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  1. 33 minutes ago, RANYC said:

    I recall when the RFP to re-imagine and re-develop the CTC went out, and when White Point was selected.  I believe their plans at the time were largely office.  I wonder what's changed.  Surely, those plans are no longer on the table.  How far does $15 million actually go for a CTC re-development, or will the $15 million be a grant-incentive to a developer to get work underway to transform the site?

    It's a combo of office and hotel space with ground-level retail adjacent to the new large transit mobility hub facility. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, LKN704 said:

    Does the plan seriously call for the "BRT" (if we can call it that) to exit I-77 and travel down a backroad to reach Northlake Mall before reentering 77?

    It's BRT.  It fits the FTA definition of fixed guideway as a motorbus with its own lane(s) separated by bollards or concrete barrier from general purpose lanes. The addition of the mobility hub amenities such as benches, direct access to/from the managed express lanes,  covered areas, and dedicated park-and-ride lot confirms that the MetroRapid North will be true BRT.

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  3. I wouldn't say CATS is exactly unprepared. Short of the passage of the referendum occurring on this past November 2nd,  CATS wouldn't have been able to take advantage of the infrastructure bill until 2024 at the earliest.  It's going to be all about the politics and project design & development process lining up. Also the referendum isn't expected until 2023.

  4. 15 hours ago, kermit said:

    Yea, we are talking about the same org. I know several former employees, they may not be super objective, but they offer consistently pessimistic perspectives on the current state of the membership. But, like I said, I hope you are right about their continued lobbying power.

    I am honestly not sure the GOP understands the basics of contemporary economic growth. The state’s metro’s are responsible for the vast majority of economic output, but the GOP continues to parade around their anti-urban bonafides. They are just not a pro-business / pro growth party anymore.

    I know too knew a few former CRBA employees personally myself.  Money is what makes the world goes round still even in this current state of things.  They (the GOP) really don't care about anything but power.  However, they've learned that you can't be obvious in your obstructing things either.  This is all an image and money game how you shake things up & make things occur with the moronic-current leadership in the NCGA.

  5. 17 hours ago, Madison Parkitect said:

    The GOP absolutely does not care one bit about population growth in urban centers. The more the NC cities grow, the more their power shrinks. They have a vested interest in anti-growth.

    We all know they don't care about the population centers. However, they know not to repeat what happened to them in 2017-18 and chose to be blatant in their anti-urban behavior.  They know that corporations still care about imagery and they don't want to be the obvious cause of loss of economic growth for NC. 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, kermit said:

    I hope you are right. Unfortunately the CRBA is just a shell of what it once was (back before 2008). Its lost its economic development mission to the city, its largely jettisoned its efforts to represent small businesses and its large members only have a passing interest in the lobbying power of the organization (their attentions being mostly focused elsewhere, particularly during the work from home era). Back in the salad days, our local CEO’s maintained strong political connections in Raleigh, those days are done for every local firm save Duke.

    tldr: I increasingly have the feeling that when the CRBA talks no one is listening.

    Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is relatively new; its the merger of the Charlotte Regional Businsess Partnership and Charlotte Regional Chamber of Commerce I think you're meaning Charlotte Regional Business Partnership (CRBP) which is the old economic development entity. The CRBA has the influence of both and a pretty strong lobbyists in Raleigh. The GOP knows that the money and economic development really matters when comes to population growth. 

  7. These GOP dopes really underestimating the non-white population trending in these districts across the Greater Charlotte area. These demographics are shifting faster than they think. NC is like how just wind up like GA with more unexpectedly competitive congressional districts for the GOP. They are playing themselves with these absurdly shaped districts, 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, AirNostrumMAD said:

    I spent a lot of time growing up in Iron Station in Lincoln County with my grandmother, I owned a small business in Boger City, I was jealous of East Lincoln High School growing up, my first and only home I had a mortgage on was in Lincolnton, I’ve had 2 addresses in Lincolnton, my ex in 2020 lived in Lincolnton near maiden so I visited often, Hickory was more convenient than Gastonia, I attended some classes at Gaston College Lincolnton campus.


    The list goes on with my history of Lincoln county. Which my history is pointless. I know you have professional experience and whatever. But the reality is,  it’s sparse between the hickory area and Charlotte. 321, 16, 73 and 150 are hardly the most developed areas. Honestly, The Triad feels more connected to Charlotte than the Unifour. 



