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  1. Why didn't they expand the Little Sugar Creek Project into something more substantial near downtown (similar to Canal Walk in Indy's size)? Then with a feeder connection to Marshall Park...of course complemented by a revitalized larger water feature in Marshall Park. Seems officials missed the mark like most other NC cities when it comes to out of the box thinking.
  2. Seem about right. I don't think media market compositions directly align with CSA and MSA. https://mediatracks.com/resources/nielsen-dma-rankings-2019/
  3. Is violence the answer? No, but what would you do in a similar situation? Take a knee like Kap? Lol, get accused of disrespecting the flag, and then crickets. The far majority of police are doing their job the right way, a dangerous profession indeed. However, identifying and removing the overzealous "Barney Fife" type with a license to kill is critically important. I've experienced it and this doesn't scrub the surface of incidents not reported or captured on camera. I don't think you'll see any other group engaging with frustrated (rioting) Black people other than the police and military. Why? It's not wise and dangerous and not as simple as prancing around the street with an AR across the shoulder complaining about ReOpening bars, gyms and restaurants. Until America really starts addressing the issue of economic disparity these things will continue to happen. The media has crafted what a criminal looks like (Black Males), society has bought it hook line and sinker, and the Police subconsciously and consciously react to it. Never forget when a former co-worker (White guy being a smart ass) asked me if I think Black people commit more crime in America. I guess trying to insinuate an obvious point from his perspective. I responded with I don't know, only God does. But I do know this, they will be suspected more often, get convicted more often and more than likely end up in jail/prison. After all, at the end of the day, the justice system is a business and every business needs a go-to product. I told him to go and marinate on that for a minute.
  4. I think both sides in this case have valid points. The numbers were exaggerated or the worst case scenario presented to Trump. Only a severe scare tactic had a chance of getting his attention (and the Fox News crowd) who professed a bunch of media hype. We still don't know what this thing is or the short/long term effects. I think that what is/ was so frightening to the medical community at large, it's unknown, highly contagious with a death rate ratio 10x higher than the flu (as far as known data). Shhhhtttt. That ought to scare the hell out of anyone with an ounce of common sense...and should now. Scramble to reopen states, why??? Governors actually have to "govern" and most have governing experience ....definitely trust them making these decisions versus current federal leadership where the decision-making is nebulous at best....left, right, backwards, forwards. They don't have the pulse of the nation at the highest level or the intellectual infrastructure to properly manage it. It's tough because the current administration does not believe in strong government and have this notion of "small" government, whatever the hell that means and have intentionally destroyed and manged the public healthcare management infrastructure. The government isn't a business and shouldn't function like one... it is not in the business of making or saving money. It provides something even more important than that, preserving the American way of life. Does the government waste money? Absolutely, but the good outweighs the bad by a long shot.
  5. You can’t be serious. This is akin to the anti-rail crowd who claim LRT had no impact on growth in Southend. You can’t have it both ways. It is so evident how much of White world is oblivious to Black world..,even a bunch of so-called liberals..,I am coming to find out, I think they are the worse if the world view doesn’t suit their myopic box.
  6. UNCC ain't ever going to be in the ACC. A few years ago, I lived in Charlotte and made most of UNC (Chapel- Hill) home games. Almost made it to every game...would leave at 3pm (to avoid traffic) if a home game on week day. And they usually only play 1 HOME game a week and plenty on the weekends...sorry you guys aren't CBB junkies like me (sadly a Tar Heel fan and we are Gawd awful this year). @elrodvt lol, SEC basketball ain't much better than A10...it has gotten better though. I get the point but I knew plenty of ACC fanatics that did what I was doing with no problem from Charlotte . Again, that's the unique thing about this area, there a tom of schools within rather close proximity. Winston-Salem (Wake Forest) is much closer to Charlotte and you can avoid I-77 altogether. Rather go to a Wake Forest vs any ACC team than Vandy vs Any SEC team (asides from Kentucky). Just thought I'd chime in about the ACC thang, much like SEC football, it ain't normal and neither are most of the fans.
  7. Lol, you seem to malign anything Charlotte so what's your point? I do recall you mentioning that Burlington, VT had a more dynamic downtown than downtown Charlotte. Been to Burlington, VT and it's more akin to downtown Burlington, NC, Statesville or Salisbury (charming old towns)....either you are on some good hemp or out right delusional. NC ACC country is different animal and it's nothing for anyone to take a quick drive up/down I-85 (Charlotte to Raleigh) to attend a game in Winston-Salem (Wake Forest), Chapel Hill. etc...On a Monday, Tuesday might ,etc. The entire I-85 corridor in NC that is RDU, Triad and Triangle is essentially connected at the hip. Not to mention the litany of Black Colleges between the three metros with all sorts of quality sports. Nashville is a nice city but I wish people would give it a break...it's not all that. It's like the hype Charlotte and RDU got at one time....just totally overblown.
