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  1. 18 minutes ago, elrodvt said:

    Do you live there? It's certainly not what I observed until we moved 2 years ago.

    No I live in a neighborhood adjacent to Uptown though. However, I bike, travel by foot, or via LYNX Blue Line  through Uptown although the day on a regular most days a week.  Honestly, I travel around the city often via bike. Uptown is thriving as early as 7AM most days and late as 2AM most nights in those aforementioned areas. 

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  2. On 11/24/2021 at 9:38 PM, elrodvt said:

    "the city has a thriving central business district (Uptown).

    You agree with this?

    it's all relative I guess but it's sure not thriving from a "living there"  perspective (imho).

    Actually I totally agree. The heart of Uptown which is anything North/Northwest of the LYNX Blue Line is very busy 18-hours, 7 days a week. That's remarkably active for a city that had a practically undeveloped urban core about 2 decades ago. North Tryon and Church Streets are both very active on a street level 18 hours everyday.

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  3. 19 hours ago, kermit said:

    Believe me, I want this to happen yesterday and I would be ecstatic if the original 2029 schedule came to pass. My 20 year statement was largely hyperbole used to indicate the ridiculousness of CATS's and the city's pace towards transit expansion.  While it was a slight exaggeration, the 20 year timeline does come awfully close to the latest that has been offered by the city:

    It doesn't really matter to me why this 18 year timeline was published. It is obscene, it damages the city and I'll push back against it.

    Honestly, I don't think we can have any confidence in estimated completion dates before local funding has been ratified / the referendum has been passed.   Bohkari is going to need to pull his head out of his ass before that can move forward.


    I hear you, but let me repeat this for emphasis:  

    Some of you need to understand how politics are the reasoning behind the conservative figures.  You cannot let political adversaries (NCGOP) know what you're truly doing  to improve QOL unless you want them to sabotage your plans everytime.

    We cannot make perfection the enemy of good.  Tearing down those who are basically working to do what you want but it's just not how you want to hear and see it.  It makes things worse then it really is.  

    If you want more immediate results then go lobby, campaign for, and volunteer to work to elect more viable Democratic candidates to the NCGA in areas like North Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and Gaston counties.  They would be more supportive to voting for local and state funds to be invested into matching federal transit funds in Charlotte and statewide.

    Another one is lobby for CATS to become an independent regional transit agency with no direct association with the City of Charlotte government.  That might win over more regional support in form of regional transportation funding from some unlikely allies in the NCGA. 

    CATS deserves some critique for being cheap but they can only do so much when the state is trying to limit them from growing

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  4. 33 minutes ago, JacksonH said:

    With the lack of cooperation from the state legislature, indeed they must.  It's interesting watching those videos and seeing how in some cities build these rail transit systems get built up very quickly (Washington, DC may be the best example) while in others they lag.  If there is the will, it will get done.  Atlanta seems to be suffering a similar problem to Charlotte's.  There's been no expansion to MARTA in over two decades.

    All of the cities who have rapidly built regional rail since the 1970s with the exception of Washington are also not in the Southeast.  WMATA was rapidly built because it's the only mass transit system created via a US constituional law (National Capital Transportation Act of 1960 & the sequential Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Compact of 1966), so basically it's a direct result of an act of Congress. 

    This part of the US has a storied history of adversary towards cities and transit development because they are mostly black and non-white places. As a result of  blatant racism and xenophobia, these places are intentionally sabotaged and undermined when they do attempt to build regional rail transit systems.  That's exactly what happened tothe  Atlanta and Miami regional rail transit extensions. 

    Charlotte differs from Atlanta as MARTA regional rail system were proposed across portions of 5 counties; whereas, CATS LYNX Rail is mostly in 1 county, Mecklenburg like Miami with Miami MetroRail.   We can learn fem Miami by fully implementing a comprehensive plan that has a well written united development ordinance.   Where we dedicate towards more accommodations towards non-automobile oriented developments in key areas where high capacity transit routes are being proposed. 

    We can meet our goal of building our regional rail out over the next 2-3 decades but Charlotte's leadership must be strategic and have efforts shrouded or disguised as a statewide benefit. 

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  5. On 11/24/2021 at 9:58 AM, kermit said:

    ^If it takes 20 years to design and build the Silver Line can we really say it is alive?


    Huh? They put those timelines out to be that conservative to satisfy the b*tchiest and most delusional member of the Charlotte City Council i.e., Tariq Bohkari.  If the transit referendum is to occur in 2023 then it will be shovel ready right around 2028-29 as originally planned.  Some of you need to understand how politics are the reasoning behind the conservative figures.  You cannot let political adversaries (NCGOP) know what you're truly doing  to improve QOL unless you want them to sabotage your plans everytime. 

  6. 1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

    Too late on the Med school at UNCC but they should do a law school in conjunction with UNC Chapel Hill.   Otherwise I think Wake Forest will open a school here and end that.  The UNC system is being very shortsighted as it contends to this area but thank God Wake Forest is coming to town with their Medical school or we would still not have one. 

