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  1. Traffic is already horrendous on Meighan. Part of the reason is, Gadsden is outgrowing its main roads, they need more lanes, and the traffic lights. OMG, this town has never heard of synching traffic lights. heh. That area around Coosa Towne Center has horrible traffic, from Goodyear all the way to Attalla.
  2. NBC13 reported last night, the cost is $650 million dollars... NOW. If any excessive delays are encountered, the cost could rise by a millon dollars a month. I don't live in Birmingham, but I did for years, and I still live in the region, and I just can't put my support behind this. This money should be going for transit and other things and not some white elephant on the side of the freeway. I hate to say this, but I hope this project is killed. There are too many other things that need to be done right now. This can always be revisited in another couple of decades. Maybe by then, there will actually be a need for it. Birmingham needs things, and this isn't one of them. Light rail anyone?
  3. wooo! They've announced an Outback Steakhouse, Chilis and Moe's Southwestern Grill in Gadsden. FINALLY! I've been waiting on Outback here for ever. I'm tired of driving to Oxford.
  4. Can't answer the one about Chelsea, but I did see the story about Eastwood. 13 ran the story during Today in Alabama. They have indeed officially announced the Supercenter for the old mall property, but I don't think that comes as a surprise to anyone. Most people knew the second Wal-Mart announced its intentions of buying the property what was coming.
  5. Didn't Wal-Mart buy the Eastwood Mall property? Seems like I saw that on television not too long ago. We stopped into Century Plaza this past Christmas, and it was shocking to see that it was almost empty. When we were little kids growing up in Gadsden, our parents would load up the car and we would drive into Birmingham just to go to Century Plaza. Back then in the 1970's it was THE place to be in Birmingham. It was kinda sad to see it virually empty at such a vital time of year. Times change though I guess.
  6. Lafferty's is going to be where the old Rainbow Cinemas were, behind Ryans and Arbys on Rainbow Drive. The other center is going to be located where the Goodyear (River Trace) golf course is now. The land has already been sold and the center is being designed. They are supposed to announce the tenants any time now. The center will go all the way from 431 to the river, and supposedly will be larger than Coosa, although I can't see how. I never thought there was that much land there, but then again, I don't design shopping centers, heh. My honest opinion is, once these 2 centers get up and running, that is going to pretty much fill up our retail needs for now. This is still a very small town and it would be much worse for us to be over saturated with retail than under served because if a large retailer moves into a new area and isn't successful, it is generally a very long time before they would consider that area again. What I would really like to see now, is for them to finish the riverfront according to the plans, then start geting us some entertainment type things going. A retail boom is wonderful, and we definately have needed it, but there is still not much to do here. You can shop, go out to eat, or get drunk, and that's about it. Gadsden is in a clumsy location anyway traffic wise. I-59 is not one of the more heavily traveled interstates, unlike I-20, which goes right through Oxford. Were I-20 not to be there, you wouldn't see the development going on over there you are seeing now because Anniston/Oxford is also a very small town. It's their location along I-20 that makes it a golden location, not its population.
  7. Gadsden recently opened Coosa Towne Center with Wal-Mart Supercenter, Old Navy, TJMaxx, some pet store, forgot its name, EBGames, and a few more smaller stores. The Macraes store we had in the mall here closed to make way for Parisian. Lafferty's Landing begins construction this year with Books A Million, Outback Steakhouse, Pier One Imports, and a few smaller stores. Another yet un-named retail center near Towne Center should begin ground clearing this summer or fall. They have not officially announced the tennants yet, but have committments from 3 big boxes. The rumble around the Etowah Chamber of Commerce is that those stores are Target, Home Depot and Best Buy, along with I believe it calls for 8 smaller well known national retailers. There is a lot going on over in Anniston also. They are getting a Best Buy that I believe already has the walls up, and like you mentioned, something near the freeway in Oxford. I've heard it was going to be a mega-antiques mall, but haven't been able to confirm it. We have been starving to death up here for some big box electronics stores. I was getting a little sick and tired of having to drive into Birmingham just to shop for some gadgets.
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