    Well it was good to read your history with the area and it's good stuff. 

    Antedotally, I do know several individuals whose jobs are located in Charlotte yet their daily commuters are from Newton, Conover, and Denver respectively.  Those same individuals are all under 40 and recent homeowners who purchased in their newly constructed subdivisions in Catawba and Lincoln counties.

    The most recent data O-D (trip origins and destinations) data in the regional travel demand model shows there are a lot of trips generated between Mecklenburg County from/to Catawba County, particularly the eastern half these days.

    However, the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Census Bureau looks at data based on a formula methodology. That methodology is aforementioned in my previous post.  So you'll have to take that "Charlotte feeling more connected to the Triad than the Unifour" argument up with them. 


  9. 16 hours ago, AirNostrumMAD said:

    That is completely false and I’m surprised 3 people concurred with you.

    Not only is Hickory far away from Charlotte (like 10 miles further than the distance between DC & Baltimore), there is a ton of nothing between the two. 

    Do you even know what you're talking about? I look at demographic and GIS/mapping data daily for my profession. 

    The Charlotte urbanized area is in Catawba County which is the same county as Hickory.  Urbanized areas are the basis of metropolitan statistical area definitions.  The US Census looks at urbanization, traffic analysis zones (TAZs), labor statistics, and trip origins and destinations when classifying MSAs and CSAs.  For your information, go look at CensusReporter.org look at the distance between the Hickory urbanized area is less than 15 miles distance between the Charlotte urbanized area.  The 2020 CSA designation from the OMB will likely encompass both places (Charlotte and Hickory).  

    Your whole response is strange and very ill-informed at best. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, CLTranspo said:

    Then next year I’ll be fine with saying our MSA population is a higher ratio compared to Atlanta’s. Just trying to be realistic with current data

    Okay. You can stick with those outdated stats from 2010. I mean 2013 to be exact. The gap between the two places (Charlotte and Atlanta) has started to close quite a bit.

  11. 11 hours ago, RANYC said:

    In my mind, I'd always thought of CTC as the local transit and transfer node, having blue line, gold line, and CATS bus stops.

    Gateway Station was to be thought of as more of a hub for commuter and distance terrestrial travel, with Amtrak, Greyhound, intercity express buses (like Megabus), etc.  Of course taxis and rideshare would be there because people arriving via Amtrak would go on to their ultimate destinations with such modes if not utilizing lines at CTC.

    However, all that taxonomy unclear with Silver Line now running through Gateway as well.   Would seem to make sense to have blue, silver, gold, and CATS buses all connecting at one place.  

    On redevelopment, back in August 2019, Bizjournal reported that CATS had begun discussions with a development group comprised of White Point Partners and Dart on redeveloping the uptown bus terminal, i.e. CTC.  The White Point/Dart group submitted proposals alongside 2 other firms/groups, but won the chance to move forward.  I believe the other proposals included residential, but White Point/Dart won with a concept that was overwhelmingly office space with a bit of retail and the possibility of hotel rooms.  Their plans also contemplated adjacent lots owned by Norfolk Southern Railroad.

    I'd guess the discussions are either stalled or dead, but would love for CATS to update the community, if it hasn't done so.

    The discussions are still ongoing. CATS officials and other City of Charlotte (COC) entities including Economic Development are still negotiating with those aforementioned developers.  It is still projected to be a mixed use development with at least 1 highrise tower with an office, hotel, and possibly residential components. The N-S owned blocks would be included as they are likely going to be the site of the temporary multinodal hub when the current Charlotte Transportation Center (CTC) site is being redeveloped. Since it's a public private partnership (P3) it is going slow

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  12. NC will probably stay politically divided government for this decade to come (Democratic governor and GOP controlled House and possibly Senate).  Though I don't think the GOP is going to be able to control both houses of the NCGA the entire decade.

    However, when the demographics continues to shift, which is happening, where it's going to be closer to becoming more racial pluralistic in population in 2030s. It's going to get very interesting politically. Charlotte is trending towards racial pluralism already a municipality and Meck Co is as well. Cabarrus County is headed that way along with Gaston County in the upcoming  decade. This is going to make political gerrymandering even harder to defend even in state courts. 