  8. My question is which "properly" managed system in the US would you put more faith in? Then here comes the catch-22, no two systems or operational dynamics (impediments) are alike and the super star manager in the so-called properly managed system will be dealt the same hand in this environment. Blaming CATS is easy and with easy internet solutions. Get the funding and hope for the best.
  9. People who aren't afraid of a very Diverse city aren't crossing the street because the bus transit has a lot of Black people...lol. Stop framing it as though these sorts of incidents are exclusive to Charlotte. Charlotte ain't this quaint little ole Huckleberry town anymore. Just last night in New Orleans: Last night on Canal St: https://www.wdsu.com/article/nopd-at-least-10-people-shot-along-canal-street/30064186 Maybe they should shut down Canal St. In a REAL urban city, this stuff is status quo, especially in entertainment districts/areas. Either get over your fear or do something else with your time....welcome to the big leagues. The stats don't bear out this unwarranted fear as thousands of people frequent the Epi each week without incident. Here's how a sunbelt city used to dealing with entertainment address the issue: https://www.wkrn.com/news/crime-tracker/violent-crime-on-the-rise-in-downtown-nashville/
  10. Lol, If that's was the case, Bourbon St wouldn't exist! Are y'all talking about the same Epicentre I frequent when in town? I was just there two weeks ago, no problem. Some of these perspectives align with what a lot of people in Raleigh/Cary think about downtown Durham. Total exaggeration and culture fear, especially when it's not watered down lilly White. So, it's a little rough around the edges, Good! You don't have to go there, everything doesn't have to be watered down to the point of khaki-nation. Charlotte has plenty of other options to hangout. Back to the other poster's point as to why that type of thought leadership historically gutted the city decades ago. I guess it' wash, rinse, repeat.
  11. It's all CATS fault! They had an opportunity to purchase a state-of-the-art AI neural inference machine with a nascent telepathic dual processing algorithm that could intercept/capture fragile (human) decision-making which in essence would mitigate or avoid such incidents. Essentially wiping out those massive 1-3 minute delays between stations. It was only half a mill. #Do Better CATS
  12. I saw that and some were within minutes off schedule, little to NO overall value to conclude anything. That last sentence sums it up for me, shut 'em all down then. This forum is becoming a cult of urbanplanet No(KNOW)-Nothing "experts"....# DO BETTER. There a few positions opening in DC where that factless perspective means a lot to a certain person. Don't believe the data, believe me.
  13. Excuse me if the data is already out there, but what metric and/or data are you basing this on in comparison to other or similar systems? Not anecdotes but real data like on-time rates, etc. Seems pointless and reckless to malign and spew negative info without data points. I enjoy this forum but a lot of folks zoom-in on photos to beotch about a wrong colored bolt on a 20 story building under construction ( a bit carried away at times).
  14. Do you actually ride the metro everyday for work (rush hour) like I did while living in DC (for years)? Most times from the end of the line (Orange/Vienna and Blue/Largo) to Downtown (L'Enfant Plaza and Metro Center)). I know a few people in DC (family) who work downtown and drive everyday from Largo/Bowie area (it's a mixed bag of results). It's also about options and even DC metro can be quite unreliable at times. Especially having to ride from downtown to end of the line each day (crammed trains, etc...sometimes having to wait for the next train). A lot of people don't own cars or have their own form of transportation in Charlotte. I think you're focused on "ME" instead of providing multi-faceted long term solutions. Shat like this winning thesis conclusion, 20 minute frequencies is such crap. Not if yo ass ain't got no choice....20 minutes ain't that long. And riding the train from Largo to downtown DC can take anywhere from 1-1:30 hours based on parking the car, etc. I guess Charlotte should have waited to become of a city of 4+ million (big city), then decide to retro control growth. The other thing is (when you get seat on the train (riding) or waiting, you can actually do real shat!).
  15. Mediocre? You gotta be kidding me. It's probably the greatest achievement of any mid-size (low density) relatively conservative non-"world-class" southern metro ever. Supported by a southern Republican mayor at the time to boot. It's astonishing anything got built in my opinion. I'm not sure what the disdain is for LRT in Charlotte and what metric you're using to compare operations against, but seems some folks are cherry picking problems and creating false perceptions about overall day-to-day operations. When in fact, these problems are rather normal for any rail system.. You have a hard-on for Denver, we get it, I use to live there and some of your hype is way over the top about that place. Can Charlotte support MLB? Absolutely.....carry on.
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