    The disposition at the UNC Board of Governors level is really the general dismissal of Charlotte because it is not Chapel Hill nor the Triangle. TPTB can control the Triangle all one has to do is look at the lower levels of ethnic and racial diversity of that area outside of small pockets as proof.  If UNC were to open a full fledged law school and medical school at UNCC then Charlotte would literally explode in the racial and ethnic diversity at an even more expediential fashion than it is already coming in now without either.  The gap in economic mobility would significantly close as more educational resources and vocational training options for those here will also increase.  Education is one economic sector Charlotte should capitalize upon.  As higher education helps those from the working class have more options and access to betterment and economic  mobility along bringing up the overall regional educational attainment level. 

    TPTB doesn't want Charlotte to turn into Houston overnight because that level of diversity of people, economic, higher education, and urban design landscapes would be make keeping things under the NCGA control would be nearly impossible.  The thing is we'll be looking similar to present-day Houston-levels of diversity and options in the next 2 decades regardless. 

    UNC is opening a de facto medical school with Novant Health at the Presbyterian Medical Center campus. However, it'll take a major push from UNCC leadership to evolve this into a full-fledged medical center. 

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  7. 42 minutes ago, Matthew.Brendan said:


    Miami has 20 buildings over 600’ and Charlotte has… 4

    Duke will make 5 and in a few years this site development will add 1 more. 

    Miami has something like 5 or 6 active or pending construction all 600’ + including a 1000’ Waldorf Astoria, and the rest actually appear to all be 700+. We can effectively ignore these as the real estate in Miami is as volatile as it gets although at least a couple of these I believe are under active construction. Anyway…

    Of the 20 existing 600+ footers in Miami, 6 are 700+. Charlotte has 2. 

    Stepping down a bit, if we look at buildings 200-500 feet tall, Miami has… well never mind, they start the count (just using Wiki here) at 400’ and there are apparently 98 buildings in Miami at least 400’ tall. Charlotte has, drumroll please…. 18. Ok we’ll include the Carillon at 394 just to pad that a bit and bring it up to 19. lol. 

    This is all in good fun, I have lived in Charlotte 16 years now and it’s been boom town the entire time. I’ve watched practically half of this city get built in that time, it truly is amazing. Especially because the pace and scope is only increasing. It’s truly fantastic living in Charlotte. I love it and I love cities in general. but Miami legit has the third “largest” skyline in this country after NYC and Chicago. 

    I'm not talking about height of buildings as that's irrelevant in the greater perspective of things of length and depth of a continuous skyline of a major city. 

    Miami has the largest and longest continuous skyline in the Southeast, Atlanta is #2, and Charlotte is #3.  The current Charlotte continuous skyline is approximately 6 miles in length from NorthEnd to SouthEnd.  Atlanta’s continuous skyline is approximately 9 miles from Buckhead to Downtown Atlanta, and Miami's continuous skyline along coastal barrier islands and along Biscayne Bay is nearly 20 miles in length from Hollywood to Downtown Miami. 

    FYI, DC has a long and dense skyline.  None of the buildings are even that tall about 400' but it's quite dense. That's what really matters as Charlotte is filling in quite well in the density category.

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  8. On 11/21/2021 at 10:06 PM, Crucial_Infra said:

    Skyline will look something like this in a few years. Please excuse my iPhone photoshopping skills. 


    That's an extremely impressive skyline.  The core of Uptown, Midtown, and SouthEnd of Charlotte is definitely rivals the Atlanta and Miami skylines these days and definitely in the future.  We're definitely home to the 3rd largest skyline in the Southeast US.

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  9. 33 minutes ago, RANYC said:

    I recall when the RFP to re-imagine and re-develop the CTC went out, and when White Point was selected.  I believe their plans at the time were largely office.  I wonder what's changed.  Surely, those plans are no longer on the table.  How far does $15 million actually go for a CTC re-development, or will the $15 million be a grant-incentive to a developer to get work underway to transform the site?

    It's a combo of office and hotel space with ground-level retail adjacent to the new large transit mobility hub facility. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, LKN704 said:

    Does the plan seriously call for the "BRT" (if we can call it that) to exit I-77 and travel down a backroad to reach Northlake Mall before reentering 77?

    It's BRT.  It fits the FTA definition of fixed guideway as a motorbus with its own lane(s) separated by bollards or concrete barrier from general purpose lanes. The addition of the mobility hub amenities such as benches, direct access to/from the managed express lanes,  covered areas, and dedicated park-and-ride lot confirms that the MetroRapid North will be true BRT.

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  11. I wouldn't say CATS is exactly unprepared. Short of the passage of the referendum occurring on this past November 2nd,  CATS wouldn't have been able to take advantage of the infrastructure bill until 2024 at the earliest.  It's going to be all about the politics and project design & development process lining up. Also the referendum isn't expected until 2023.

