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  1. Emails show the South Carolina Secretary of Commerce, at Rock Hill's request, planned on touring the training facility site with the Panthers COO on March 8. https://www.wcnc.com/mobile/article/money/south-carolina-commerce-officials-blindsided-carolina-panthers-training-camp-rock-hill-construction-stopped/275-130b0383-8ccf-407e-892d-beb13d6e5642
  2. Jobs play a role but both are doing that at nearly the same rate. There are other things that are intangible that affect growth like culture, political, socioeconomics, and demographics trends. This is pointless with longitudinal comparisons of things.
  3. Last I heard, the referendum which will be likely front-loaded messaging-wise as a roadway improvements & regional greenway system buildout initiative won't be until 2024. This is why there have been so many delays in its movement.
  4. I've been saying for awhile that Charlotte has the "it" factor in NC (and SC). As much as the GOP-led NCGA attempt to starve Charlotte it still thrives and rapidly grows. It's why when shift from the Old Guard to more urban-centric shift occurs in the NC GA then Charlotte will likely benefit the most. US 74 finally being designated as a freeway from I-277 to I-74 in Richmond County will connect Charlotte to Wilmington (and Myrtle Beach).
  5. After reading this other threads, reforming the Charlotte City Council from a council-manager form of municipal government to a mayor-council form of municipal government. With this move, expansion of the number of district council seats while maintaining at-large seats all with 4-year terms as well. Creating the role of Council President or retooling the role of Mayor Pro Tem to be the presiding official over council meetings of the city's legislative branch. As a result, removal of the Mayor from presiding over all city council meetings. City Manager should continue to preside over the day-to-day municipal government operations but must report to both the Mayor and Council. The Mayor could remain weak overall with a 4-year term, but be the key influential elected official & chief city lobbyist to advocate for the city with making needed connections with the Governor and NCGA in the state capitol in Raleigh. However, the Mayor will be the executive branch of the municipal government with veto power of legislation and the ability to appoint city management and key city department leadership like police, fire, airport, water. However, the Charlotte City Council must have 2/3rd majority for approval of said appointments. That would give us a more balanced with 3 branches and representative municipal government for our fine city of Charlotte.
  6. Understood and received. However, why do you think TPTB in Charlotte pushing for UNCC to becoming a Carnegie R1 research institution, Wake Forest to open a full fledged 4-year medical school along with a research campus (The Pearl), the merger of Atrium Health with Wake Forest Baptist Health and now Advocacy Health to become the US's 5th largest healthcare system to fund and provide resources for that said Wake Forest medical school, ongoing talks of bringing back another 4-year law school probably with Wake Forest again, Queens University to become a D1 athletic program, CLT Mayor initiative for strategic corporate partnerships with JCSU and possibly expanding to other metro HBCUs, and the partnership with the UNC School of Medicine & Novant Presbyterian for a 2-year medical school? These back-to-back movements are all to grow the existing higher ed institutions influence and major prominence in Greater Charlotte as well. Foundational higher ed initiatives like these look innocuous but are huge to all occur within one region in the past 24 months alone. That 0.2% growth rate will likely close or reverse places in the coming years because of this in the coming years. This is why is I said, highly doubtful.
  7. Get (by lobbying) the GOP-led NCGA to amend state constitution to allow SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Taxes) and TSPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Taxes) in municipalities and counties across North Carolina. These are the only way we're going to be able to make locally funded bonds issued via local referendum to construct sidewalks, multiuse paths, transit, greenways, etc. in this metro area. Ironically, South Carolina co-oped this idea from Georgia in their state constituion allowing such in York and Lancaster counties with the "Pennies for Progress" referendum bond programs.
  8. Novant Health is in process with the Presbyterian Medical Center campus in Midtown. There are approved rezoning site plans and a TDM plan filed with the COC for there will be a 2-year teaching program for 3rd & 4th year medical students on the site. The partnership would be btwn Novant and the UNC School of Medicine. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/07/09/novant-charlotte.html This is likely a slow walk into expansion with time into a full-fledged 4-year medical school on-site.
  9. I have a hard time believing the Triangle surpassing Charlotte in population ever. The CLT Airport is a major logistics, distribution, and travel hub and that's something in economic and population growth that goes much further than most realize. The reason why Atlanta achieved its status goal is the major airport, state capitol, major corporations presence, pro sports facilities, R1 research schools, logistics, mass transit, and distribution. Those components are divided btwn two NC regions here, but Charlotte has the majority of those. There are other intangibles and cultural markers that I won't list here nor derail the topic that are here in Charlotte that aren't in the Triangle at all.
  10. UNCC is very similar to the history of D1 rival school (my undergraduate alma mater), UAB (The University of Alabama at Birmingham) . The only difference is UAB has the world renowned medical school and research programs. The UNCC research apparatus needs to ramp up even further so that it can become "R1 Very High Research Activity" institution. Hopefully, one day soon UNCC will finally get its own well deserved medical school of its own as well after several attempts blocked by the UNC Board. Because let's face it, Charlotte is a major city. It's large enough to support two 4-year distinct medical schools (Wake Forest and one tied to UNCC) along the multiple business schools (Wake Forest & USC satellite campus), and a full fledged law school these days.
