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  1. Publix will be entering the DC market aka the DMV soon as well. Wegmans is going to be entering the Charlotte market in the future. Apparently, Charlotte is the most competitive grocery market in the nation and a major retail concept trial market. Raleigh-Durham is the 2nd most competitive. We're in a great place to be here in Charlotte if you enjoy retail and grocery shopping.
  2. City of Charlotte has a professional class in leadership who are too busy trying to protect their pension/401K than make effective changes for the future of transportation. This is only going to change with Millennials and Gen Zers become more part of leadership and putting these out-of-date traditions and philosophy out to pasture. CATS and CRTPO, the Charlotte urbanized area MPO, both need to be separated from the City of Charlotte's day-to-day control because of the aforementioned problems. There is a lot of apathy in the regional transportation investments because of the synonymous
  3. I know but I've been advocating for him to focus on developing his statewide profile. Something that I noticed that Beasley will probably beat Jackson in the primary. Beasley's existing statewide profile, being a former NC Supreme Court Chief Justice, and being a black woman is way more attractive to black & brown voters and getting more outside support to win the NC Democrats that seat back in 2022. Also Jackson is more needed here in the state as he can advocate for LGBTQs along with righting many wrongs and he's relatively young.
  4. This goes back to CATS being a de facto City of Charlotte city department instead of an actual independent regional transit authority like most tier 1 mass transit entities of similar size or larger across the US. CATS leadership are basically city employees who are hamstring by lack of leadership from the Charlotte City Manager and Charlotte City Council. They are more responsive to the City Manager's office and City Council than us the citizens and customers. They are both very cheap. Neither want to invest in the more efficient of transit smart devices technology including real-time GTFS
  5. Yeah it is. There was entirely too much focus on the governor's, US Senate, and Presidential races and too little on the Lieutenant Governor race last year. I'm hopeful that someone recognizable and very popular with social media like NC State Senator Jeff Jackson will run in 2024.
  6. Ironically that's something that I'm intimately involved in. It will be step one of pushing for a more cohesive metropolitan area for long term transportation planning
  7. If the Democrats can bring a formidable competitor, he'll be gone after this term. Robinson is a big fat dummy as far as I am concerned. He called former First Lady Michelle Obama a man. He seems like he's a miserable person who hates on black women and on anyone that is living their best life unlike his unhealthy looking obese self...
  8. You know it was a certain ideological faction in the NCGA that pushed for that bc they knew it would accelerate growth and political change. They're now on the ropes still because NC is still growing regardless of their nonsense
  9. Agreed! It's all the more reason to be more forceful and vocal about the desire of planning for the future. That's why I'm pushing for CATS to vecome separate from the City of Charlotte and the merger of the 5 MPOs in the region in an independent bi-state regional planning commission. I'm here for the long haul and I will be doing exactly that.
  10. You should pitch this and continue to pitch this idea. There should be at least 2 motion picture soundstages in the Charlotte area by now. Filming is bigger here than even Wilmington even with the Screen Gems Soundstage there. Leadership is slipping on capitalizing on the economic opportunities for more creative types relocating and a possible state filming industry training program being based here.
  11. There's a couple places named Atlanta and Miami, so that's not a strong enough reason. New Orleans is the only one of its name for a place. Those other places are not even really close and it's border-line lazy on the AP's part to allow Charlotte to be confused with Charleston or Charlottesville. They should drop the "N.C." or "North Carolina" from describing Charlotte.
  12. I don't see that big dummy surviving to see a 2nd term. He's guaranteed that he's a fool that too many people didn't pay attention to when voting last November when we had Yvonne Lewis Holley as an alternative. At the rate the non-urban counties are shrinking the proof is in the pudding...
  13. Simon will do one thing and that's make sure it's premier shopping center for the region stays on top and upscale. Von Maur and/ or Bloomingdale's are future possibilities for SouthPark. However, they'll be apart of a future infill density and vertical expansion of the property. All of which would possibly include more hotels, multifamily residential condominiums, offices, and/ or more exterior facing stores and restaurants along walkable pavillions on the site.