  12. 15 hours ago, kermit said:

    Yea, we are talking about the same org. I know several former employees, they may not be super objective, but they offer consistently pessimistic perspectives on the current state of the membership. But, like I said, I hope you are right about their continued lobbying power.

    I am honestly not sure the GOP understands the basics of contemporary economic growth. The state’s metro’s are responsible for the vast majority of economic output, but the GOP continues to parade around their anti-urban bonafides. They are just not a pro-business / pro growth party anymore.

    I know too knew a few former CRBA employees personally myself.  Money is what makes the world goes round still even in this current state of things.  They (the GOP) really don't care about anything but power.  However, they've learned that you can't be obvious in your obstructing things either.  This is all an image and money game how you shake things up & make things occur with the moronic-current leadership in the NCGA.

  13. 17 hours ago, Madison Parkitect said:

    The GOP absolutely does not care one bit about population growth in urban centers. The more the NC cities grow, the more their power shrinks. They have a vested interest in anti-growth.

    We all know they don't care about the population centers. However, they know not to repeat what happened to them in 2017-18 and chose to be blatant in their anti-urban behavior.  They know that corporations still care about imagery and they don't want to be the obvious cause of loss of economic growth for NC. 

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  14. 7 minutes ago, kermit said:

    I hope you are right. Unfortunately the CRBA is just a shell of what it once was (back before 2008). Its lost its economic development mission to the city, its largely jettisoned its efforts to represent small businesses and its large members only have a passing interest in the lobbying power of the organization (their attentions being mostly focused elsewhere, particularly during the work from home era). Back in the salad days, our local CEO’s maintained strong political connections in Raleigh, those days are done for every local firm save Duke.

    tldr: I increasingly have the feeling that when the CRBA talks no one is listening.

    Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is relatively new; its the merger of the Charlotte Regional Businsess Partnership and Charlotte Regional Chamber of Commerce I think you're meaning Charlotte Regional Business Partnership (CRBP) which is the old economic development entity. The CRBA has the influence of both and a pretty strong lobbyists in Raleigh. The GOP knows that the money and economic development really matters when comes to population growth. 

  15. On 11/12/2021 at 7:30 AM, rancenc said:

    Interesting piece from the New York Times which doesn't surprise me.  Both parties and their leadership are hypocrites from my perspective.



    That video doesn't have anything to do with what is happening in our nation with income inequities. Income inequity is occurring because there's no longer federal regulations to stop the creation of corporate monopolies, taxes are a higher rate overall for those who make below 250K than it is for the extremely wealthy, higher education or vocational training no longer exists as a readily accessible resource for the vast majority with accural of substantial amounts of financial debt, and there's practically no social safety net for those who experience catastrophic hardship whether personal, professional, or natural disaster. 

    This is how I know propaganda can be disguised as a diversionary tactic while ignoring the problems created in states with total conservative, regressive Republican control.  Total control of anything can result in disaster but this video is downright absurd and such as myopic nonsense. 

    Those GOP totally controlled states already dogpile on their working poor and black populations with all the GOP mantra codified into law of legislating morality, whitewashed version of the history of genocide of indigenous population, slavery, and racial violence in the US, and criminizing being lower income or working poor, and codify "voter reforms" when voting improprieties are not even occurring in said states yet doing it because it's trendy according to ALEC.  

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  16. These GOP dopes really underestimating the non-white population trending in these districts across the Greater Charlotte area. These demographics are shifting faster than they think. NC is like how just wind up like GA with more unexpectedly competitive congressional districts for the GOP. They are playing themselves with these absurdly shaped districts, 

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  17. 2 minutes ago, AirNostrumMAD said:

    I spent a lot of time growing up in Iron Station in Lincoln County with my grandmother, I owned a small business in Boger City, I was jealous of East Lincoln High School growing up, my first and only home I had a mortgage on was in Lincolnton, I’ve had 2 addresses in Lincolnton, my ex in 2020 lived in Lincolnton near maiden so I visited often, Hickory was more convenient than Gastonia, I attended some classes at Gaston College Lincolnton campus.


    The list goes on with my history of Lincoln county. Which my history is pointless. I know you have professional experience and whatever. But the reality is,  it’s sparse between the hickory area and Charlotte. 321, 16, 73 and 150 are hardly the most developed areas. Honestly, The Triad feels more connected to Charlotte than the Unifour. 



    Well it was good to read your history with the area and it's good stuff. 

    Antedotally, I do know several individuals whose jobs are located in Charlotte yet their daily commuters are from Newton, Conover, and Denver respectively.  Those same individuals are all under 40 and recent homeowners who purchased in their newly constructed subdivisions in Catawba and Lincoln counties.

    The most recent data O-D (trip origins and destinations) data in the regional travel demand model shows there are a lot of trips generated between Mecklenburg County from/to Catawba County, particularly the eastern half these days.

    However, the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Census Bureau looks at data based on a formula methodology. That methodology is aforementioned in my previous post.  So you'll have to take that "Charlotte feeling more connected to the Triad than the Unifour" argument up with them. 


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