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  1. Anyone know what is stored in the tanks East of Commerce?
  2. Having grown up in Virginia Beach throughout the 90s, I constantly heard the "regionalism, regionalism, regionalism" shouts there, but I don't really see what has changed in Hampton Roads since. Norfolk has had a mass transit system for 10 years now but no construction plans in place to expand it out to adjacent communities - attempts to expand to Virginia Beach were killed by voter referendum. Norfolk International is a land-locked airport with no room to expand and no concrete plans to replace it. Twenty years on, l still read Hampton Roads articles referencing the "brain drain" phenomenon of local millennials leaving the area for opportunities in other cities (me being a Gen X/millennial who did just that). The only times I can remember the cities there coming together are to try and stop or influence when the Federal Government plans to close a military base or relocate a Navy ship / air squadron to some other place. At least BRT has a Henrico County stop, the cost to operate the Convention Center is (somewhat) shared by the municipalities, and our airport is expanding. Richmond's highway system is fairly good (although i dont understand the 295 - 95 - 288 disconnect near Short Pump). If Richmond and Henrico did merge, I don't think most of Chesterfield residents or leaders would care, initially. Henrico and Chesterfield are becoming mature communities, where redevelopment is going to be required. In this regard, Henrico is far ahead of Chesterfield County in planning and implementation and connection to transit alternatives. In some ways though, the redevelopment / repair budgeting challenges of the counties will be far worse than Richmond, because of the suburban sprawl and gross inefficiencies in maintaining the infrastructure of sprawl. Chesterfield is contemplating a $600M bond referendum (the referendum is a mistake) for school, roads, libraries, and fire station construction and repair projects. This bond package would only scratch the surface of county infrastructure needs. Long down the road, when repair needs are far greater, I could see Chesterfield coming to the table with Henrico and Richmond to pool resources in managing some services.
  3. I'm confused about the City's RFP initiative. If the Pamunkey, or any other entity, hold property to build a casino on, how does the city get to dictate who the developer is and where it goes? Anyone know details of the GA casino legislation?
  4. This isn't Hardywood but some other brewery. Looks eerily similar to The Veil Brewing Company concept under construction along Forest Hill...
  5. I think you will. Raleigh and Charlotte metros operate with single government entities and can annex land. The Richmond region isn't like this and Richmond City cannot. Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. If the Richmond region is going to compete with the Charlottes and Raleighs of the world, a regional approach to transportation infrastructure investment is the key to all of it. Rail, Road, Air, and Waterway. Increased Amtrak train service, BRT launch, and Port of Richmond expansions are all great moves. In 1978, Charlotte completed a massive expansion of its airport to make it a national transit hub. However, saying the City of Richmond must make things happen, alone, is impossible for the grand things you are wanting. Richmond is the poorest city in the region by a mile - it cannot go it alone on massive infrastructure projects to keep the entire region competitive. Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, New Kent, Goochland counties all have to be on board.
  6. Reading the article, it sounds like the 7% vacancy rate Malcolm references is for the entire Richmond region, whatever thats supposed to be defined as. I wouldn't mind seeing a submarket analysis of office vacancy rates by class showing Downtown, Manchester, Short Pump, Innsbrook, VCC, Chesterfield, etc. Nevermind, I answered my own question https://www.thalhimer.com/sites/default/files/Richmond_Americas_Alliance_MarketBeat_Office_Q42019.pdf
  7. With the merger of BB&T and SunTrust, a large chunk of downtown office space will become available soon once they complete their integration plan.
  8. Curious about this anti-density, anti-development stance Kim Gray supposedly has. As a councilmember, she votes on creating ordinances and/or approves sales of public land to the EDA. There's not much else to it. Show me the votes. Did she not vote to approve the planning department's zoning changes to Scott's Addition and Monroe Ward, which dramatically increased density along the Pulse Corridor? Did she not vote to approve the GRTC Transit reroute to integrate with the Pulse? Did she not vote to expand Jakob Hembolt's proposed bikeway and greenway infrastructure plan throughout the city?
  9. If you go, definitely report back to UP please!
  10. When I moved to Richmond in 2005, people who had never even visited here warned me about it, convinced I would get shot dead in the street because the crime reputation was so bad. That stereotype is completely gone now and Richmond is being recognized as a WORLD-CLASS destination by media all over the internet and in print. I've seen a complete transformation of Scott's Addition and Manchester out of NOTHING and almost complete gentrification of Church Hill since then, despite recovering from the worst recession since the great depression. Richmond is outpacing population growth in the surrounding counties RIGHT NOW. What you're asking for is happening, right now. Embrace it while its here!
  11. There's a community meeting on the casino development tomorrow night at 6pm. Go to voice your opinions yay or nay - regardless, its better to do ahead of time than trying at the last minute on the day of a council vote. https://www.nbc12.com/2020/02/19/richmond-casino-concerns-meeting-set-thursday-night/
  12. So, the Boulevard planning is out in the open - everyone can see the framework now - before any developers comes knocking with competing proposals. I don't really understand why you are being such a negative nancy about the Boulevard plan? Looks like the planning process is working great. Citizens can't complain about Boulevard when the opportunity to get involved in the planning process is here and now. This is the OPPOSITE of what Navy Hill was. This process is how development of public land should work. How much land in Charlotte, Atlanta, or NOVA are you even referring to that is public land being developed? I'd appreciate some examples, otherwise, its not an apples to apples comparison. Atlanta: https://atlanta.curbed.com/2020/2/18/21141160/atlanta-gentrification-westside-bellwood-quarry-park-construction-permits Charlotte: https://www.wfae.org/post/charlotte-talks-mecklenburg-parks-bottom-national-rankings-new-parks-director-weighs#stream/0 NOVA: https://dcist.com/story/19/09/27/the-story-of-the-d-c-area-disney-park-that-almost-was/
  13. The north did win. Hold your rebel flags however long you need.
  14. Explain this? Is Richmond 300 not the process the city is SUPPOSED to be doing to bring this to fruition? It's telling the developers how the area should develop. What else do you envision the city having to do after this?
  15. Mike Frontiero is all over RTD saying she’s anti-transit and anti-density, without actually citing why, how, when, and where. Everything else you’re saying is conjecture based on what someone else is saying? Fake news.
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