels at 43 and 45 Line, respectively. The developer also wants to partially demolish and renovate the mid-1800s houses at 487 and 493 Meeting St. as well as renovate and relocate on site the mid-1800s house at 34 Line St. It also will request approval to build a new single-story structure on a vacant parcel at 489 Meeting St. The board also will review but take no action on the overall development plan for several properties on Line, Meeting and Sheppard streets connected to the other properties. Lifestyle Communities and its partners have proposed building a 250-unit apartment community on the current site of the storage business on Line Street and adjoining properties. The antebellum smokestack and central building of the storage warehouse date back to the mid-1800s and are protected under the city's preservation rules.
  11. Greenville Photo of the Day

    Great pic Gman
  12. Greenville Transit

    Charleston opens new Hospitality Park and Ride service Charleston's hospitality workers soon will see a far friendlier place to park. The Hospitality on Peninsula lot at 999 Morrison Drive opens Sunday morning and will operate almost around the clock. Its 175-vehicle lot and dedicated shuttle will run from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. The cost to park there is $5 a day, far less than using metered spaces — now at $2 per hour — or one of the city's garages. In addition to the HOP service, commuters also may seek out reduced after-hours rates in city-owned garages and the recently launched Lowcountry Go commuter services program that offers rideshare matches.
  13. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    You can't pay what the County wants for the site, and then put up 2-3 story buildings.
  14. BB&T building/lot redevelopment

    Murals look great and he will have plenty of 'canvas' to work with. One thing the Beach Company needs to do is replace the black windows on this building with either new windows and/or add some balconies. i realize that would add to the cost and they are looking to be below the top of the market. On the other hand, they got the building pretty cheap to start with.
  15. BridgeWay Station mixed use development-Mauldin, SC

    We aren't getting enough growth in office space to build this out and County Square and the projects already built or underway DT. Demand for retail space is transitioning too with Amazon and online shopping still in its early years. We are not DC, Atlanta, etc. Until we start bring in new white collar jobs this is going to just be more shuffling around of office space that is already here.