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  1. Notes from Tuesday's meeting: The number of units has changed from 254 (89.75 per acre) to 240 (80.54 per acre). The building will step back on both sides of Smith Street to four stories where it meets the single family homes, but the buildings still top out the same. After input from the DRB, vibrant colors (red, blue, green, yellow) have been added to the side street facing facades. The color intensity varies as well. With the addition of 10 Saco St, the green space/buffer has increased 3.8 fold to 20,000 SF. There will be 36 public parking spaces that will be managed by the city. The plaza areas will total 4,725 SF which is roughly equal to the plaza between Anchorage and the Community Journal buildings. Holy Smokes BBQ has committed to some of the commercial space. The mill houses that are being moved to the property adjoining Art Bomb will be rented below market to Artists. 20% of the units (48) will be set aside for Affordable housing. 24 will be at 80% AMI and 24 will be for 60% of AMI.
  2. Big news on the annexation front. A single 325 acre annexation will go to Planning Commission next month. 268.23 acres in Florence County between Vintage Place and Darlington County line and 56.77 acres in Darlington County. Anderson Farm Rd and Hoffmeyer Rd. area. Would be first time city limits have extended into Darlington County and the biggest single annexation in several years.
  3. There is a meeting tonight on Woven. 6:30 pm at 556 Perry Ave. with the developer.
  4. This was on City Council's agenda for yesterday? Anyone hear how it went? Nevermind, it was deferred.
  5. Highlighted here . Tax ID 0054000400102. Funny thing is, I don't remember council voting to accept this property, which is the typical process.
  6. 8/19/22 - 916 N. Church St. sold for $965k 8/24/22 - 4 acres on Willard Street by Unity Pk was donated to the city. 9/1/22 - 22 S. Main ST sold for $4.8 mm 9/2/22 - 108 & 110 E. Stone Ave sold for $1.6mm .485 acres 9/2/22 - Parking lot at Markley and Rhett sold for $2,252,324. .84 acres 9/6/22 - 916 E. Washington ST sold for $325k
  7. I did. The mass and scale is the big issue from nearby residents. Not sure there is much that can be done about it. Other than that, there aren't many complaints.
  8. There is a Developer led community meeting on this project at 6:00 pm today at Unity Park Welcome Center. This is a chance to have input before things get too far down the road.
  9. Five Eleven Meeting Street Apartment building sold for $88.25 mm, or about $400k per key. 221 units. Five Eleven Meeting Street sells for $88.25 mm
  10. Whatever is going on with the Peace Center apparently involved the buildings behind the Gunter theater that face Main. Those buildings plus the Wyche Pavilion and old mill building are going up for Abandoned site tax credit at council's meeting on Monday.
  11. There is a $6.5mm building permit for a 39,200 SF building at 215 Innovation Drive in CU-ICAR. I guess that is the Spec building GvilleSC mentioned.
  12. Gateway did WestEdge in Charleston. Residential building is 10 stories and rental. Hotel is 9 stories but similar height. 3 stories on Main. Textile artwork/mural visible from Main. One entrance to parking. Pool deck on roof of the Main Street portion.
  13. 248 Residential flats. 5,000 SF restaurant on S. Main. 153 key Hilton family Boutique Hotel. 525 space garage (primarily underground). Residential building looks to be 10 stories at least. Construction would begin Summer '23 and open in mid 2025. Gateway Ventures is ATL developer that has done ATL and Charleston projects.
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