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  1. I saw a sign on the Parkway today that said "Coming Soon- Office Space" with a rendering of a 4-5 story mid-rise. It's on the northbound side near Useless.
  2. The city gave more details on their Downtown North Master Plan yesterday. Here's the rundown: Encourage mixed-use developments in the Downtown North area, which is bordered by the Parkway to the west, Oakwood Avenue to the north, 565 to the east and south. Build more greenways in the area. Improve public transit. (Here's a good idea- build a trolley system between DT North, DT and 5 Points) Rezone the Lincoln Mill Village from industrial to residential w/ historical preservation. Make the Abingdon Road area a "live-work zone." Make Meridian Street a business district. Divide area into 10 zones: Meridian Street Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Grove Street Neighborhood Abingdon Live/Work Redevelopment Area Memorial/University Commercial Corridor Washington/Pratt Redevelopment Area Church Street Redevelopment Area Dallas Bypass The Justice Center (does anybody know where this is?) The complete plan will probably be on the city's Urban Development website soon. Huntsville Times article: City shifts designs to north of center
  3. The Huntsville Housing Authority has agreed on a plan to raze all 196 units of the Councill Court development. Up to 125 units will be rebuilt to modern standards for elderly residents who want the convenience of living next to the hospital. The project will cost $32M, and the sale of up to 13 acres of the 20 acre development will yield $16.5M. However.... Huntsville Times article: Board is resolved on Councill Court
  4. ^Mobile's an exception. Most Ruth's Chris locations are in major million-plus metropolitan areas. The only ones that are not (according to this site) are Destin, Lafayette, and Mobile, and coming soon, Columbia and Huntsville. And speaking of new downtown development (Ruths Chris is locating downtown, if you didn't know), Local Developer Scott McLain says that negotiations are "going well" for a new downtown hotel on the MarketSquare property. He declined to say what chain, but I'm putting my money on a Marriott.
  5. It's great that Huntsville is getting restaurants that you would find in cities twice its size.
  6. Once again, Sci-Quest is considering another building downtown for its relocation from CRP. This time, it's the old Hale Brothers Hardware building near the courthouse. Officials say that the Councill High School site would cost too much to renovate and that the museum would take up the whole building. Article: Sci-Quest's Home Could End at Hale Brothers Personally, I don't like this location. Where's the parking?
  7. Huntsville is the last major city in the region to not have a Fresh Market, or any organic chain grocery store for that matter. Don't believe me? Check out their website. But that seems to be coming to an end. Fresh Market is negotiating to open a store at the corner of Airport and Whitesburg. The store will open at the site of a former Winn-Dixie store that closed last year. It is all part of a renovation of the Village on Whitesburg, a 120,000 sq ft shopping center that has restaurants like Qdoba Mexican Grill, McAlisters, Bonefish Grill, Nothing But Noodles (coming soon), and last but not least, Subway.
  8. That's not really their fault. The NWS and the TV forecasters have "cried wolf" numerous times in the past few years about winter weather. I doubt many people actually believe their snow/ice predictions anymore. But you have to commend them... they finally got it right.... Whee! Anyways, I do agree that ALDOT needs to get off its fat bottom and get something done. It's sad that the Huntsville "beltway" will take 70 years to be completed (it started in 1965). Also, while I'm complaining about ALDOT... Did anyone else see that article where the DOT is paying $1M for a road to be narrowed through Providence? I'm all for pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, but there are more pressing transportation issues, like 53, Winchester Road, and the Southern Bypass. That $1M could have gone a long way in any of these projects.
  9. Once again, another company expands in CRP, and once again, the building's not a high-rise... SAIC is breaking ground today on a 4-story, 100,000 sq. ft building in Research Park West near Bridge Street. The company plans to bring together all 2,000 of its employees in the area into a "campus-style" development. The building will be completed in Summer of 2007. Article: SAIC set to expand in Research Park
  10. The MarketSquare owner says he wants to raze the old mall downtown for condos, apartments, retail/entertainment space, and a new hotel. He has told the last tenants of the 45-year old mall to move out (I didn't know there were any). Though the developer does not have a specific plan yet, it should come in the next few months. Article: MarketSquare site may get condos, hotel I hope this hotel/condo idea means there will be a few high-rises coming to the site. I went to the school a few weeks ago. The school itself was nice, but the parking was horrible.
