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  1. <p>underconstruction</p>
  2. SEPTA is selling these: P&W could buy them and RIDOT could help subsidize the service and/or fix platform from Pawtucket northward. http://www.septa.org/business/100000_over/...IRail_Cars.html
  3. Ideally, eventually, we will have commuter rail service all the way to Westerly and perhaps New London, that is part of long range planning. But even once we get service as far as Wickford Junction, that is a bonus for South County. Driving to and parking at Wickford Junction should be an attractive option. The current set up, driving to Providence or Attelboro is not as attractive to someone in South County, once you've fought traffic through Providence, you might as well drive all the way to Boston. Even for commuters going into Providence only, a Wickford Junction station with quick, ea
  4. It would be possible and Providence and Worcester Railroad has made noises that they may want to do so (they'd probably want some state or Federal subsidies, but I think they could also do without that). P&W *might* actually own the third track from Pawtucket to Quonset (I'm not sure on that one), if so, they wouldn't need to fuss with Amtrak too much, though Providence Station movements would likely include working with Amtrak somehow.
  5. Wow, I haven't been over that way in quite some time.
  6. That's why I didn't put any information about any of my schools in my profile. Plus, I've changed my last name since then, I'm basically in witness protection.
  7. Neo, who runs UP is Twittering, but he is in Charlotte, so it won't be RI specific. I won't be Twittering.
  8. Old Downcity Diner location that burned down. They are putting a new facade on the side of the American Apparel building that was exposed by the building next to it burning down. New Facade will shore up the side of the building and will include a new stairwell. The stairwell is designed so at some future date (when the economy stops being a big suck hole) a new building can be built and the stairwell will be incorporated into it. The facade with windows will be built so it can be removed when a new building is finally built on the Downcity Diner lot. For now (during the suckitude) sad
  9. I know it is more than a parking garage, but a HUGE part of the project is a parking garage and a refueling station and car wash for rental cars. Certainly it can be greened up a bit and it sounds like it is being greened up, but what exactly are the LEED standards if they can be applied for a parking garage and gas station and car wash?
  10. Someone will have to explain to me how a parking garage could ever be LEED certified.
  11. I think the rationale for the vouchers is two-fold. Is TV a necessity? Well, not exactly. But it is our primary source for distributing information, the emergency broadcast system runs through television, if a storm is coming people turn to TV for information, etc. Are there other sources for this information, yes, but we've created a society where TV is a vital part of our information distribution. The second, we (the people) own the airwaves that the government controls on our behalf. Access to those airwaves has always been free, changing the rules (i.e. the way we access the bandwid
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