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  1. Former MTV VJ and Birmingham native, Alan Hunter along with his brother, Hugh Hunter are the first filmmakers to take advantage of the new state incentives package for films made in Alabama. The name of their film is titled "Lifted" and will focus on a young, talented singer. The state has made the turn on attempting to make a go on the producing films here about stories based here, so here we go, LOL
  2. Montgomery isn't dying persay rather it is another large city with a large black populous that is still suffering from the major effects of "white flight" where most national retailers and restaurateur chains have decided to follow the majority of the population rather than keeping up with the demographic profiles of the clientele of their businesses. A number of cities including Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore, and Memphis (to a certain extent) has overcame this by improving the quality of their established areas to via infrastructure, taxation exemptions, gentrification. However, the key to this is not to cater to the exurban crowd who vacated the city already rather make it better for the remaining residents and enticing outsiders who aren't familiar with the area to locate there over the suburbs and exurbs. Montgomery doesn't have that type of pull, population, or scope of exposure as maybe other cities mentioned but it can still pull off some of this at a much smaller scale. This does all depend on the State fixing its property laws and tax codes so that redevelopment over "development" is codeword for sprawl will be the thing to do. Also take into consideration this is a still a major recession we are in and it will impede any major business developments.
  3. The Five Points South Music Hall is reopening. However, this time it isn't going to operated by Clear Channel like it was from the late 1990s until 2002, but it plans on being a similar operation as it was as it former self. This is great news to hear that the one venue on the Southside that had acts from all genres and was a high profile location.
  4. Main Street Birmingham has recieve a $4,700 grant matching funds from the National Trust for Historical Preservation on the Nixon Cultural Center. The Nixon Building is location of the cultural center is a former NAACP meeting space used during the Civil Rights Movement. Last fall the Alabama State Council of the Arts rewarded Main Street Birmingham $7,000 for the project and also the Alabama Historical Commission Review Board has nominated the site for recognition by National Register of Historical Places by the National Park Service.
  5. It has been announced by the Mayor that Birmingham is amongst 37 US cities that are vying for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup soccer tourney. This would the first time since 1995 tourney in which Birmingham has hosted the World Cup. http://www.ussoccer.com/articles/viewArtic...p_14876672.html
  6. Not yet, I've searched a number of places including the airport's site and no prelimiaries.
  7. Although Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International has seen another month where the annual passengers that used the airport has decline 14% since this time last year, the Airport Authority is moving forward with the estimated $193.3M plan to renovate the terminal. KPS has been selected as the designers of the plan called the Terminal Modernization Program for its 36-year-old facility.
  8. kayman

    Railroad Park

    One other upside that I seem to be hearing from event promoters is that the amphitheater at the Railroad Park will provide a centralized space in the region for more musical events aside from City Stages and Schaffers' Crawfish Boil. Hopefully, this will be like Chastain Park outdoor concert venue in Atlanta that does attract quite a number of major artists for outdoor concerts. This could be a huge boon for the everyone always saying there aren't many places aside from the Verizon Music Center in Pelham for outdoor concerts.
  9. Well, construction on the expansion of the Childrens' Hospital of Alabama will began in mere weeks. The 750,000 square-foot expansion will increase the number of bed to 332, and expansion for nearly 100 more beds. Also the hospital will be LEED-standards with walkways and skybridges connecting to the new UAB Womens' and Infants Hospital along with the original Childrens' Hospital structure.
  10. Well, as much as I've had my grievences with Councilwoman Miriam Witherspoon, it is a sad day to hear about her passing and a loss to the City. She was a huge advocate for making the City of Birmingham up to ADA standards. She was one of the main proponents for having the City Board of Education building upgraded to be wheelchair accessible, and I don't blame her for since the City is still be held by the DOJ to upgrade all public facilities to ADA compliance.
  11. Well, all I can say is I kind of saw this coming since there has been no groundwork as planned last fall. The Forge will likely get built elsewhere in the region, most likely in the City either in the Railroad Park District or Lakeview, which are both on the Southside where the majority of the entertainment options are located. Homewood has piss-poor luck with stuff like that just look at SoHo Square which has basically dried up within 2 years of it opening, so if Performa had any sense they will avoid that option. I'm not even trying to knock Homewood because in most aspects they do things right where Birmingham has messed up. The BJCC board would be better off waiting until the expansion is constructed and completed and let a district organically form around it.
  12. Well, if any posters of the board were anticipating the trial of Mayor Langford, well sorry to disappoint, but it has been moved to August 31st. http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2009/03/the_pu...n_trial_bi.html
  13. Wow, that is excellent! I'm glad to see that Target is back to opening SuperTargets in the region. Now if we could only get Colonial Properties would finally decide what they will do with the redevelopment of the Brookwood Convenience Center. I'm hoping that Target would consider that locale if it is still in the mode to open a store in the core of the region.
  14. Well, the thing that I'm inquiring about is whether or not the new Target store to open in the Grove is going to be an actual SuperTarget or just another Target with grocery section without a full bakery, meat, deli, and seafood counter? I know that the last SuperTarget was opened in 2004 at the Tutwiler Farms in Trussville.
  15. This is probably a very wise idea considering how screwed up the credit markets are because of the slump in the economy. In addition it would probably wiser for them to build it in phases to see how successful this project is before they construct an entire complex where it has more empty storefronts than tenants. Also I've yet to hear anything about a second hotel to anchor this place as originally planned, so starting smaller is smarter.
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