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  1. There's one also on the ballot in Hillsborough County today (as with Osceola County) which seems to have jumped through enough legal challenges in the past couple of weeks to make it to voters. The language may be a matter of surviving legal challenges from opponents like "Ax the Tax". The Hillsborough question is a second attempt at a surtax; a previous attempt in Hillsborough a couple of years ago actually succeeded, only to be voided in court because spending discretion was removed from the county commission, which is in violation of the state constitution. I was happy with the wording on the Orange County ballot, as it is concise and most importantly, legal; the "citizen oversight" board is the best you can do to keep politicians honest and the public informed. It's disappointing that people like Scott Maxwell came out against the tax, because this is probably the only way to give more power to local officials to make peoples' lives better, within the constraints of state law. You can always vote out officials if they are adopting policies you don't like, but you have to empower them when you do vote them in!
  2. I was telling a friend about the Basquiat scandal, and he snidely quipped, “Orlando has an arts museum?” If your only experience with Orlando is the “hellscape” of travelling from the airport to any of the convention hotels, you’d probably feel the same. It’s a common sentiment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Security Wait Time: 1-3 minutes. Let that sink in.
  4. Austin (as does Columbus) benefits from having the major state university co-located with the seat of state government. The tech industry which drives its economy has roots dating back to the 70’s and is directly connected to the university’s presence. Michael Dell basically started his mail-order computer business in a UT dorm room. Comparing Austin to Orlando is really apples to oranges, frankly. What about Florida entrepreneurs? Think about how Jeff Bezos essentially grew up in South Florida, but as with many talented young people raised in Florida, he left as soon as he could and made his fortunes elsewhere. There’s something telling in that familiar story. Anyhow, back to the pretty pictures of the new Society building. Can’t wait to see it when the windows are fully installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. British/Irish folks. Having to wait an hour for their bags at the start of their holiday. Oh. The horror. Because this never happens in Spain. (I, however, am thrilled that I will never have to deal with Terminal A and B security and immigration control again when flying BA.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I’ve always wished someone would remodel Church Street Exchange and turn it into a proper public market instead of being the weird shopping mall with an arcade it opened as. Think LA Farmers Market and not the Grove! Using it as office space is such a waste. East End Market seems to be going gangbusters and is incubating some of Orlando’s more interesting new food concepts, but parking is horrendous around Audubon Park. Would like to see that scale up somewhere with more space and more parking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. jliv


    It's a terrible location. I think the developer had much grander intentions for the whole area, but he's been forced into a piecemeal approach with development, so it doesn't feel like a place you want to spend your evening. A couple of extended-stay hotels and some Lego brick apartments don't make a neighborhood. It's a pity, because he did a much better job with Hannibal Square.
  8. Great photos. I wish that movie theater complex had gotten built. Could be a lively area...(desperate attempt to bring this board away from the politics and back to the topics I've spent almost 2 decades on this board looking for updates on)
  9. I'm staying optimistic. It was a bit ambitious to plan to relocate 2,000 jobs in two years to an office park which hasn't even broken ground; we haven't even seen any renderings for it! It may be more about challenges with finding the temporary space they need to house the first wave of relocations.
  10. The Denny’s on E. Colonial near Maguire in the early 90’s trumps all of those. It’s such a distant memory I can’t remember the exact location. That’s where the Southern Nights crowd mostly converged (preferable to the IHOP) with the drag queens, when Southern Nights was the place to go on Friday nights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Just to be clear, I’m not a baseball fan, so this isn’t an invitation for people to rant about their feelings about tax dollars spent on sports facilities. But, the facts: - The Rays lease at Tropicana Field runs out in 2027, and a replacement plan has yet to be identified - the MLB owners recently rejected a plan to split games between Montreal and St Petersburg - Jerry Demings has made a few comments recently about a baseball stadium being more suitable for the I-Drive area. - Pat Williams has gone quiet with his effort to lure a team, but he’s had direct conversations with the Rays management. All of this is striking when you consider the size of the Orange County pot which can only be spent on a handful of things , by law, like, say, a baseball stadium. Any of the other contending cities for relocation won’t have ready access to a funding source like this. Considering how the Ray ownership group is coming down to the wire and how quiet things are, I’m guessing there’s something in the works. I read somewhere (maybe I misread) that they are not allowed to negotiate with other cities until 5 years before the end of their lease, so they are moving into that period this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. How much you wanna bet the OCCC expansion proposal will be re-submitted in a year or two with a new ballpark for the Rays attached? Just sayin...
  13. Every time @spenser1058mentions "Buddy", I have visions of someone in their basement with a voodoo doll with a lock of his hair pinned to it, maniacally laughing as they stab it with pins. What did Buddy ever do him? (Enquiring minds want to know).
  14. https://www.visitorlando.com/media/press-releases/post/new-orlandos-global-brand-unveil-unbelievably-real-orlando/ A new brand tagline concocted by Razorfish for Orlando: "Unbelievably Real". Don't know if it resonates with me personally, but the marketing and brand experts know more than me. I do think the co-branding arrangement between Visit Orlando and Orlando Economic Partnership is a smart move; it gives the local economic development efforts access to the massive, TDT-funded marketing budget of Visit Orlando to bolster their own efforts. Brand is everything.
  15. jliv

    Orlando Transit

    Dunno if you've tried grabbing an Uber at MCO recently, but let's just say it is not a good part of the "Orlando Experience". It's a f******g nightmare. Brightline has a last-mile option now included with their fares called Brightline+ which includes cars with drivers from all of their train stations to the rider's ultimate destination. I'm sure there will be something similar for Disney and Universal. In terms of travellers actually using the train service, I'll venture to say that enough domestic leisure travelers will probably take it for sheer novelty as an attraction of its own, domestic business travellers will take it if it gets them to their hotels easily, and international travellers (especially the Brits) will take it out of habit. Being someone who has travelled out of that airport for almost 4 decades, I'll certainly be taking a train when I can.
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