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  1. I saw that and some were within minutes off schedule, little to NO overall value to conclude anything. That last sentence sums it up for me, shut 'em all down then. This forum is becoming a cult of urbanplanet No(KNOW)-Nothing "experts"....# DO BETTER. There a few positions opening in DC where that factless perspective means a lot to a certain person. Don't believe the data, believe me.
  2. Excuse me if the data is already out there, but what metric and/or data are you basing this on in comparison to other or similar systems? Not anecdotes but real data like on-time rates, etc. Seems pointless and reckless to malign and spew negative info without data points. I enjoy this forum but a lot of folks zoom-in on photos to beotch about a wrong colored bolt on a 20 story building under construction ( a bit carried away at times).
  3. Do you actually ride the metro everyday for work (rush hour) like I did while living in DC (for years)? Most times from the end of the line (Orange/Vienna and Blue/Largo) to Downtown (L'Enfant Plaza and Metro Center)). I know a few people in DC (family) who work downtown and drive everyday from Largo/Bowie area (it's a mixed bag of results). It's also about options and even DC metro can be quite unreliable at times. Especially having to ride from downtown to end of the line each day (crammed trains, etc...sometimes having to wait for the next train). A lot of people don't own cars or have their own form of transportation in Charlotte. I think you're focused on "ME" instead of providing multi-faceted long term solutions. Shat like this winning thesis conclusion, 20 minute frequencies is such crap. Not if yo ass ain't got no choice....20 minutes ain't that long. And riding the train from Largo to downtown DC can take anywhere from 1-1:30 hours based on parking the car, etc. I guess Charlotte should have waited to become of a city of 4+ million (big city), then decide to retro control growth. The other thing is (when you get seat on the train (riding) or waiting, you can actually do real shat!).
  4. Mediocre? You gotta be kidding me. It's probably the greatest achievement of any mid-size (low density) relatively conservative non-"world-class" southern metro ever. Supported by a southern Republican mayor at the time to boot. It's astonishing anything got built in my opinion. I'm not sure what the disdain is for LRT in Charlotte and what metric you're using to compare operations against, but seems some folks are cherry picking problems and creating false perceptions about overall day-to-day operations. When in fact, these problems are rather normal for any rail system.. You have a hard-on for Denver, we get it, I use to live there and some of your hype is way over the top about that place. Can Charlotte support MLB? Absolutely.....carry on.
  5. Huh? I rode DC metro for years (rush and non-rush hour). Numbers up there look pretty good to me. Never ever ever paid attention to schedule in DC, always off.
  6. Again, not making excuses for CATs however I was a commuter on DC metro for years (rush hour and lived at the end of the Orange, Red and Blue lines from downtown). The stories I could tell would blow your mind. Try being stuck in some of those tunnels for 5, 10, 20 minutes and inch worming during single tracking. Or everybody getting booted off the train for overcrowding (conductor could not close the doors, train will not move) then, the train operator closes the door and hauls ass during peak summer (I'm in a suit pn the platform sweating like the third day of boot camp). II could go on and on...In my personal experiences, public transit is a choice, not necessarily a convenience. I think some of y'all are cherry picking instances that all too common across the board with many rail transit systems. Meaning most times it works fine (or ok enough) if you accept the premise that Murphy's Law is in full effect at all times.
  7. Does the regular Joe/Jane even care or have any clue as to what was built when? It's just another tall building, really. Tall buildings project a "big" city image but ground/street level activity or activity clusters is what most people focus on....stuff to do in the city.
  8. Not certain about other rail transit systems (and have ridden CATS rail), but the Metro in DC was unreliable when I use to commute everyday for work. I'm not certain as to what magic wand you want them to wave but this seems to pretty common with most rail transit systems in this country. I do think there's a lot of negative hyperbole regarding public transit (definitely could be better but surely not as bad as made out to be), it's a sacrifice in most cases plus in DC, Fed Gov employees are subsidized to commute, so grin and bear it (parking really isn't a good option) I think people are so accustomed to the convenience of a car so expectations are out of whack with reality. Train is gonna be late (a lot), all sorts of unforeseen mechanical and weather related issues, etc. Rail is a pro and con situation everywhere.
  9. Why? It's akin to publicly providing a certified birth certificate and the majority of one party totally dismissing it. Hell no, this is politics...the show must go on...it's way of the world now. The truth is what you wanna believe and hanging out with like-minded people to keep you convinced that it really is the truth.
  10. Wait a minute? You're correlating that incident with the CIAA? I go every year with most of friends who also have advanced degrees from HBCU's and other institutions of higher learning. Attend all sorts of events (fashion shows, exhibits, arts and crafts), even some of the games and a party here or there. Tens of thousands of people pouring money into Charlotte and yes I usually tip at 20+% regardless of service (in general) but definitely during the CIAA event because of the asinine stereotypes. Do some of ya'll even know what it's about or just buy into the get rid of the Black people no matter what. And any incident sensationalized to bolster your ridiculous position. It's not as though crime ceases to exist uptown during most other events or any other random weekend, even shootings. It's seems very convenient to align it with the CIAA... The CIAA is headquartered in Charlotte, it will be back after a short run in Baltimore. My advice is peruse the internet for local MAGA events and hit 'em up that week/weekend. I have really come to believe that White people don't think other White people are dangerous. #Sad. It's just frustrating to actually KNOW that the entire slant of the CIAA being dangerous is pure bullshat.
  11. Really? Good news? Surely you jest with the economic lost. That is mighty small-minded and exactly the kind of sentiment that makes Charlotte seem less tolerate than RDU, Richmond, Tidewater and other larger cities (Atlanta, DC, Baltimore, etc). I truly think it's the lack of a large urban university/school in the city that promotes such a stifling (sterile) attitude and perspective from outsiders. Meaning, any large contingent of African Americans gets lumped into one category (dangerous). And surely many locals have/had fingers crossed that a shooting or other incident would malign the event to extension in the city....absurd. I'll continue to support Charlotte (having lived there) and any city in NC, but anyone one could sense many locals had issues with the event, too many of "them". Over the decades I have attended the CIAA event in Tidewater, Richmond, RDU, Triad as it moved around without that level of borderline tension of disdain to a degree. Charlotte's venue is great but there's a certain element of intolerance that I sensed with some of the host locations that made me question...why have it here? This will always be banker/NASCAR land and events like these aren't suited for the metro area. I didn't think Charlotte could handle Cam Newton's personality.....it really can't for a lot of people (even Panther's fans love him and hate him). I rant because this really irks me....hopefully this kind of attitude isn't pervasive.
  12. Uh, don't you think getting into a good (public) school in a desirable neighborhood (space) in any robust "urban" city is rather challenging? Personally, I think the positives (burbs) outweigh the negatives in any city and urban environments which simply aren't built/designed for things like easily finding babysitters, daycare, etc etc. Matter of fact, I think it'd be easier in less congested mid-size cities with easier ingress and egress to get to places. Mainly because cities like Charlotte aren't as urban to begin with and urbanizing in a different era in terms of infrastructure for today's necessities. I understand the benefits of living in an urban environment but raising kids is much more difficult and why most people opt for the burbs.
  13. Hehe. Been following the interesting comments. All I'll say is, whatever else is going in there must be one hella development to demand a structure that size (good thing long term). That's a biggun.
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