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  1. 2544 N. Pleasantburg Dr.  1.83 acres
  2. This is just so bizarre. So someone is going to buy Bowater for $40 mm or more and then tear it down? Would have to be a really big project to replace it. Why not just buy the land across from Camperdown that just went on the market, or the UCB parking lot or the old post office back office next to it? You could tear down just the garage I suppose. If it sold for $40mm that would be 16,835,000 per acre. the site is 2.376 acres.
  3. Thanks for the info. Did they mention how much energy for the plant was solar produced?
  4. This Pickleball project will be on DRB's October agenda (tentative)
  5. Rezoning requested for this project. Will be on project preview agenda.
  6. Planning & Development Project Previews will review this project:
  7. Some Special Exceptions are granted and some are not. That's why they are called special exceptions. The neighbors on Laurens were unanimously opposed, and in the Starbucks case it was divided. Makes a big difference whether you are talking about a special exception, a rezoning or land use change. That applies to BZA, DRB, PC and especially City Council.
  8. Whole Foods DIDN'T get approved. The agreement with the developers does not REQUIRE an approval for them to change their plans. One of the reasons that was controversial. I assure you these type of controversies occur all the time all across the country. The closest house to that Cookout is between 400 and 500 feet versus 175' with Whataburger. Regardless, it was approved under the old code.
  9. I'm sure there are zoning classifications that allow 24/7 hours. Whataburger could have selected a location in one of those zones. They could have purchased the property conditional to getting an approval for the site they choose too. They took that chance. In this particular instance I feel there is sufficient buffer between it and the first home, but it is foolish to think that 24/7 locations cannot become problematic. If it in fact did, the loss of property vales of the nearly homes could easily offset any financial gain to the city from the Whataburger. It's easy to call it a NIMBY overreach when you're not the one that has to smell burger grease 24/7 or deal with people urinating in your yard at 3:00. The rules are there for a reason and if all it takes to nullify a zoning restriction is going to circuit court, then the laws will be powerless in a short time.
  10. 207 Hudson St. sold on 8/15/23 for $171k ,14 acre 241 N. Main St sold for $1.9mm on 8/18/23 113 & 115 Rutherford Rd. sold on 8/29/23 for $200k 310 Rutherford Rd. sold on 9/1/23 for 750k .326 acres
  11. I have visited several cities in Colorado, and do not remember seeing any billboards anywhere when I traveled there. Vermont, Maine, Alaska and Hawaii have statewide bans.
  12. In some cases they may have a different zoning. Regardless of that though, all of the existing locations would be grandfathered in as they were built under the old code.
  13. Unless they can prove they are singled out or there was not a legitimate clause in the code that was used to deny them, then Whataburger does not have a leg to stand on.
  14. Powerpoint from last Monday's city council meeting Trails and Mobility Projects Review
  15. No. Because unlike the the old Auditorium site, this site isn't fundamentally flawed by being surrounded by high-speed, high traffic arteries and awkward egress. This site and the adjoining properties are the next frontier in Greenville CBD development and I do not expect it to be a surface lot long term.
  16. $22mm to buy the whole thing. $13.5mm per acre. Seems above the market to me. Better put a 20 story building there to make the numbers work. Camperdown paid about 13-14mm for the whole block IIRC.
  17. Can someone listen to this report today for any valuable info?
  18. There was a land BRIDGE replacement in Lee County on I-20 that seemed to last 2-3 years. For months it would seem there were no men nor any change.
  19. Pendleton and Calder .372 plus .389 RR ROW Market Point Drive ROW
  20. I don't see it on their website. Is there a sign posted. Was curious as to what parcels are involved. Was an acreage listed?
  21. Poinsett Corners  110 & 114 Poinsett Highway
  22. Just because you BOUGHT something at a discount, does not mean it is worthless. That is how you make money in RE. Only so many parties are interested or have the means to buy a 130k SF office building that needs upgrades. Bob Hughes bought the old BofA building AND the land that the Aloft went on for similar amount. Both the Beach Company and Hughes negotiated a bargain. That doesn't mean they didn't make a profit the day they bought it. Property sells for less than market value every day. BB&T had long ago depreciated off that building and buying and selling RE is not their business model.
  23. Nonsense. The greenest building is the one that is already built. The renovation of the building would also raise its energy efficiency.
  24. You are making my point for me. City Hall isn't being TORN DOWN!! If you want another very comparable example, consider the old BB&T building in Asheville! They didn't tear it down either. It looks completely different now though. Arras Building BTW, how much can a coat of paint cost? Not even a faction of what the landfill cost would be on a demotion.
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