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  1. You can sit and watch the CATS MTC meeting that is streamed live on YouTube right now:
  2. Charlotte is a series of concentric circles around the urban core. Honestly, it is annoying for local trips off the circular routes. However it's nearly impossible to get lost in Charlotte though due the circles.
  3. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/mayor-says-atlanta-medical-center-cant-be-repurposed-after-closure/2YXUUF7EZZEJXLEETQQVCPQO4M/ One of the benefits of having a strong mayor-council of government, the ability of the mayor using executive orders to block rezonings or issue moratorias on land use zoning decisions for specific areas. I've seen the Atlanta mayor issues executive orders to protect historical properties such as the Fox Theater from being demolished for the former AT&T Tower in Midtown Atlanta. So many on here talk about the Barringer Hotel building aka Charlotte Hall House being a historic property with a NRHP designation is being demolished just because of its lack of historical designation within the City of Charlotte UDO. I think if the City of Charlotte had a strong mayor-council form of government that those who had lobbied the mayor's office could have gotten an executive order to issue a moratorium to the property to save the historical properties until a municipal historical designation was established. Although this is a tangential issue, I truly believe Charlotte could benefit from a full-time city council and mayor who believes in issuing executive orders to stop certain redevelopment of key city-owned properties. Also full-time staffers dedicated to informing the full-time mayor and city council members on pertinent city issues like rezonings, long range planning, affordable housing, transportation issues, and the airport. This is where having a part-time mayor and city council only being informed by what the city manager wants to inform them about is a huge liability for a municipality as large and dynamic as the City of Charlotte.
  4. That's exactly the type of businesses what we need more of here in Charlotte
  5. The Airport to the Gateway Station segment as LRT would make the most sense. The Matthews to Uptown LRT segment can come later with BRT with stations with crosstown connections (mobilty hubs) in the interim. However, trying to do any commuter rail would require state support, which isn't in high supply with anti-urban politicians ruining the previously existing state funding mechanism allowing regional rail. Regional express buses along key corridors should be executed before pushing for commuter rail, which would require state funding support. You must show there is demand with express bus ridership data along these key proposed commuter rail corridors before going to the GOP-led NCGA. Also the Connect Beyond regional study is an adopted regional transit strategy that lays the groundwork for that. Any type of rail transit needs to be completely grade-separated (no at-grade crossings allowed) in any future rail expansions.
  6. Mixed use developments are the way to go as the Charlotte Center City progresses post-lockdown phase of this ongoing pandemic. People who live and visit the Center City will want to be entertained, have places to able to eat and/or drink, gather, top-notch lodging, and places to see. It's why there needs to be more non-office/work-related tourist attractions in the area. FNB Tower is the template developer for the future of Charlotte Center City. Now is time for others to put their spin on that template while providing multiple uses within a high-rise or mid-rise tower developments. Even the similarly layout, Renaissance Center in Detroit has seriously contemplated evolution and redevelopment: https://www.freep.com/story/money/2022/06/23/gm-rencen-tenants-remote-workers/7608005001/
  7. That sounds like a very "raisins in a potato salad" like response. I'm good with this convo. Bye...
  8. WOW! Such an unseasoned response. Bored now...
  9. There are many professionals in the transportation planning field locally that are very aware of what's said on here about CATS. However, when certain individual posters want make flagrant accusations, projection of gaslighting, & insulting other people's intelligence (when they have been doing the gaslighting themselves on several topics including the racial bias & intentional sabotage of the 2020 US Census count of several non-white demographic groups by the Trump administration; we see the data daily, so go argue with the data not me. ) As a result, those type of antics shows nothing here will be can taken seriously by actual planning professionals. Nothing will change overnight in any government entity, but constantly political agitation in form of public comments will bring attention to things that should change. I've provided all the insight needed for changes to occur, but one refuses to do it constantly then that's one them...
  10. Uh no. The only one gaslighting is the bolivating nonsense you just posted. If you have so much proof of the stats of despair in performance of CATS then put it in writing to the Metropolitan Transit Commission, the governing policy board of CATS. They can do something productive by putting on public records rather you shooting shots at other posters online.
  11. Tell that to the MTC in writing.
  12. I don't even work for CATS, but geez... DC Metro, CTA, MTA, RTD (Denver), DART, Valley Metro (Phoenix), Link Transit, etc. are regional transit authorities with independent boards & regional funding sources. Houston, Miami-Dade Metro Transit, LA Metro are the only other Tier 1 rail transit that are departments but of their respective counties or states. NJ Transit, UTA, & MTA are state-level authorities. Unless it's you're going to look & compare at those county level department transit systems, CATS is the lone city department-level, Tier 1 transit system in the US. It's apples-to-oranges to others aside from the county-level transit departments with CATS. I'm awaiting some of you complaining offering solutions rather than more complaints about CATS. Complaining without proposed solutions or actions to fix it are just pointless...
  13. You're wasting your time with some of these posters on this topic. Facts and stats of national ridership trends doesn't matter when they are only looking for evidence for confirmation bias against CATS. Until as a nation we tackle equitable labor rights & livable wages, these type of things are going to linger around negatively impacting everything.
  14. Yep to the emboldened....
  15. That big fat dummy isn't going anywhere further after this stupid stunt. His black ass caping for white supremacy and anti-intellectualism will not win him any additional allies within anyone non-white North Carolinians (like myself). That idiot only got in because the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Yvonne Lewis Holley, wasn't properly funded nor truly campaigned for herself outside of the Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville DMA in 2020. His stupid ass barely won by 3 points, so a viable Democratic candidate who is an aggressive campaigner could beat this idiot. North Carolina is a purple state, so a slight increase in black and brown voters would shift this state in a much more progressive direction. This is why I encourage everyone to vote on Tuesday, November 8th for former NC Chief Justice Cheri Beasley for the US Senate, Lucy Inman for NC Supreme Court Seat 3, and Sam Ervin for NC Supreme Court Seat 5 along with the other Democratic candidates in the NC General Assembly. This is type of stupidity of that dummy Robinson perpetuates must cease and desist.
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