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  1. vaceltic

    Manchester Development

    Just noticed on the city's land use project map a plan of development was submitted 5/8 for the riverfront tract where the run down industrial storage building is off the flood wall. The POD submittal, dubbed "South Falls" mentions 256 units.
  2. vaceltic

    Manchester Development

    I'm trying to reserve judgement until its 100% complete, but right now its just a giant rectangular brick/concrete wall with a few holes poked in it for glass squares.
  3. vaceltic

    Manchester Development

    I just found this old article on PortRVA with some insight on the project: "Not included in the sale of PortRVA is an adjoining 0.5-acre plot owned by Property Results that will likely eventually hold the second phase of the property. Milam said the structure will likely be six stories with parking included, but no timeline has been set."
  4. vaceltic

    Manchester Development

    Its the empty space fronting Hull St. next to Port RVA (in front of its parking lot). The land area is not very large - to fit 188 units on the space would make for a very tall structure (including parking?)
  5. vaceltic

    Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    This sounds like a replacement for the SunTrust tower proposal ([email protected])? Nevermind, this is further east.
  6. vaceltic

    Richmond Developments

    Unfortunately Lowe's company owns the entire parcel with the surface parking. Thats a shame because I think they'd oppose a mid-rise building blocking the store's signage to Broad Street.
  7. I walked by the building in the picture yesterday. Its a blue tarp covering the roof while the exterior is being worked on. There's some scaffolding all the way up the side of the building. Not sure whether or not the exterior will be reskinned, but the 'blue roof' color is temporary.
  8. vaceltic

    Parks and Rec

    It seems like alot of the opposition to the park design is about the process and avoiding public participation involvement when tree cutting was decided. Trees were probably cut down for lots of reasons (rooting in underground utilities, cracked pavements, dead/diseased, etc.). What I find a bit frustrating about the park design is that there really isn't space to throw a frisbee/football without crossing a pathway and potentially hitting someone walking across the park. Sure, there are organized sports fields at VCU, but a large, common green area typical of college campuses isn't. That being said, I do hope the park is used more frequently when the construction is complete.
  9. There's a new rendering perspective of the proposed towers on Clayco's project page. I wouldn't mind some architectural variation to the second tower to get away from a twin towers concept.
  10. vaceltic

    Virginia Beach Arena

    From the Biz Sense article: "But it really is a travesty for the grandchildren, all the children that are not yet born, the millennials that potentially could leave here because we don’t give the opportunity for this facility to be built in Virginia Beach.” This is a bit dramatic and I think grossly misses the point on why millennials might potentially move out of VB. I would think providing quality jobs and schools, a moderate cost of living, walkable neighborhoods, and transportation alternatives are a higher priority to millennials than getting a Beyonce concert or a professional sports team.
  11. vaceltic

    Richmond Developments

    One word. YUCK!
  12. vaceltic

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    I remember when Hampton Roads touted the Bass Pro Shops complex as a 'game-changing' tourist draw/destination, which was a flat out exaggeration. IKEA is just another big box store like Bass Pro just being selective right now when entering new markets. Eventually, every market is going to have one because it'll be the only way IKEA can grow as a company.
  13. vaceltic

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Drayrichmond is onto something with the transient population of Hampton Roads. There's a constant rotation of incoming/outgoing military families that becomes a huge chunk of new customers for IKEA to draw from on a regular basis.
  14. If a billion dollars mega-region airport is built in the middle of nowhere, he concludes airlines would provide more direct flights for Eastern Virginia?. This is the same weak 'if you build it they will come' argument used over and over again for large infrastructure projects (stadiums, convention centers, etc.). I am curious what the old study concluded. Anyone know where to find the old study?
  15. This proposal is a Hampton Roads-centric interest and I doubt the study would carry much political weight beyond the region, IMO. A Hampton Roads businessman interest is proposing this because Norfolk's airport can't be expanded anymore and its relatively old. Richmond has a relatively new airport concourse, land expansion capability, easy transportation access, and is 10-miles from downtown. I don't think the Richmond area residents or businessmen would have much incentive to travel through a brand new airport much further away from the city, but we are added to the discussion because a Norfolk businessman doesn't have an argument to study it without including the Richmond market.