  11. I've been to the location in Atlanta, so I'll definitely support another of the rapidly growing number of black owned businesses in Metro Charlotte. Speaking of Total Wine & More considering they have a South Carolina presence and much more lax alcohol and beverage regs, why haven't they opened a location in York or Lancaster counties yet in either Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, or Indian Land ? It's strange there are only 4 locations of Total Wine & More in the metro area when other regions smaller than us, like the Triangle, have already have 5 locations. It's also easier to operate a private liquor, spirits establishment in our SC counties.
  12. Correction the media market is Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville (b/c of WUVC & WFPX-TV) along with Goldsboro (b/c of WNCN-TV), Wilson (b/c of WRAY-TV), and Rocky Mount (b/c of WRPX-TV) which includes 22 counties in NC and 1 county in VA https://www.mediamarketmap.com/raleigh-durham-fayetteville-designated-market-media-map/
  13. I work with the US Census Bureau in my profession regularly too. As a matter of fact, I have several class mates from graduate school who currently work for the Census Bureau whom I correspond with regularly. These very individuals admitted there were efforts by the former Trump administration (meaning the officials out of the White House like former advisor known white supremacist Stephen Miller) that used their influence to attempt to prematurely end the count early. Also those same people elaborated on how there were internal directives to not count thoroughly certain demographic groups including Amerindian Hispanics and black Americans. It's not a coincidence which former administration did this and now it's coming out for the world to see. It's also why so much important data classifications such as urban areas (UA), metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and consolidated statistical area (CSA) designations have been behind on being officially released.
  14. Statistically it would mean +/- 1.159%. Also it doesn't discretely contemplate nor identify the undercounted black and brown (Hispanic/Latino) here in North Carolina nor other states across the US 2020 Census count.
  15. I'm loving the restaurant scene is reflecting the rapidly growing racial diversity of the Charlotte metro area. Especially, those of the African and Sub-Saharan African and East African (both are considered black) diaspora relocating here in droves.
  16. You all do know that the NC GA current party leadership has intentionally made things harder for Charlotte to do anything but especially these types of short-term transit solutions? It's also not a coincidence that Wake County (Durham and Orange counties) have impact fees on major developments meaning a minimum vehicle per hour (vph) thershold on roads & other infrastructure, a regional transportation demand management (TDM) plan with micromobility options (which was completely funded by the state in the early 2000s), GoTriangle (formerly Triangle Transit Authority) to coordinate regional transit trips (funded by sales taxes in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties), and several local mechanisms to allow more flexibility. TPTB want dysfunction with transit and development here because Charlotte would get too nice and attractive. Instead of complaining, go lobby your legislators for those things for Mecklenburg, Gaston, Cabarrus counties including the LYNX Silver Line constructed. Then we might have a fighting chance to improve things in Charlotte. Yeah...
  17. Good luck with that in 2022. You have a whole party (GOP) that lives by slogans based on lies, conspiracy of elections, outright racism & perpetuting racial violence (see the Buffalo massacre of innocent black people), and morality policing of women's reproductive system with no platform. I'll take my chances with the likes of Mayfield.
  18. kayman


    Just wait until you see the inconvenience of where Northwoods have tried to put the bus stops for existing routes in the Ballantyne area.
  19. I'm certain that the Charlotte FC HQ, training facilities & youth academy @ Eastland is exactly what will be happening. I'm glad as it will put another site in Charlotte and/or Mecklenburg County into play for the Panthers' HQ & training facilities as well. Rock Hill could convert the former site into a large recreational sports site hosting SC high school and college sporting events for that portion of Metro Charlotte, an amphitheater for outdoor events and concerts, and the beginnings of an additional edge city for the metro area off I-77. It'll be a win-win for both
  20. I just read the comment. It sounds like she is saying if one is publicly anti-LGBTQ and works get policy made against said demographic. Yet on the low a closeted member of said demographic group themselves and doing so on hookup app(s) is hypocrisy. That sounds like worthy calling said individual to the carpet for being the hypocrite to me. The other one is a 9/11 conspiracy theory is spurious at best. It's weird but I've heard crazier conspiracies than that in conversations at my (black) barbershop from random patrons on that very topic. I've heard much crazier than that have been bought into by masses of more gullible (white) individuals (who vote) from present-day Big Lie perpetrators, 1/6/2021 insurrectionists, Sandy Hook shooting deniers, Parkland shooting deniers, and COVID-19 deniers.
  21. Idk about how what Mayfield's past statements said being problematic. I personally know Mayfield and her wife (partner). Many of those things she said most black Americans including myself have experienced or seen. This society has different standards for non-whites especially black Americans in many ways. Those things have been all well documented in the peer-reviewed legal and historical repositories including JSTOR and Lexis Nexis.
  22. Ironically, those who were elected last night demographically reflects the current situation of the majority of newcomers and future of the City of Charlotte. Notice that 2 black LGBTQ persons were in the elected (LaWana Slack-Mayfield and Danté Anderson). I'm excited about the change.
  23. That didn't even correlated to the answer. If you say so. Money talks, bs walks. He still has the power and influence to get what he wants.
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