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  1. Wow. That area is looking SO good!! I've made it a goal to take a little trip out there and stay in that Hampton Inn when it opens. I don't know if it's just me, but I think that has to be the best looking Hampton Inn I've ever seen.
  2. I took these on a hazy, sizzling, 100-degree day in July 1993...the crepe myrtles were the only flowers in bloom, of course! Sorry the images are kinda small...just did a quick scan of some old 35mm shots!! My 2nd shot is closer to EM's for comparison. Nice change in density from Sidney/Finlay, for sure!!
  3. GREAT shots!! Man, that REALLY makes me miss walking around Finlay & other downtown areas taking photos... I really appreciate seeing these, so thank you so much!!! I'll have to see if I can dig up some old photos I took from Finlay @10 years ago...I think I have one shot almost identical to one of yours...only it's pre-Washington Mutual (whatever it is now), Meridien, and FC!! A "side-by-side" would be fun to see!
  4. The Florence MSA is now around 200,000 people. The metro area now includes all of Florence and Darlington counties. This gave the MSA a population of 197,256 in 2004, and this ranked #185 in the U.S.
  5. Man, this was NOT easy to find! New Condos This is an Anderson Independent Mail article from 8/9/05. Basic details: $20 million project for lakefront condos off Clemson Blvd. They will be built on 4.6 acres off Smith Mill Road behind Charlie T
  6. I LOVE that poster shot!! I have one framed on the wall in my home! If any one is interested, these posters are always for sale on ebay!


    Wow. That's gone up pretty fast. It hasn't been THAT long since I last looked at the live cam, and the building was still a shell! This brief article helps to vaguely answer questions about Carolina Plaza. It states that "USC is making way for a new public health building to be built at an undetermined date." How's that for an answer?! Carolina Plaza


    Awesome! It's about time! It seems like just about everything in Columbia takes so stinkin' long!
  9. I'm utterly and totally speechless...doesn't happen too often...trust me. Wow.
  10. Very nice photo...and a beautiful church.
  11. I really look forward to these photos of the day. You guys do such a great job. I wish this could be done for Columbia! If I still lived there, I'd get it going!
  12. ^ Yeah, I hated to see the Independence Air cuts at GSP, but at least GSP wasn't cut out completely like several other airports were. 3 Daily departures to Dulles is still nice. I'm really hoping the US Airways/America West merger will open up more of the West to some of the SC airports.
  13. I'm not sure about Jet Blue, but I really don't anticipate Southwest landing in South Carolina in the near future...the markets are still too small.
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