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  1. Collins sees football, events if arena is built

    Collins is not rethinking her position on the arena. She is just now saying that she would support the arena if college football games like UAB or the Papa Johns Bowl are played there. She is also saying that her support would only be tentative if there is an entertainment and shopping district accompanying this expansion of the BJCC. Finally, Governor Riley says that the state is now behind the plan since Birmingham and Jefferson County have came to a compromise.

  2. same here - thanks for passing it along.

    in addition to all the benefits you named, it's also a nice step for an area that is ripe for rejuvenation one small, modest business at a time. green springs is perfect as an attractor of hungry, les well-heeled retailers / restaurateurs who want a chance to succeed but lack the funds to give their vision a shot in a more expensive part of town. could eventually become a less bombed-out corridor and actually have a little injection of character in the process. wouldn't that make for a nice connecting corridor from UAB to lakeshore?

    I agree also. I believe that Greensprings does have a very bright future as a booming cooridor once again. It could be a more ethinicity diverse/exotic extension of the Southside with the right mix and additional infastructure.

  3. Rogers want Jeffco to up ante for BJCC

    This clown just doesn't quit. Doesn't he realize when you play mind games nothing ever gets accomplished. He is now wagging like a bone above 3 Stooges (Collins 'n Dem) the occupation tax. Rogers is threatening to force the county commission to support funding through 2038 with a legislation and if they don't agree he will support bill to eliminate the occupation tax also. He just doesn't get it, "Birmingham doesn't need a dome at this point!"

  4. I hope so because I am so sick and tire of the footdragging. Birmingham NEEDS at least 1 sports/exhibition facility that up to modern sports events and convention standards. It's so bad nowadays that we are down to the level of cities like Little Rock and Augusta who we are competing with on convention size, and we all know most of those cities at that tier are at the most half the size of our region. It's like the government officials around here intentionally retards this region's progress.

  5. Step 1 to anything Greenvile Transit Authority is going to do to improve service in the region is make GTA bus system a truly county-wide system. You guys must secure funding somehow, either through a lodging tax or property tax hike, but just secure funding.

  6. Norwood, the neighborhood immediately NE of the BJCC, is on the come up. There have been major developments in the renovation and restoration of older homes in those neighborhoods by middle-to-upper income singles and married couples in the past 3 years. I remember reading in The News real estate section back in early 2004 about how Norwood was turning around very quickly then. There is much potential with that area to become very much like Avondale, Crestwood, and Woodlawn (the southern end of course).

  7. I don't know, would an entertainment district attract enough business to justify it being built? People staying at the Sheraton for a convention would go to these places but who else? Unfortunately, people don't go to the North Side. Well, if it ever is built hopefully they will include a Dave and Busters. Speaking of which, the ideal spot for a Dave and Busters would be the former Galleria 10. This would be a huge draw.

    The reason why nobody ventures to the northside is because they don't have a reason to be on the northside. An entertainment district would be draw enough interest so that people would have a reason go there. Dave & Buster's is mostly a suburban establishment because Atlanta area locations (Marietta and Duluth) and Charlotte area location is in Concord Mills which are way into its suburbs. If they did open a Birmingham area location it would likely be in either Trussville or Riverchase.

  8. Just curious, why is the city pushing to build a new from scratch "entertainment district"? Why not focus on Southside and make it even better, or focus or Morris Avenue and bring it back to it's past glory?

    If you are familiar with Columbus, Ohio's Arena District north of downtown Columbus, then you will know what type of entertainment district BJCC's pushing. They are trying to give the people who visit the city for major events a place to hang and enjoy around the BJCC (especially if they are unfamilar with Birmingham). Right now, the only thing in the immediate vicinity of the BJCC is the The Furnance dance/gentlemen's club/bar(s) (it has 2 bars in it). However, it is very upper end and somewhat exclusive so it isn't exactly for the common visitor.

    Honestly, the Southside/Five Points South and Lakeview areas could coexist with another entertainment district in the downtown areas. In a matter of a fact, the more entertainment the merrier as seen by many including myself that is in the 18-34 age range. :D It would help Birmingham pull and maintain those who enjoys the nightlife in the city against competing cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis.

  9. This whole annexation debate brings up a lot of questions?

    1) Why on earth would the state want to stifle growth of cities due to density, particularly larger cities?

    2) Why does it make it so easy for new cities to incorporate while leeching on other cities' or county services (law enforcement, waste, and sewer)

    3) What (better yet, WHO IS TO THERE TO GAIN) is there to gain by maintain such screwed-up and ass-backwards laws in the state?

  10. Blazer85, it seems that your end of the county is the main topic of discussion in this recent article from The News:

    Backwoods is now a hot spot

    The article entails the development and construction of 14 subdivisions in Kimberly :shok: , 2 in Morris, and 4 in Warrior under construction. In addition to that the discussion of the development off the main interchange in Warrior (Exit 282) with possible big-box retailers, Caufield Square in Gardendale, and Colonial Promenade Fultondale. The northern area of Jeffco (along with Bessemer/SW Jeffco, Trussville/Clay, SW part of Hoover) seems to the be county's renewed hope of gaining a number of new residents when the 2010 Census is done. I'm hoping that Jeffco will finally reach 670,000-685,000 number by the 2010.

  11. How is this park coming along? I think this is such a cool idea! :thumbsup:

    When I lived in the Ham, I lived in one of the lofts on Morris Ave. Many evenings I would sit on the rooftop deck and watch trains come and go. I could always tell the sound of the Amtrak.....it had a very distinctive horn/whistle.

    So glad to see Birmingham wrapping it's arms around the history of the rails.....they had a lot to do with making Birmingham great! :)

    The official groundbreaking ceremony has already occured, but the actual construction won't occur to the fall at the earliest. As already mentioned, Tom Leader Studio is handling all the planning of the 1st phase of the park.

  12. My pick is Huntsville. That place is getting it act together, and I mean fast! If Birmingham doesn't get its act together, it will have something to worry about via Huntsville. The only thing that holding Huntsville back from greatness at this point is lack of direct interstate access besides I-565.

    On Mobile, it has somehow found its way throught the lack of aid from the State of Alabama. It's also the oldest city in Alabama (and is actually older than the state itself), so it has learned to roll with the punches.

  13. I'm listening to Dwele...he has a blues, jazz fusion and R&B mix sound. It is perfect for sitting around drinking some smooth wine and light conversation with your significant other. One of my favorite CDs for those sunday afternoons to wind down from the Weekend and to get you ready for the work week.

    I must agree Dwele's song "Weekend Love" is my favorite song of his.

  14. I don't know why the electronic signs aren't used more--always wondered myself. It's something I could check on. I know some message signs have been funded outside of normal road funding channels, but I'd have to look into it further.

    The main reasoning behind why electronic message sign/boards aren't used properly has a lot to do with local law enforcement agencies ability to report the traffic accidents and conditions. Most agencies seems to not ever work together in a coordinated manner to properly report these conditions to ITS Monitoring Centers. This has been an on-going problem here in Birmimgham with their message signs as well.

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