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    Skiing, weather, camping, reading. I try to stay busy or at least keep my mind engaged. I have an unhealthy fear of dementia. ;)
  1. Grands! Biscuits (weird, I know)
  2. I'm sure there are extraterrestrial beings... though I'd probably think they'd be more in the form of bacteria than anything intelligent that can follow us around and come down here and surgically install things in humans. If they are trying to make themselves known, then why not just make themselves known? And if they're trying to study us or something and be secretive, then why the rather obvious signs like a rock inside someone's body?
  3. What are you supposed to do when your city is subjected to months of sub-freezing weather with about a month of it below 0*F? You learn to appreciate it, even like it. The weaklings can find solace in San Diego! Very nice pictures.
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