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  1. lil-bear

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Me thinks that this area around the outlet mall and IKEA is ripe to BOOM. New hotels, New stores, eateries...
  2. lil-bear

    St. Paul's Quadrant This looks promising. Ben Carson takes a tour in Norfolk and praises Norfolk's St. Paul's Quadrant Plan!
  3. lil-bear

    Norfolk Gateway

    I agree, looking at the reverse angle from I264, only part of city hall shown is the tower. Is it possible that they are going to save the tower, but demolish the two story portion that fronts Union St. and change the main entrance to the tower to at the new round-about Main St extension? Perhaps the office building that the city bought will temporarily house those departments?
  4. lil-bear

    EVMS Education Building Progress

    Great energy in the Medical Center... What are there..... Three new buildings going up? I'm only concerned that parking will become even more difficult.
  5. lil-bear

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I think that Sentara is leading the charge in reinventing the area where the Leigh hospital is. They are clearing building up with a medical campus that looks more urban. I can see that area a little mid town between DT Norfolk and VB Town Center. Now if only VB would get onboard LRT.....
  6. lil-bear

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I agree. Riddick is an idiot. There is plenty of space in the SPQ to build a facility for seniors. (For those who cannot afford Harbor's Edge) IMHO, I think that the Sniders lot should be used for a new signature tower. It's accessibility to LRT, the interstates, and the new city courthouse makes the lot HIGHLY desirable. Now the private sector needs to step up and present a proposed tower to WOW us!
  7. lil-bear

    Norfolk Outlet Mall

    Wait until IKEA opens. Traffic will be even worse and IKEA wont have a back way in.
  8. lil-bear

    Downtown Norfolk Progress

    That's great news.
  9. lil-bear

    The Icon at CityWalk

    There is supposed to be a rooftop pool and clubhouse.
  10. lil-bear

    Norfolk Pictures

    Carnival is shuffling their ships around and the result is Norfolk losing out in 2018. I do think there will be a return in 2019 of some type. I will have to look into that more.
  11. lil-bear

    Norfolk Pictures

    The Carnival Sunshine. I took cruise on it out of Norfolk Last October and had a blast! Taking another cruise on it this Friday! WOOHOO!
  12. lil-bear

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    If a new city hall gets built at TC, it needs to be more grand than that box pictured. LOL
  13. lil-bear

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    I noticed that when I was driving on that part of I64.....I meant to snap a pic. That part of the Northampton corridor is going be crazy.
  14. lil-bear

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I have to agree, I drove through downtown Sat night and there was definitely a lively vibe going on. Waterside was mobbed, the area surrounding the Main was hopping, and Granby street was buzzing. DT and TPP are going to be crazy Friday June 9th. Not only will there be the Harborfest parade of sail @ noon, but the Carnival Sunshine will be in port to embark on a 5 night cruise to the Bahamas and leaving @ 5pm.