  11. It seems like riverfront condos are becoming popular around here. There are a lot of them being built in Guntersville and also in southern Limestone County. You've probably seen the billboards along 65 and 565 about those new riverfront communities (I think one of them is called Brigadoon). This particular development is being built in Coxey in West Limestone at the mouth of the Elk River. This $20M condo development, called Two Rivers, is five stories and will feature over 60 condos with prices ranging from $160,000-$700,000. Limestone developer to offer condos with river view By Holly Hollman DAILY Staff Writer COXEY
  12. The Bridge Street website has been redesigned. Check it out.
  13. Sci-Quest may be moving into the old Councill High School building downtown. A few months ago, the city announced that Sci-Quest would move downtown from its current location in CRP. Almost simultaneously, the alumni of Councill High School announced a $7M renovation of the historically black school. Now the science museum might be part of their plans. Originally the city wanted the museum in some vacant office space in the Huntsville Utilities building. This would have posed a problem for parking and future expansions. The Councill location, located next to the main branch of the library, would have ample parking and space for expansion. Article: Sci-Quest may move to Councill School site
  14. Welcome to the forum Keith! With all these new Huntsville members joining, I see a Huntsville subforum coming....
  15. The downtown Holiday Inn Select is no longer "select." Owners claim the name change is due to a conflict with an new sports bar/grill concept being put in all 91 US Holiday Inn Selects, which would have taken up meeting space. Article: Downtown Holiday Inn drops Select from name
  16. ^Yeah, I've been wondering about Schrimsher lately. Right now he is working on the old Times building, and will probably move over to the condo project when that's done (next year?) Speaking of downtown development, the city is tearing down a local radio company's headquarters in order to build their ummm...... riverwalk. This riverwalk will eventually go from downtown to Jones Valley. Article: More green space growing downtown
  17. ^Welcome to the forum HSV79! I learned about the "cave theory" from my old science teacher. It seems like a pretty good explanation for our short (and fast growing) skyline.
  18. As far as I know, there is not a height limit in CRP. Downtown is another story. There is no height limit, but the caves under Big Spring prevent us from getting taller buildings, which explains our midrise skyline. I've heard that any building over 25 floors will cause the whole area to collapse. Obviously, developers and architects are playing it safe. So, if Hsv ever gets a building that tall (it will), it will be out in CRP. Bridge Street will be an exciting project. According to their plans, there are plans for 4 6-story office buildings along with the 12-story Westin.
  19. Ok, does this architectural company get their inspiration from cereal boxes? Here's the new Raytheon building: The same architect did Ovation Condos One, these buildings are "squatty" (the condo building can be a bit taller, maybe 16 floors would be nice, and the Raytheon bldg would be nice at 6); two, they're BOXES! Also, the Raytheon building looks like every other building in CRP! Sorry, I needed to vent.
  20. Here are the Huntsville Times articles for these two projects: Big Buildup for Biotech Center Makeover in store for Madison Square
  21. A couple of things happened today.... Madison Square Mall announced its plans for the first renovation of the mall since 1994. This will include interior renovations and some exterior touchups, including a new logo. The Hudson-Alpha Institute for Biotechnology held its official groundbreaking today for the main building, slated to open in 2007. HAIB's master plan shows that there is a potential for 10 buildings once the campus is complete in about 10 years.
  22. Raytheon is planning a 3-story, $20M complex in Research Park that will house its 500 employees in the Huntsville area. This is the latest company to consolidate their Huntsville operations to one complex. There are also plans to expand the building by 110,000 sqft if growth continues (the original building will be 140,000 sqft). Huntsville Times article: Raytheon plans consolidation
  23. The University of Alabama in Huntsville is building a new entrance. It will include trees, lakes and a roundabout....But at the end of the article, it mentions that the new Intermodal Center will begin construction in a few months. This will be constructed as a parking garage so that students can "park and ride" on city/campus transit. Article: Campus gateway in works for UAH
  24. Area leaders are now predicting that $1B in construction is needed to accomodate the 5000 jobs going to Redstone Arsenal over the next five years. This will involve $420M in new office buildings, and well over $500M is needed to build the Southern Bypass, which will take 7-10 years to complete. The office building space needed will be approx. 1.9M sq. ft. or as our congressman said, "10 Wal-Mart Supercenters". Huntsville Times article: Will Redstone be ready?
  25. ^Yes, you are correct. Providence is one of 2 "new urbanist" communities planned/under construction along Old Monrovia Road. The other, tenatively named Indian Creek, will begin construction in a few months.
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