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  1. All good talking points, but...but....didn't the naysayers come out the woodworks about chances of the NBA (left and came back) and NFL? If somebody wants a team in Charlotte and MLB wants a team in Charlotte..so let it be written, so let it be done. It really is that simple. I do believe attendance will do well and market SMEs will hammer out respective programming and other issues (this is what they do).
  2. Not only that but hardly any transportation project is delivered on-time, and generally rushed with shoddy work to meet an unrealistic milestone from inception. - only having to circle back to cleanup more of a mess. Some of these obstacles are quite naturally part of the process anyway, so my vote is to delay until a majority of the kinks are worked out. I also think these are massive and novel projects for most cities and will always encounter many unforeseen cost, logistical, regulatory and environmental issues....whereas it's much easier to raise hell about it here (Monday morning QB) v
  3. I used to go there from time to time - just to clumsy and not coherent, I don't know, just didn't get it. Let's be real about the situation, it's just a poorly structured building and the lack of usage has nothing to do with the transit location or crime - it would still be a bust. I do think your post infers a hint of (poor black people are the problem and they scare the white people away). which isn't true, it was a failed plan and a failed design......stop trying to blame poor or "low-income" black people for everything damn thing. It's in the middle of the city and like any city, you'
  4. Now...now...you're dealing with a bunch of American Geniuses on that side of the universe. I might agree if he were referring to Dr. Suess (cat in the hat). Hell, I deal with technical legalize all day in the Energy Regulatory Cyber Security enivronemnt and it takes months/years for "SMEs" to make sense of a lot of the legalise. The average person would probably read 10 pages and be ready to a long walk off a short pier. That lol ranks right up there with a ton of wtf statements from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, circa 2016-2020.
  5. The entire impetus for the bill was based on damn lie, that there is voter fraud. It doesn;t exist, hell, it's hard enough to get people to vote one time. All made up by a a sore loer and snowflake D Trump. Cancel this stupid bill like they canceled Trump.
  6. I work in the Energy Biz and it's not simply a NC or southern issue with regards to incentives. And most state offerings are relatively modest, if any, so relocating for that reason is really moot. I understand the push to move in this direction but at some point, traditional market forces will need to supplant subsidies, it will happen long-term. But right now, utilities are under tremendous pressure to modernize aging grid assets, harden cyber and physical security and maintain reliability operations while integrated all sorts of new technologies, resources and devices. All the time s
  7. You're probably right, it's those submicroscopic particles or windmills that is causing the life expectancy of Americans to take a one year dip over the last year...or maybe the flu?...definitely not a novel virus. U.S. life expectancy fell by a year in the first half of 2020, CDC report finds (statnews.com) I do totally understand, it's a catch-22 situation, ignore the virus and counter measures to mitigate the virus, the death rate is obviously higher. Or deal with the "draconian" recommendations to isolate causing all sorts of other mental and physical side effects, and economi
  8. Nah, maybe it was a novel (new) virus that was learned about as things progressed, and like most scientist the new data created a new narrative and additional countermeasures. Surely you can't be that obtuse. And the reasons CDC has moved along in their thinking is due to advanced information about the virus coupled with more people getting vaccinated. I'll never quite get that myopic simple minded conservative slant on things.....Gawd it must be a miserable existence to be "right" all the time or make up shat to seem so...a perpetual echo chamber of ignorance.
  9. I agree but there seems an inordinate amount of GOPers who gravitate to conspiracy theories like a magnet, that have staying power, and develop into a mass worship of the ring of the creator. Then, toss in some contorted Biblical spin with it...and there you have it, a full blown cult-speak with underground symbols, codes and all. It's not that conspiracy theories don't develop, foster and foment on the left, but usually they fizzle out rather quickly. For instance, did Russia interfere with 2016 elections? Absolutely, but that's not why Hillary lost the election....it was her inability
  10. ^^^Wow! Those charts clear everything up for me, did you get these charts from Rudy? Seriously.....I wanna sign on, but..but.. what the hell? It looks like something we'd try to fudge on a Freshmen Lab report and get beotch slap by the graduate asst running the lab?
  11. Trump has lost, even if could somehow sway the courts or electors to initiate an autocratic maneuver to regain the presidency. Even if he "wins" he loses, seemingly something that he and his supporters don't quite understand or simply don't give a damn about. The entire democratic structure would implode, which in my opinion is losing.....I'm not sure why GOPers think, oh, let's simply beat the system to re-install Trump. If that happens, it's over, the American experiment will have failed, surely they can't think the winners will sit idle. And at some point in the process, it'll be too la
  12. Do they not realize he simply lost the election. No fraud, he got beat, good fashion by the way. Trump has claimed fraud for years, even when he lost to Cruz in Iowa during the 2016 primaries. This is his modus operandi used as a ploy to mask his inability to deal with defeat. He's bloviated conspiracy theories starting with Obama and birtherism, a hallmark trait of many gullible people on the right who have an insatiable appetite for tabloid and gossip untruths. It's a sickness that manifested D Trump and will linger for quite a while since the party's ideological principles of small
  13. Anyone believe if the final vote tallies show Trump has lost the election, kicking him out the whitehouse will be akin to getting all the crab grass out of the yard. Of course only Dems commit voter fraud and of course the count should continue in states where Trump is losing and stop in states he is winning. If he loses the election and all of the frivilous fraud law suits get debunked, he's still going to egg on his brainwashed delusional base to protest, etc. etc. This is brazen cult of personality and will take quite a while, if ever, to recover from Trumpism. Pre-Trump, the GO
  14. Not to steer the discussion but does anyone have a similar position with me? Let me provide the history of my position. When Trump "won" the election in 2016, I quickly assessed that this person did not possess the intellectual or empathetic capacity to properly manage the US during any type of crisis. And the first crisis that came along would result in an economic tsunami given his inability to set aside individual adulation. I think if he wins, it's going to be a much longer haul back to any sense of social, political and economic normalcy. He basks in "celebritism" and one week out
  15. Well, damn. You need to at least realize the SYSTEM is totally broken for Black people. The education, law and order, judicial, economic system, etc....absolutely skewed. I mean if you ask the average White American what does a thug, criminal, etc look like...well, there you have it. It was by design and often I use the fictional movie "Trading Places" as an example....switch the environment, switch the outcome. I have seen instances where (in Corporate America) White people have refused to work with Black people and didn't get fired. Really, a top salesman didn't like Black people and r
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