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  1. Durhamite

    The Bad News Report

    Really? Good news? Surely you jest with the economic lost. That is mighty small-minded and exactly the kind of sentiment that makes Charlotte seem less tolerate than RDU, Richmond, Tidewater and other larger cities (Atlanta, DC, Baltimore, etc). I truly think it's the lack of a large urban university/school in the city that promotes such a stifling (sterile) attitude and perspective from outsiders. Meaning, any large contingent of African Americans gets lumped into one category (dangerous). And surely many locals have/had fingers crossed that a shooting or other incident would malign the event to extension in the city....absurd. I'll continue to support Charlotte (having lived there) and any city in NC, but anyone one could sense many locals had issues with the event, too many of "them". Over the decades I have attended the CIAA event in Tidewater, Richmond, RDU, Triad as it moved around without that level of borderline tension of disdain to a degree. Charlotte's venue is great but there's a certain element of intolerance that I sensed with some of the host locations that made me question...why have it here? This will always be banker/NASCAR land and events like these aren't suited for the metro area. I didn't think Charlotte could handle Cam Newton's personality.....it really can't for a lot of people (even Panther's fans love him and hate him). I rant because this really irks me....hopefully this kind of attitude isn't pervasive.
  2. Durhamite

    Learning from Other Places

    Uh, don't you think getting into a good (public) school in a desirable neighborhood (space) in any robust "urban" city is rather challenging? Personally, I think the positives (burbs) outweigh the negatives in any city and urban environments which simply aren't built/designed for things like easily finding babysitters, daycare, etc etc. Matter of fact, I think it'd be easier in less congested mid-size cities with easier ingress and egress to get to places. Mainly because cities like Charlotte aren't as urban to begin with and urbanizing in a different era in terms of infrastructure for today's necessities. I understand the benefits of living in an urban environment but raising kids is much more difficult and why most people opt for the burbs.
  3. Durhamite

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Hehe. Been following the interesting comments. All I'll say is, whatever else is going in there must be one hella development to demand a structure that size (good thing long term). That's a biggun.
  4. Durhamite

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    ^^I like your long winded spirit but no one is going to invest one damn dime to help poor people, not anything of a sports arena magnitude. Charlotte needs a dome for all the obvious reasons. It doesn't matter about the owner investment ratio, surely he'll make a lofty investment, but all this back and forth will only result in what happen to the Hornets. Nostalgia? That damn thing is going to get imploded one day, all sports arenas have a life expectancy and this one is closer to the end. Losing the Panthers due to lack of perceived "economic" benefits, crying about taxpayer money, etc etc is wasted time/energy. This is the big leagues...either pay to play or carry on. The stain of losing of a pro sports team isn't anything to take lightly, especially for small markets.
  5. Durhamite

    Drive for 'Center City' retail

    When I lived in Denver (Aurora), I frequented the 16th Mall to shop and eat from time to time and usually took friends from out of town down there to get a feel of the city. Though, it isn't a tourist magnet like areas in NYC or DC, it was cool. Charlotte just needs a small cluster of retail shops (nothing of 16th mall magnitude), a focus point for visitors and locals who favor that kind of atmosphere. There's already lots of stuff uptown, kind of scattered around. In downtown DC, there really isn't a destination area for shopping, etc, primarily concentrated pockets for all that stuff (CenterCity, L'nfant Plaza, Georgetown, etc). The more popular places in DC are outside the city proper...National Harbor, Pentagon City, etc. Just my experiences living there....prob different for other folks.
  6. Durhamite

    Amazon HQ2

    Absolutely. Sort of like this.."it could be power of suggestion, but it already seems like Nashville developers are dusting off mothballed projects..." Sorry but that is the epitome of much ado about nothing with respect to Charlotte or NC.
  7. Durhamite

    Amazon HQ2

    So what? It's time for both Charlotte and Raleigh to reassess planning and growth, the infrastructure will start to approach gridlock in some areas soon lowering QOL, not to mention the inflated cost of living which seems a bit out of whack right now. I think both areas have already made the radar...plan and grow better is the key at this point.
  8. Durhamite

    Amazon HQ2

    I just think 5000 is pie in the sky and who knows what technology will steer future growth. I once worked for a company in the RTP (late 1990s) that employed 10000 people in the park alone....0 today. Things change so fast today that business models can barely keep pace. Not discounting Amazon or any company, simply that things change so fast it's difficult to put a lot of faith into anything 5-10 years out based on a paper promise.
  9. Durhamite

