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  1. Looks like the current investors are flipping their properties I like the Vardry Condo. Vardry And Augusta 205 Anderson St
  2. Magnolia project buyer lined up More on this project.
  3. City closes on Piggly Wiggly site in West Ashley
  4. This project seems to be moving forward again. The city is about to approve infrastructure work in the $40 mm range. When completed the project will have 22 acres of public space and 4,100 residential units. 1,5 million SF in commercial/office space on the 182 acre site.
  5. I did not attend the meeting but heard from someone who did that DRB was strongly against all of the changes. Applicant will come back next month.
  6. Wow. That figure is really hard to believe. That would mean almost no residential annexation would be worth doing, and a fair number of commercial ones also. About 20 years ago I heard the figure was $250k. Even with inflation it should have changed that dramatically. If the number is that high, how can other cities do it without ruining their finances? Is there something unique for Greenville?
  7. The last parcel fronting on the south side of Pendleton St between Aiken and Textile has been acquired by Vaz Properties LLC. The total acreage is 1.376 on the south side. They also own three parcel on the North side of that block totaling .876 acres..
  8. Paul Aughtry transferred the parcel he bought from the county on River St. to an LLC that he is the agent of for $2mm.
  9. Actually we are almost 29 miles now. Your point is well taken though. I wish the city would get more aggressive too. The city needs to pursue an annexation election in Chanticleer. The politics of taking that out of the PSD might be the issue, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
  10. Hotel component for the mixed use project at Markley and Rhett is on ice. Self Storage is still a go but deciding what to 'wrap' the building with (instead of a hotel). Several possibilities many of which are residential.
  11. CO (Certificate of Occupancy) should be issued in 2-3 weeks unless weather delays. Two confirmed office tenants. In negotiations with wood fire pizza place. Getting lots of interest.
  12. 16 Perry Ave. Arlington & Sumner
  13. 1009 Woodruff Rd. 1.94 acres 1009 Woodruff Rd. 2802 E. North St. 1.94 acres + 1.1 acres ROW 2802 E. North St,
  14. Probably trying to get it hashed out THEN submit it, rather than submit it and it gets turned down and has to come back each month. The buildings thus far have required multiple appearances before getting approval.
  15. ^^ It COULD be the Office/Condo building I suppose. probably that or the plaza or perhaps both.