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  1. Jim - thanks a lot for the info. It does sound like Elmhurst has a lot to offer. The only part of that area I know best is Whitford Ave, where some friends of mine lived and still own property. There are some nice neighborhood streets around there, and you attest to the walkability and amenities nearby. Some of the negatives you mention are experienced in my neighborhood as well - horn-honking (haven't heard a 20-min long one yet), bad driving in general (speeding etc.), and litter are the things that bother me the most. People can not seem to keep trash in their bins, and some people don't care about trash on their property. The demographic is pretty similar to Elhurst it sounds. I like the diversity too, but I think some of the other cultures have different values than I do - when it comes to noise and cleanliness. In talking to my wife, it sounds like she really wants to make our next move out of the city, unless it were the East Side proper (College Hill, Wayland), or the Hope St area near Rochambeau. So unless a recruiter calls me up and offers to double what I'm making, or we find a complete fixer-upper, things aren't looking good for me. I could do East Providence or Pawtuxet, but I don't know what 'hood in EP has everything I'm looking for, and Pawtuxet is either a bit expensive or there just aren't many great properties for sale. Thanks for the info again - I think I need to drive wifey through Elmhurst to give her a better idea of the area - she's judging it without really knowing it... but mainly because she wants out of the city. I have to find a compromise, because I'm not ready for rural living, and I'll sooner die than live in the 'burbs. At least she knows that much... Thanks
  2. So I grew up on the East Side of Providence, and after living elsewhere have been back in PVD since 2004. First, my wife and I (at the time just dating) lived in an apt. on Brook St & Wickenden. In 2006 we bought a townhouse in the Arm0ry district. We love where we live for a lot of reasons - tons of friendly neighbors our age, diversity, enough services and new businesses within walking distance, affordability, etc. But now that we have a 2 year old and a second child on the way this summer, my wife is longing for a yard and a bit of a different neighborhood. I am a city person, who appreciates the need to get out of the city on a semi-regular basis. We go to the beaches in RI, and to the local parks (Lincoln Woods, RW, etc.) My wife is not as much of a city person, now that we have a young family. Providence is a good compromise for us though, because of its proximity to other geographic areas - woods, beaches, mountains, family on Cape Cod... My task now, is to research neighborhoods in PVD or immediately surrounding, where we could both be happy. We can't necessarily sell right now, but I just want to do some exploring. Although I know parts of the city very well, other parts I only know from passing through at best. The East Side would be ideal (for us and everyone else I'm sure), but it's too expensive. I wish I could just move into the house on Meeting St that I grew up in, but unfortunately my parents sold it almost a decade ago. Hope village would be great - walk to tons of restaurants and businesses, nice housing stock, yards, pretty safe, and easily accessed from 95 and points north. After a quick look on Zillow, I didn't see many properties for sale. My wife likes where we live now on Sycamore St. but feels like it's better suited for us without kids, and doesn't want to buy again in this neighborhood. This would rule out Elmwood for the same reasons (even though there are some great properties in the historic section, and at great value....) So the neighborhoods I want to know more about, are Smith Hill, Elmhurst, and maybe some of the surrounding areas - Mount Pleasant, Wanskuck, Charles, Mount Hope, etc. What do people think about the best places to find single-family homes in the low 200,000s, with a yard, walkable amenities, safe, clean, etc.? I liked Fox Point to an extent, but there isn't much for sale there. I think the far east side (Wayland) is probably too expensive. Parts of the east side near Miriam might be ok, but also expensive unless you're near some of the shadier areas around Camp St. - or maybe the reputation there is changing. Outside of Providence, I could live in Pawtuxet (not a ton for sale, and the stuff closest to the village is a little pricier, and I will only live there if I can walk to the village); Wickford center is great, but that would be too long a commute for me; I could live in East Providence because of its proximity to PVD and there are plenty of amenities - but I don't know if there are many neighborhoods pertfectly suited for young families. I'd love to live in one of the new developments on the water where the brownfields sites are, but they're just in planning stages. Can anyone here recommend places in EP? I always get way too long-winded, but if anyone has any insight I'd really appreciate it. These boards are LOT quieter than a few years ago, but I know you're all still out there. Thanks...
  3. I too am surprised that there's already a building where that Italian social club was. This may not be of much significance, but I was driving down Bridgham from Broad St towards Cranston St last night, and noticed large piles of dirt from a recent excavation. It was across the street from Wiggins Village. Maybe I should post this in West End happenings, but does anyone know what's going on here?
  4. Just a quick (and overdue) note, Grant's Mill has been leasing for a couple months now, and I always see a good number of cars in the parking lot when I drive by. I'm not sure what they're occupancy is, but people are there for sure.
  5. Some pictures from a bike ride through Providence on Saturday, May 30th: Mill at Harris Ave & Eagle St: Monohasset Mills: State House & Promenade from bike route: The Foundry: Providence Place from the Woonasquatucket River: Providence Place: G-Tech/Westin/PPM: State House: Waterplace Tower: Blue Cross/Blue Shield: Industrial National: Capitol Cove:
  6. Does anyone know if you can post pictures from Snapfish.com? My wife has an account with them and I uploaded a bunch of pictures to their site, but got an error when I tried to insert one in a post here.... can anyone recommend the easiest way to post pictures to UP, I have a bunch of construction photos and other misc. ones from this weekend? Thanks in advance.
  7. Just lost my entire previous post, when I went to Preview it. Awesome. Anyway..... I don't know if this is the right forum topic for this post, but I didn't see anything under Construction or West end happenings. Maybe someone can inform me about the following two recent developments in the West end: I didn't realize that the Central High school buildings at the intersection of Cranston St and Fricker St were going to be demolished. They were boarded up for a few months, but now they are almost completely demo-ed. Are they planning on constructing a new school building? The whole intersection looks extremely bare right now, though offers a nice view of the buildings at the Pearl Street Lofts and the Jones Warehouse. In other news, there has been activity at the Carpenter Mills site, on Carpenter St between Bridgham and Courtland. First I noticed newly-spread dirt on the east end of the site, as if something had been torn down (I can't remeber if anything was there, or maybe just the parking lot was torn up. I'll have to do another drive-by and then compare it to the Google Street View image. Also, the mill building itself has work being done, it looks like some of the windows were removed. Does anyone know what's going on here? Carpenter Mills
  8. Must have been L'Elizebeth's - they also do dessert, it's a nice place to go after dinner for drinks & dessert with a date or something.
  9. Last week I worked on a schematic site plan for a large development parcel next to the station - it included a hotel and two office buildings, both with ground-level retail/restaurant space, connected by pedestrian spaces from the station. It also had a parking garage backed up against Jefferson Blvd. and the access road to the airport. The point was just to look at what could be done potentially with the site, so it doesn't mean much more than that. Obviously there is interest though, to create commercial development once the station is there.
  10. I'm actually kindof surprised by that price. If I fill my car with gas once a week, it's probably around $40...soon it will be $50...which means that the rail pass is about the same price. If I took the train to work, I would have to get up a lot earlier, and I would need a ride from the Mansfield station to work. I would much rather commute by train than car, I absolutely hate working in an office park in Foxboro...but given the logistics I pretty much have to drive. Hopefully I'll switch careers soon and base my job search around a walking/biking/train commute.
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