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  1. 13 counties have less population now than they did in 1940. A 14th, Barnwell, only had a small gain. Five of them (with 1940 number in pink ) also had a loss of population between 1930 and 1940. The state population in 1940 was 1,899,804 and 5,118,425 in 2020.
  2. vicupstate

    The West End

    Is it the automotive place or the building next it that is at the intersection of those streets?
  3. A $2.84 million building permit issued to Pendleton Street Baptist on 1/7/22 for 123 Arlington Ave.
  4. vicupstate

    The West End

    ^^ Still needs DRB approval though.
  5. 111 S. Leach St sold for $1,620,000 on 12/28/21. 1 acre parcel. This is the townhouse project currently going thru approvals.
  6. 501 E. McBee St. sold for $4,531,000 on 12/22/21. 1.156 acre parcel. 1305 E. Washington St. sold on 12/17/21 for $500k on 12/17/21. 111 S. Leach St sold for $1,620,000 on 12/28/21. 1 acre parcel.
  7. 325 Augusta St. sold for $1mm on 12/21/21. This lies between Brick Street Cafe and Trey Cole's new project. .453 acres The parking lot at Main and Markley sold for $500k on 12/22/21. This is part of footprint for the mixed use project on the Allen Temple property. .459 acres.
  8. Not crazy about this idea. Moving even more city workers out of DT, and exactly who or what would fill the vacant space? By renovation, I hope he means the exterior as well. I say build a new city hall that is worthy of Greenville and let the market repurpose the existing one.
  9. ^^ Excellent exposure all right. No ad could ever provide that kind of exposure and credibility.
  10. It appears that the ETO Service Center at 113 Arlington Ave. is staked off for a survey. Good chance a sale is imminent.
  11. Mayberry Street Presentation City will be taking over control of Mayberry Street from SCDOT to gain better control of it. Glad to see the city is taking ownership of more streets these days. Pendleton and Dunbar would be my favorites for the next ones.
  12. The Planning Commission does not consider 'design' in its decisions, that is the purview of the DRB. The DRB did an informal review last night, but the meeting ran so long on prior items that I couldn't stay on to listen to their comments. The formal review would be next month I expect.
  13. You can contact John Hamlett in the planning department to get more info at 864-467-4473 or at [email protected] With your address, they should be able to give you info more specific to your individual situation.
  14. Unity Park on track for Spring opening. Nice video in the article as well.
  15. By my calculations, which should be pretty close, the owner would pay $136 more in taxes if it is rental or investment property, and $90 more if owner-occupied. Their water bill would be reduced by 1/3 either way. That alone would probably wipe out the increase in taxes. This property is in the Wade Hampton PSD but properties in the Gantt and Parker PSDs would actually see a property tax REDUCTION by annexing into the city. I live in Parker and my taxes would drop AT LEAST 7% if I could be annexed. There is some 'fee' added to the tax bill of $120, that I pay to Parker, that I would no longer pay either. Property Insurance rates are determined by the Fire Department ISO rating, and the City of Greenville has the highest rating (1) available. I don't know what Wade Hampton's rating is but if it isn't a 1, then the owners would save some money there as well. It probably is a worse rating, as most departments are not a 1. Police response times should normally be much better as a city resident as well. Annexation benefits
  16. ^^ Yeah, and Mauldin has been pretty aggressive in adding properties that lie between the two. Greenville needs to get what it can, while it can.
  17. Conestee and Conestee Lake Rd.  31.9 acres 2901 E. North St.   .8 acres
  18. Lowdes Hill Rd. Apartments
  19. Environmental clean-up sign posted at 810 pendleton St, which was recently sold (325k). 111 S. Leach St. Land subdivision
  20. The latest on 1200 Laurens project aka The Alliance. Definitely an improvement. 1200 Laurens Rd - The Alliance
  21. Environmental clean-up sign posted at 810 pendleton St, which was recently sold (325k).
  22. Have you ever approached the owner of the vacant lot next to your property about selling? Having both properties would increase the value of both very significantly. Just wondering if you ever pursued that.
  23. The city is actively trying to get more retail DT. It's not like they are sitting on their hands doing nothing. Given the economic transitions we are going through, an increase in turnover is to be expected.
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