    Metro Charlotte is going to look like fellow major metros like Atlanta, DFW, Houston with swing, formerly-suburban-turned-adjacent-urban-core counties (Gaston and Cabarrus) next to the urban core county of Mecklenburg in the 2030s. The Triangle is going to assist but we're much more diverse here in Charlotte on racial & ethnic makeup of the region.

    We're headed more towards mirroring our competitive neighbor to the South, Georgia, than like we had mirrored like our competitive neighbor to the north, Virginia.  In the future,  due to our racial plurality in populous is going to become very politically unpredictable. 

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  13. 13 hours ago, kermit said:

    Here is Tariq announcing that he has taken a hostage (the Red Line, a project no where near his district) in order to block the state legislation we need to fund transit expansion. Given that the viability of the red line is determined by Norfolk Southern rather than CATS, this strategy effectively kills future transit expansion.

    Thanks Tariq…

    edit: in addition, CATS is in the process of opening up a faster and higher frequency (than the Red Line) transit option between N Meck and Uptown, the express bus network running on the toll lanes. So Tariq is being obstructionist to achieve what exactly?


    edit: and after breakfast he decides to blow up the whole plan with this suggestion.


    I am not going to vote for a ‘transit plan’ that emphasizes roads.

    Remember what I said on Monday... 

    "The Charlotte Transformational Mobility Network is basically the regional greenways & trails (including the Rail Trail along the Blue and Silver lines) buildout, the LYNX Silver Line rail transit, and LYNX Gold Line rail transit extension masked as mostly roadway improvements to ensure the referendum's passage countywide in 2023."

    That's why I posted that.  Including roadway improvements is the only way to get the referendum's passage.  Mecklenburg County has evolved yet to pass a total transit or non-automobile augmented sales tax referendum.  It's getting there but we got to further racially & ideologically diversify the county electorate to achieve that feat. 

  14. 1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

    Heading out west to El Paso next year and look at their Brio Bus Rapid Transit system.  Frequencies every 10 minutes during the weekdays.  Oh we can dream in Charlotte!  They have a streetcar but it just in the downtown area and treated more as a novelty not a major commuter option.   Just think how many BRT routes we could build in this city.    Will get some El Paso Chihuahua's merch while out there!  (their AAA baseball team) 

    Sun Metro Brio | How To

    check out that frequency

    Sun Metro | Brio (sunmetrobrio.net)

    here is their streetcar downtown

    Streetcar Route (sunmetro.net)

    Pretty impressive system for  a city much smaller than Charlotte and not as wealthy.   Here is a thought: why no BRT out to the airport and maybe to River District? extend current Blue line to Ballantyne.  BRT out Central to Albemarle road to 485.  BRT north to Mooresville using 77 express lanes as much as possible.    Why is riding high frequency buses with fixed stations with off bus fare station not more a part of this multi BILLION dollar plan?  we could build out many BRT lines so much quicker and reach more areas.  Another BRT line out Freedom Drive.  Not sure I understand this anti bus sentiment especially with BRT?.  

    There is a BRT route planned using in the managed express lanes from I-485 LYNX transit station to Ballantyne upon their completion.  It was included in the update of the 2030 CATS System Plan. 

    Many of these BRT-lite improvements are being done with the CATS Envision My Ride Bus Prioritization Study implementation.(CATS Envision My Ride )  Those are covering the higher frequency bus routes with BRT improvements including dedicated bus lanes, traffic signal prioritization, bus station typology based on the route rideeship, frequency, headways, and mobility hubs typology (neighborhood, community, regional). Yes most of those routes you mentioned are already identified in this as well. Those are short-term BRT-lite improvements coming upon the plan's completion of current phase and microtransit zones will be identified in the sequential phase.

    The Charlotte Transformational Mobility Network is basically the regional greenways & trails (including the Rail Trail along the Blue and Silver lines) buildout, the LYNX Silver Line rail transit, and LYNX Gold Line rail transit extension masked as mostly roadway improvements to ensure the referendum's passage countywide in 2023.

    Also the other regional high capacity transit routes are identified in the Connect Beyond regional transit study. The recommendations are basically calling for BRT on many of those very routes. The problem is the local funding match, which means the region as a whole should be on board with transit referendums in their respective counties as well bc Mecklenburg County can only do so much on its own.  The NCDOT has shown it will not really do much to help Charlotte with mass transit expansions unless the NCGA intervenes. 

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