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  1. I think the Hilton tower, The Grand Waikikian is under construction, because I believe they had a ground breaking on June 15 from what the papers said. It seems like Moana Vista is pretty strong to become approved because they already released some units and the site is completely cleared. I believe the Cresent Heights project being proposed next to the Ko'olani is called Ko'olua, but it probably is still preliminary. I know they have a website set up for it just to see how much interest there is in it. www.koolua.com. And I think there are planning two more high rises that are not on the list. As of Mid June's the papers were reporting that they were proposing to put a new tower on the former Wave Waikiki site called Allure Waikiki. Plus today's papers are saying A&B are possibly shopping for a site in Kapiolani for another tower, but this one is totally at the beginning stages.
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