  14. Honestly, the Charlotte region will likely accelerate in growth in the next few decades. The region which includes all of those counties per the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance (CRBA) is right at approximately 3.2 million from the raw counts of the aforementioned counties. I've been looking at how things are trending here that we'll likely be well over 4 million by 2030 and pushing 5 million by 2040. Another thing that will be occurring likely this 2020 Census cycle will be the merger of the Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton MSA into the Charlotte-Concord CSA along with Anson County being br
  15. That's expected of the "resides in an insular silo" NY Times. They disrespect every Southern major city except Atlanta, Miami, and New Orleans. It's strange how the AP has yet shifted its style of reporting on here from "Charlotte, N.C." to simply "Charlotte". It's coming because we're going to be in the top 20 largest metro areas and demographic market areas (DMA) by the close of this decade.
  16. Now if Google Earth will update their 3D mesh of Charlotte by now to 2020-21 aerial imagery. We should be on the regular update 3D schedule as other cities are nowadys with the constant changes to our urban landscape here.
  17. Unfortunately it is normal. Someone crashed into the station platform of one of the LYNX Gold Line stations on Davidson Street and Trade Street requiring repairs prior to the streetcar opening. People seem to drive distracted often everywhere.
  18. It's a great start but the Connect Beyond regional transit plan gives us an idea of what and how the Greater Charlotte aka Metrolina region will be headed towards. https://www.connect-beyond.com/ However we'll have to get our delegations in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, & Gaston counties in the NC General Assembly along with York and Lancaster counties in South Carolina to support funding this strategy. Iredell, Lincoln, Rowan, and Union counties will come along as they further urbanized and evolve as areas.
  19. I'm for constructive criticism of CATS as any other transit enthusiast but I am thinking "What are you going to do about it? You want a more efficient CATS then lobby your elected officials in Raleigh to spin it off so it begins a true regional transit system as its name says "Charlotte Area Transit System". " What I am going to do about is lobby my state legislators for an independent CATS that will be more likely to become that. Hopefully, that will become a more complementary yet non-automobile component that will add to the urban landscape of Metro Charlotte.
  20. Add to the list: A Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise along with a baseball stadium meeting MLB-standards in or near Uptown Turning Zootastic Park into an actual large regional zoological conservatory for Charlotte but maintain their family-friendly larger concept similar to Wild Animal Safari Park in Pine Mountain, Georgia (https://animalsafari.com/georgia-park-home-about-us/) A standalone regional aquarium that features our unique ecosystems across the region on both sides of the NC/SC state line My list is to increase tourist dollars for Charlotte which will ra
  21. Here are few things that need to be said but will be elaborated upon even further on a later date and time: 1) Charlotte needs to change its form of municipal government from council-manager to strong mayor-council (with a city administrator/manager who reports to the mayor). The current council-manager form of government allows too much of the bureaucratic insulator mentality permeate which hampers the city from future growth into a world-class, major city; a minor modification of shifting the city manager to city administrator who directly reports to the mayor (mayor's office) would cr
  22. CATS pays similar scale to The T in Pittsburgh. This is from 2019, but CATS pays their employees to levels comparable to other Tier I transit systems outside of the legacy ones in the Northeast and Chicago. Ironically MARTA pays less for bus and rail operators than CATS. That's scary for Atlanta
  23. Agreed! The Mecklenburg Playbook (the Parks & Greenways master plan update) is coming out in a few weeks. There will be a boatload of reccomendations for how we should aggressively build out our parks, greenways, and active green spaces throughout the main core county (Mecklenburg) while laying down a framework for our emerging core counties (Cabarrus, Gaston, Union, & York counties; Iredell is technically apart of this pack as well)
  24. This is interesting as there's a stiff competition between Atlanta and Charlotte over HQs and de facto 2nd HQs in the Southeast of major corporations. Especially after the creation of Truist, the merger of BB&T and SunTrust, to place its HQs in Charlotte. If Intuit does have the purse strings of 2nd HQ here then you know the competition gonna get even more heated between the 2 cities. The airports (ATL & CLT) are already battling it out now.
  25. Charlotte is wise to diversify beyond fintech. Although Charlotte is not as huge as the Triangle tech sector now. Eventually, the synergy of the Charlotte tech sector will be similar to San Francisco, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas, and Seattle if it keeps up its strategy. Charlotte will be able to be in the company on the C-Suite, regional hub, and R&D sides of tech as the aforementioned cities. Something on that will help raise its profile in the tech world as well as becoming a Tier I metro (4M+).
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