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  1. krazeeboi, Sorry I had overlooked your link. That first shot captures my favorite angle beautifully. Thanks!
  2. Y'all's daytime pics are grand, but I have to say the fountain really speaks at night. I stopped by this evening. Oh my GOD! It's fabulous. Like jewelry. Only better, because the water's motion and sound, combined with the lighting, make it a living thing. After I've saved enough money to buy the camera I've been drooling over, I intend to try some night shots.
  3. I like the median plantings on Gervais in the Vista. Beautiful. Bradford pears are all clones, from what I've been told. Maybe that's why they drop huge limbs so easily. The ones on Sumter along the sidewalk at M Cafe have seen better days too. Should be replaced.
  4. A Segway dealership on Lady might be just the ticket.
  5. First Citizens said they would put a park on the site. I thought the little building's facade could have fronted a snack shop, gift shop, or the like. I believe they were short-sighted in razing it.
  6. Ellen

    Five Points

    From what I've read, those huge tunnels directly under the site have caused concerns about the engineering aspects. Can't say that I wouldn't be pretty cautious from that standpoint.
  7. I'm sorry I got derailed Matt. Glad you liked the pics.
  8. While we're at it, here's another beautiful piece of Columbia lost to recent progress. Y'all recognize it?
  9. waccamatt, I adored that little gem of a building. Haven't posted pics here before - if it doesn't work would someone please steer me in the right direction? Well yay! Here are more.
  10. Chtimi, thanks for that flag link. I think SC's is one of the prettiest flags anywhere. I really like New Mexico's too. That site mentioned the "moon" in our flag design. Not quite correct - it is a crescent depicting the crescent motiff from our revolutionary army's headgear. And that item was to mimic the gorget officers wore round their necks. Y'all have been discussing the Wilbur Smith Associates logo and building (which makes me giggle because I work there) - what do you think they (Parkway Realty) could do about the horrible parking deck? Don't you think it would look better if they removed the awful honeycomb skin?
  11. I love it; can't think of a more creative use. Did anyone catch the irony, though, in this portion of the article: "In recent years, the old railroad tunnel has become a haven for homeless people, said Steve Gantt, the city
  12. Sorry to stray from above discussion, but... Now Willy's in the Vista has closed. Jeeeze! My favorite happy hour on the patio place. What's going on? http://www.willysgrill.com/
  13. Learned last night that Friday May 11 is Jammin Java's last day. Grrrr. I really hate losing another unique, local venue. Anyone know what happened? Did the rent skyrocket with all the new neighbors coming in? I always thought JJ did a good business.
  14. I've become a new believer in Vella's Deli on Knox Abbott. Wednesday nights their ribs are on special - and they're good. Good service, too. Fallen in love with Hudson's BBQ out on 378 W. Columbia. Mmmmmmmm. Good locally owned restaurants recently closed: The Palace and Rupert's Blue Dog on Gervais, and Sike's BBQ on 378 in Horrell Hill area. The Palace had wonderful fried chicken. Blue Dog (now The Whig) had the very best burgers and raw fries anywhere. Sike's was fine 'que. So sad.
  15. Here SnowWhite, a little assistance from Photoshop. Corrected levels, used unsharp filter, and added a blue layer overall in Soft Light mode to reduce the red hue.
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