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  1. vaceltic

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    great. another downtown block creating zero pedestrian activity at the ground level.
  2. vaceltic

    Richmond International Airport

    There's at least nine seats left - just tried the max number of passengers to book a reservation on the dates I go
  3. vaceltic

    Richmond International Airport

    I will be flying RIC to BNA in a few weeks and will report back. As of right now, the flight to Nashville is only half full with two weeks to go.
  4. vaceltic

    New Richmond Arena

    It’s gonna be hard to increase the percentage of affordable units to make the plan viable. The density would have to increase significantly to increase the number of affordable units, but still would leave the percentage requirement unmet. Stoney’s terms are not realistic. If he changed the metric from percent of units to just a flat number of units, it could be more workable.
  5. vaceltic

    New Richmond Arena

    What the difference in real arena football versus second rate arena football?
  6. vaceltic

    Richmond Sports

    Julius Erving, Ralph Sampson, Alonzo Mourning, Allen Iverson, and Ben Wallace would all be on board!
  7. vaceltic

    Richmond Sports

    It’d be amazing to get an NFL team in Richmond and stick it to Dan Snyder
  8. vaceltic

    Richmond Sports

    I didn’t argue that I think we are too close to DC to have a successful team. DC franchises themselves would claim Richmond as part of their market and try to block one from being here. Whether they would be successful or not, depends on the sport, who owned the team, and how much influence they have.
  9. vaceltic

    Richmond Sports

    Kickers games are really fun! And i’d probably go to every regular season NBA G-League game if Richmond had one!
  10. vaceltic

    Richmond Sports

    I can see them lumping the two together as one market because Norfolk does not have the corporate presence needed to support stadium sponsorships, luxury boxes, etc; whereas Richmond does, but not necessarily the population totals. When Hampton Roads tried to lure an NHL franchise, the pitch was to treat Richmond-Norfolk as a continguous area that the team would draw from. It was a stretch then and probably even moreso today. I think an MLS franchise could work, but any attempt for Richmond to shoot for major leagues would meet heavy resistance from DC franchises.
  11. There was an opinion article by Shapiro on RTD about the bonds (you have to be digital subscriber to see it). Apparently, the TIF district is being proposed because the city’s credit card was maxed out during Jones administration deals (so says opinion article). I could stomach the City ponying up less than 1/3 of the total deal, but everything’s about “projections” and “estimates”. The real question I have is, what is a rational estimate?
  12. vaceltic

    Richmond Developments

    It’s pretty encouraging to see all the new speculative industrial warehousing being constructed around town. Richmond is fortunate to have a pretty diverse economy, low cost of living, and attractive jobs market. I hope developments like this continue!
  13. vaceltic

    New Richmond Arena

    I don’t think it is part of the proposal, yet. But Im assuming since it’s bejng explored, the original developer backed out of his plans for City Center. This block is owned by city so it could easily be part of the TIF district expansion.
  14. vaceltic

    New Richmond Arena

    The NH rendering as it exists now doesn’t include that block. At least it didn’t look like it
  15. vaceltic

    New Richmond Arena

    Not really new news, but related, the city center proposed development rendering is OBE - the article mentions potentially expanding the TIF district into this block is as part of the overall proposal.