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  1. Traffic is already horrendous on Meighan. Part of the reason is, Gadsden is outgrowing its main roads, they need more lanes, and the traffic lights. OMG, this town has never heard of synching traffic lights. heh. That area around Coosa Towne Center has horrible traffic, from Goodyear all the way to Attalla.
  2. NBC13 reported last night, the cost is $650 million dollars... NOW. If any excessive delays are encountered, the cost could rise by a millon dollars a month. I don't live in Birmingham, but I did for years, and I still live in the region, and I just can't put my support behind this. This money should be going for transit and other things and not some white elephant on the side of the freeway. I hate to say this, but I hope this project is killed. There are too many other things that need to be done right now. This can always be revisited in another couple of decades. Maybe by then, th
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