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    Wow. That area is looking SO good!! I've made it a goal to take a little trip out there and stay in that Hampton Inn when it opens. I don't know if it's just me, but I think that has to be the best looking Hampton Inn I've ever seen.

    Columbia Off-Topic

    I took these on a hazy, sizzling, 100-degree day in July 1993...the crepe myrtles were the only flowers in bloom, of course! Sorry the images are kinda small...just did a quick scan of some old 35mm shots!! My 2nd shot is closer to EM's for comparison. Nice change in density from Sidney/Finlay, for sure!!

    Columbia Off-Topic

    GREAT shots!! Man, that REALLY makes me miss walking around Finlay & other downtown areas taking photos... I really appreciate seeing these, so thank you so much!!! I'll have to see if I can dig up some old photos I took from Finlay @10 years ago...I think I have one shot almost identical to one of yours...only it's pre-Washington Mutual (whatever it is now), Meridien, and FC!! A "side-by-side" would be fun to see!

    Florence Developments

    The Florence MSA is now around 200,000 people. The metro area now includes all of Florence and Darlington counties. This gave the MSA a population of 197,256 in 2004, and this ranked #185 in the U.S.

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    That's quite nice!!

    Anderson Developments

    Man, this was NOT easy to find! New Condos This is an Anderson Independent Mail article from 8/9/05. Basic details: $20 million project for lakefront condos off Clemson Blvd. They will be built on 4.6 acres off Smith Mill Road behind Charlie T

    Columbia Off-Topic

    I LOVE that poster shot!! I have one framed on the wall in my home! If any one is interested, these posters are always for sale on ebay!


    Wow. That's gone up pretty fast. It hasn't been THAT long since I last looked at the live cam, and the building was still a shell! This brief article helps to vaguely answer questions about Carolina Plaza. It states that "USC is making way for a new public health building to be built at an undetermined date." How's that for an answer?! Carolina Plaza

    Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

    Hip, Hip, Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
  10. ROBTEX


    Awesome! It's about time! It seems like just about everything in Columbia takes so stinkin' long!
  11. ROBTEX

    Greater Charleston Projects & Developments

    I'm utterly and totally speechless...doesn't happen too me. Wow.
  12. ROBTEX

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Nice, but what the heck is it?!?!
  13. ROBTEX

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Very nice photo...and a beautiful church.
  14. You guys truly are a trip!! Passion is a GREAT virtue, and you guys certainly have TONS of it! I'm just glad that the common thread in all of this is the fact that we all recognize Greenville as a great little that never ceases to impress. Greenville certainly isn't the only city in the South experiencing a wonderful renaissance, but it is indeed very exciting and satisfying that so many other cities look to Greenville as a role model. The state of South Carolina looks at other states and cities as role models, which is very smart, but look at Greenville being the SC city that other states and cities look to as a role model!
  15. "There's a great little video to watch on this page, too. Greenville is a very exciting city right now and has a beautiful downtown. I find it very impressive that North Carolina leaders would travel to a South Carolina city to learn how to make some major improvements! Greenville is SOOO far ahead of many cities its size, even larger cities. Greenvillians should be very proud!" Perspective is an interesting thing...did anyone pick up on the fact that I said nothing about finding it "extraordinarily fascinating" that NC leaders would travel to South Carolina for ideas? I said "I find it very impressive that North Carolina leaders would travel to South Carolina..." I do find it very impressive that leaders from a state that is SO very far ahead of SC in SO many ways would travel to a South Carolina city for ideas. Should we discuss the educational system, the annexation laws, the vision for economy transformation, or ??? This was certainly meant as a compliment. I know you Greenvillians and pro-Greenvillians (of which I am one!) are a very active and proud group on this site, but I think you should take a step back sometimes and not respond from so much of an emotional stance as from a scientific, data-backed stance. No one is prouder than I of being born and reared in the great state of SC, but I can't let that pride segregate me from certain facts. Greenville, outside of SC, is NOT a nationally recognized city. Some 20+ states have a "Green(e)ville," so the national prominence simply is not there. If I say "Greenville" in Dallas, people assume I mean Greenville, TX, and so on in TN, NC, MS, ME, etc. Without the addition of "Spartanburg" to the area name, the city of Greenville, SC requires further clarification for most folks outside of SC and certainly outside of the SE states. Those of you who have lived and/or traveled vastly outside of SC know what I mean, for sure. BUT, as mentioned, I find it REALLY cool that once people "stumble" across Greenville, SC, they are so amazed and impressed with its beauty, vibrance, and obvious potential. I LOVE what you guys do on this forum, but don't let your sense of pride outweigh your sense of national knowledge and perspective.