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  1. waverider

    Main Street/CBD Developments

    There's an article in The State about a local DJ who's planning to re-open the lunch counter located in the Tapp's building, but this time infusing art and live jazz into the mix. It's encouraging to see entrepreneurs investing in Main Street.
  2. waverider

    Dutch Square Center

    Dutch Square is getting a Planet Fitness, next to Belk on the Dutch Square Blvd. side. I may have to consider changing my gym membership...
  3. waverider

    Dutch Square Center

    There will be another round of meetings about the Broad River Corridor today and tomorrow. Apparently they've taken the results of the last round of meetings in May and compiled a report of their findings, which can be found here. It was quite interesting to see their proposals for what they call the "Dutch Square mixed-use transit node;" looks like they're proposing that Dutch Square be completely reshaped, extending Colonial Life Blvd from Bush River Rd. to Longcreek Rd. and a lot of new construction.
  4. waverider

    North Columbia/North Main redevelopment

    There's an article in today's edition of The State about how Cici's Pizza will be relocating from the Dentsville area to North Main Plaza. I would assume that it will be moving into what used to be the North Main Deli. I'm extremely sad to see the Deli closed (does anyone know why they closed?), but glad that the space won't be sitting empty.
  5. waverider

    Dutch Square Center

    I went to the first meeting that they held. They called it a "charette," although I can't remember what that means right now. They presented their preliminary results from the first round of meetings they held last year, and then broke us up into small groups to identify the area's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We sat around large maps of the area and pointed out things that were problematic (for example, high-traffic intersections or empty lots), and also assets that could be capitalized upon. I don't know how the rest of the meetings went, but it was good to see so many people there that were invested in improving the corridor.
  6. waverider

    Five Points

    From what I've heard, the owners are looking for an another location. Not sure where yet.
  7. waverider

    Dutch Square Center

    This is related not just to Dutch Square Center, but also the surrounding corridor. Richland County Neighborhood Improvement will hold a series of meetings this week for community members to provide input about the future of the Broad River corridor. The meetings will be this Tuesday through Thursday, May 11-13, beginning at 5:30pm at Dutch Square Center near Belk's. I'm going to attend at least one of the meetings.
  8. waverider

    Main Street/CBD Developments

    I'm planning to attend, at least for a little while. I'll see if I can snap some.
  9. waverider

    Five Points

    The feature article in this week's Free Times is about Five Points and its current, as they say, "Identity Crisis." Interesting information in here about upcoming Five Points developments. I knew about the plans to turn Hardee's into Chick-Fil-A, but had no idea that the building housing PT's Cabaret was being turned into a Cook-Out drive-thru fast food restaurant. As a native North Carolinian, I do love Cook-Out, but that's not what I would have wanted to see there. Lots more in the article.
  10. waverider

    Main Street/CBD Developments

    Not sure if this Main Street thread extends north of Elmwood, but I have to say that the North Main streetscaping project looks great. Funny that they finished it just as I moved and wouldn't have to use it anymore. But the road looks good. Now if they can just court some businesses to come back in...
  11. waverider

    Dutch Square Center

    I look at Dutch Square and can't help but see what used to be Coliseum Mall in Hampton, VA: once THE premier shopping center, left behind by newer malls in the suburbs, left to die or reinvent itself. Coliseum Mall is now being transformed into Peninsula Town Center, a development similar to the Village at Sandhill, only smaller. They were able to keep the mall's anchor stores open through the transition. I would love to see something like that happen at Dutch Square; but then, that was also the plan for Richland Mall, and we see what happened there.
  12. I noticed that some preliminary work on the Broad River Bridge between Lucius and Riverhill/Bentley has begun. The SCDOT website seems kind of vague on the plans; has anyone seen what the plans are or a timetable for the work to be done?
  13. waverider

    Five Points

    I'm pretty excited about this restoration. My coworkers and I have taken lunch to the park before, and I think this will add some beauty and peace to those midday breaks. However, I've only seen the part of the work closest to Lee/Pavillion, I wonder how it looks closer to the baseball field.
  14. waverider

    Columbia Tourism

    I agree. My denomination's Region Annual Conference was held at the Convention Center last summer, and though we had about a tenth of the numbers that COOLJC had, we still used a good bit of their space. However, I've heard comments that people thoroughly enjoyed the downtown Columbia conference experience--a great convention center, nearby hotels, plenty of eating and shopping options within walking distance. I hope the expansion comes through, and that it doesn't get shut down for any of the reasons mentioned in the article.
  15. waverider

    West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington

    I agree. I wasn't a fan of putting a CVS on that spot at all. I also got caught off-guard by the street resurfacing on State St. It seems that some of the businesses on State St. got surprised by it as well--one day their street parking is there, the next it's gone, and one business owner told me he had no warning about it.