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  1. I understand the passion my friend. I am very pro- transit, pro density, and pro development! Time will tell what RFP responses come in and what proposals the city will get to work with.
  2. This is an argument every city with a convention center has pitched to THEM. It’s not a statement of fact made by planners, but by local political business boosters and their hired convention center consultants, who have a miserable track record of hotel occupancy projections, profitability, and convention center attendance projections after the fact. If you look at Appendix D of the RFI, it explains the two likely scenarios to develop the hotel will only happen with a certain requirement attached - public subsidy. What I fear and predict (and truly hopefully wrong about), is that we will be witnessing Navy Hill 2.0 process play out. What I don’t like is that the remaining City Center area will be held up by that process, because the HQ hotel is required to come first.
  3. I have some concerns about how the city has decided to phase this project and issue the RFP. Is a 500-room HQ hotel in Phase 1 realistic to expect a private development response for? The city has been wanting one ever since the GRCC opened in the 90s. What’s changed now? Higher construction costs, financing costs, and a hotel industry reeling from the pandemic. For comparison’s sake, Virginia Beach is looking for a smaller, 400-room HQ hotel next to its near-oceanfront convention center. A 2018 market study was done there showing attendance figure comparisons for the VBCC (twice the attendance of GRCC) and hotel competition in the region. There are a few existing hotels in all of Hampton Roads that near ~400 rooms, but that’s it. Virginia Beach has not made any headway on their project, despite what I would think would be a greater draw for large conventions (the beach). I posted figures comparison the VB convention center to GRCC and hotel availability. Don’t get me wrong, I hope all of City Center is redeveloped densely and in a manner that makes a new dynamic neighborhood for everyone to enjoy. I question the motive/rationale for underpinning Navy Hill’s phased redevelopment on a massive “want” (the HQ hotel is a want, not need) at the beginning of the effort that seems totally unrealistic to me at the present time.
  4. I think the “overcrowding” argument is a red herring for folks that bought expensive condos nearby (perhaps in a short, two-story grey brick building?).
  5. If Richmond wants to maximize development potential and mass transit, a Route 1 N-S corridor makes the most sense to me - most potential for infill residential density and connections to job centers in the south. Hull Street maybe secondary to tap redevelopment of Southside Plaza. I'd be curious to see a concept that successfully integrates BRT traffic with POVs along the stretch of hull between Commerce and the riverfront.
  6. I’m interpreting the slides to mean demolition of the existing building where the new tower is going starting in 2022 before tower construction begins. One slide mentions selling the Monroe Building.
  7. Doubtful Dominion still has plans on building a second tower anywhere at this point.
  8. Misinformation? Still waiting for Dominion to start building their second tower that was promised...
  9. Richmond and Norfolk would both need immigration and customs checkpoints to accommodate direct international flights. In airports that do have them, they are massive multi-story areas seen and unseen by passengers. I don’t see how Richmond or Norfolk could accommodate this with their current layouts. Maybe Richmond’s master plan’s third terminal expansion is something on the horizon that would push this idea forward? As a side note, I’ve always been miffed by the “international” label airports can have that don’t actually serve international destinations directly.
  10. Still waiting on that promised second Dominion Tower that was to finance the whole thing....
  11. Vytal Studios, the tech firm relocating to the Semmes Avenue warehouse has updated renderings of the complex on its website. https://vytalstudios.com
  12. I interpret the LAX route as a seasonal change. Maybe it will start back up again for the spring and summer months next year. Here’s hoping anyways.
  13. They are going to be billbording the heck out of I-95 coming from the south. I would guess at a volume on par with “South of the Border” signs going into South Carolina, but with less witty puns.
  14. Does anyone know if the concourse A expansion gates have all been accounted for with this agreement with Breeze? I don’t recall how many new gates were added with that project. Would be nice to see further concourse expansion happen soon!
  15. Building taller, skinnier buildings in front of the horseshoes means we could start calling manchester the horseshoe pit.
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