    Amazon HQ2

    Do tell these shortcomings. The Amazon bid was a ruse from the beginning to leverage incentives. And I guess Nashville went after the low hanging fruit in a pitch, good for them. The south is the south, God forbid we try to be anything else cause I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I've lived many other places yet the south is still my choice. We move at a different pace. We win some, we lose some and do think we'll be ok moving forward. I guess Indianapolis, Columbus and Chicago should go back to square one as well.
  10. Durhamite

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    In Charlotte this past weekend. I like this building. Man, the growth of that area then crossing over into booming Southend makes Charlotte feel like an entirely different city versus what it was. Impressive.
  11. Durhamite

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Quick question. Have any of you really dealt with public transit in a city like DC metro as a regular commuter? Every day commuter at one point 3+ years. It is pretty reliable and a proven system but can be extremely frustrating at times....this is part of the deal (maintenance, delays, break downs, out of service trains, etc). This is a brand new section where safety is paramount until the kinks are ironed out (frequent incidents are a much worse PR disaster than delay times).
  12. BLM a hate group? Maybe in your make believe world. Attempting to use literal application of wording in the constitution without conditions is foolish and unrealistic. You have the right to keep and bear arms but not without certain conditions (felons, mentally ill, etc) and not in a lot of venues. And yes, shutting down a protest event based on an extremely volatile climate is solely a judgment call. That isn't suppression, it's fundamental common sense and practical application of law and order....just like keeping weapons out the hands of felons.
  13. Wtf does that mean?...lol. If at any point freedom of speech incites a melee/riot, the law will shut it down or preclude it from happening, especially if prior experiences weren't good. Are you illiterate or just on here to complain? Which part of my previous statement did you miss about applicable across the board. No one is suppressing anything, it's about law and order. And I stand by that statement, no group in the history of the country has inflicted more harm and hate than KKK/White Supremacy groups. You can't seriously compare BLM or Antifa to them...the sheer volume and long legacy of the KKK/White Supremacy groups (lynching, murder, etc) is well known. I don't have to research a damn thing, neither do you, it's rather obvious. That said, I trust in our law enforcement officials/experts to make these calls, they're much more versed and equipped to address these matters.
  14. I think you're in the world of ideals and not really separating freedom of speech from reality. It's all fine and dandy if such events can occur without incident but that's not always the case. If indeed civil order isn't possible (much proven when the KKK and White Supremacy groups are center stage), Law and Order takes precedence even it means shutting it down before or during the event. This group or groups in particular infuriate a coalition of people, almost to the point that is uncontrollable by law enforcement. There are no group(s) of any other kind in American history that compare in size and legacy, so any equivalency in treatment is pure lunacy or straight ignorance. And if indeed other group or groups pose such a high threat to civil order, the same rules apply to "freedom of speech".
  15. Durhamite

    Amazon HQ2

    The suburbs are the epitome of perception and "feeling" good about yourself. Just about everything in life is about perception....what is your point? Every city is constantly confronted with affordablity challenges as a lot of people (including millennials) desire to live in urban areas that offer a wide variety of accessible amenities. Diversity doesn't mean lower income...it means what it means....a larger mix of people, things, cultures, incomes, entertainment, etc within a certain footprint. I'm not arguing that the suburbs can't satisfy many of the request outlined in Amazon's RFP, however it is duly noted that they are seeking a campus of sort that reflects what exists in Seattle: https://qz.com/1071832/amazons-hq2-what-it-wants-for-its-massive-new-north-american-headquarters/ So, it seems an urban environment is more suitable based on certain criteria specified in the RFP. And think it'd be easier to recruit and retain millennials and other top notch folk based on these types of locations, albeit you could locate the campus in Waxhaw and get equal attention. Btw, some of your anecdotes and analogies are weird or off base, hard to make sense of it because it reeks of being sheltered or stubborn...maybe a combo. Maybe that's why the other person equated it to Trump stuff...I like some of the things Trump is doing but you gotta admit, he's out there a bit and attempts to dump down complex problems through branding or catch phrases. It's akin to saying we're gonna build a rocket in week using what I read about rocket building last month and a team of Vet pilots.