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  1. I’ll also toss in LA and San Fran > than Atlanta
  2. What does it matter if you get to where the hell you going? I guarantee, no matter how great you keyboard transit operations managers are, you’d piece meal it together as well…good grief.
  3. Good, but the problem wasn’t him, though a good scape goat.
  4. I disagree to an extent, most of us southerners/sunbelt natives have visited, lived or spent significant time up norf. Most of our cities are being built during a different era so it is virtually impossible to replicate that style, basically, it ain’t gonna happen. Myself, having spent significant time in the Northwest, if anything, we should take note of Portland, Ore and Seattle. Now that type of “new urbanism” is possible for pockets of sunbelt cities, which in my opinion, is just as good if not better than the quaint old Northern or New England urban architecture.
  5. https://www.denverpost.com/2022/01/30/regional-transportation-district-crossroads-ridership-commuting/amp/ Incompetence or a sign of what’s really going on.
  6. After all of that winded response you finally got to the crux of problem. MONEY. And I stand by my original position on bus ridership. It could be pristine infrastructure, frequency etc. most people just aren’t gonna ride the bus if they don’t have to, it’s who we are in the sunbelt. And now we have Uber, etc…they’re up against a serious head wind like other public transportation systems. Money will help but changing behaviors is a whole different ball game without major incentives. The only reason I took the metro to work in DC was because the federal gubment almost totally subsidized my smart card (federal employee). Otherwise, I had other and quicker options. Now, if you live in the city, it’s different the story but the majority of DC metro residents don’t.
  7. Tell us how you would “simply” fix it oh wise one? Every time you get these anecdotal solutions with no data, experience, etc….It’s a gotdamn bus system in a sunbelt city where even if the most ideal route, frequency, etc was available, 99% of the people with easy access on the route would still drive. Do y’all really think humans are driving most of the core operational decision these days? Really?
  8. Lol, take a look at RTD (Denver): https://www.denverpost.com/2022/09/01/rtd-free-fares-month-ending-activists-push/amp/ Maybe a free fare August? That’s what the “consults” are going to recommend after the city pays them a million dollars. Maybe these keyboard urbanplanet transit gurus got a quick fix? Oh wait, just fire the head guy, that will fix it.
  9. https://www.governing.com/now/washington-metro-is-a-transit-system-in-deep-trouble?_amp=true The entire system is in bad shape and it’s a CATs problem,y’all keep thinking that it’s ok other places, it is not!
  10. Got damn, how can you even justify with low ridership? The problem is everywhere and some of y’all just can’t seem to accept the entire public transit system in America is a mess and severely understaffed and underfunded. Maybe they should shut the entire thing down, that is an option. They simply don’t have the money, you can be pissed. The level of restaurant service is awful post pandemic, slow, shoddy service, etc. This is the new normal and don’t give a damn who you put in charge. Everyone wants to WFH, and for the most part can. Where are you going to find these new riders outside special events? They will ultimately get new leadership but the old model and guarantees are gone. And I don’t think anyone has a solution, it will take years to determine exactly what an effective model will resemble or one that is sustainable.
  11. Ok, back in the office like Centene? This is pie in the sky talk, all I’m saying is bring in all the thought leaders to Charlotte you want, the problem is beyond CATs and is national. At the end of the study, the result will be more funding is needed. How are you going to increase frequency with reduced ridership? That’s pure fantasy and delusional. Well, that ain’t happening if ridership is decreasing and federal funding is on other infrastructure. Do your research on sunbelt cities and the current state of mass transit then get back to me. …with all these glorious expansion plans. I leaved in DC for years, all over the metro area, next to Orange and Blue line stops. Its still much more convenient to drive than use the metro for the large majority of people in DC. I’m not inferring to throw the towel in but the problem ain’t CATs, it’s an American one…fix that, you fix CATs.
  12. What difference would it make? They are cash strapped like the majority of public transit systems in the US. This is a national problem compounded by a post pandemic model of hybrid and remote work. I think a lot people are looking for some kind of reason to replace one person which really won’t change a damn thing. …which indeed might lead to more downsizing. The funding and economic models have changed, there’s no way to force people back on trains or buses when you can sit on your hind end at the house and still get paid.
  13. Ok, but what does this have to with the entire public transit system in America being severely underfunded? Leadership really is in a tough situation given people expect champagne operations on a Budweiser budget, it ain’t gonna happen.
  14. Maybe, but what transit system isn’t? Even amongst some of the more ballyhooed ones..do your own research, the apathy is not exclusive to CATs, by no means. Nothing works better than paying a bunch of people with slides and brief cases to solve a known problem….even a greater waste of money and time, good luck. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/22621793/public-transit-funding-bipartisan-infrastructure-bill
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