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  1. I'm on Ireland Street. When I jumped out of the bed and looked south, everything looked pretty normal. Little did I know This thing was blowing through about 2 blocks north of me. By the time I got downstairs to closet under the stairs, it was pretty much over. I understand it was moving along around 50mph? Power just came back on today. Thank dog there was no damage. Been a refugee in East Nashville until today. My friends' house was barely missed. What a week. I was in Donelson in 1998, here for the 2010 flood and now this. David
  2. I always felt the same way about both getting out onto Deaderick or Charlotte and the confusing keypad. It was always an adventure getting in and out of there. But verrry convenient.
  3. Just saw this post and have been looking for a place to say that recently, I've counted 20+ cranes from my front windows; there may be a bunch more I can't see from here. Still, impressive!
  4. I hadn't seen that, but now that you mention it .. What caught my eye was the pool table in the break room. That would have gone over like a lead balloon in my fundamentalist upbringing. Amazing how things change over 40-50 years! What I really liked was the grand piano on the balcony .. since I've sold my real piano and now have an electric, I may have to stroll over sometime and do a little southern gospel for them. If the roof doesn't crash in on me when I darken the doorway! David
  5. This is almost exactly right. I would add Bolton's to the OG Tier (which I assume means "oh god!"). I've always thought Hattie B's was just an upstart that ought to go back to Franklin and Party Fowl has a pretty cool name, but still, another prtender David
  6. Funny - I went to the new ML Rose in Capitol View and got an indifferently prepared hamburger and fries to take home with me. It was nearly $15.00 out the door and I would have been a lot more satisfied if I'd gone to Wendy's. Haven't been back to ML Rose
  7. Channel 4 reporting that Nashville will become home to Amazon's East Coast Hub of Operations Who knew there would be an East Coast Hub of Operations *and* two HQs? I had heard on this morning's news that the governor had a major announcement today. David
  8. M.L. Rose is coming to the North Gulch - corner of 11th and Nelson Merry -- should be a nice addition
  9. Thank you both... it has been the hardest year of my life. We had been together 28-1/2 years, but I know with my "knower" that he's far better off now, and I am at peace.. still sad, but at peace. Now it's just me and our 20+ year old dog, Big'un... his back legs don't work anymore and I can't leave him alone for more than a couple of hours at a time... eventually, I'll be able to get out and about again, maybe even make it to one of the group's meetings.. in spite of everything, I still lurk around here to keep my eye on what's going on around the city.. I really appreciate everybody's comments about everything. Michael and I loved Nashville as if we were both born here - he'd been here since the 70s and I've been here over 30 years, myself, so it really is Home.
  10. I haven't posted anything in a long time.... my partner, Michael, passed away back in June and I've been keeping a pretty low profile everywhere.. I've been watching 505 go up and just thought I'd share a view of it from the north side.. it's not the best (after dark, cell phone camera, etc)... but still, it gives an idea of the impact on the skyline from this direction (near the Farmer's Market). David
  11. Agreed about the Maxwell House -- there's nothing wrong with it, but location wise, not bad, being a straight shot down to those state parking lots.. it's going to be tough on everybody to walk from there, considering you have the kids with you. Getting across James Robertson won't be so bad - just a long haul with the kids.. As for the courthouse lawn, not a bad idea.. and there will be lots of stuff going on there beforehand. The kids will enjoy playing in the pools there. We walked down a couple of years ago and staked out spots at the top of 1st Avenue around the Gay St intersection and that was pretty good. The earlier you get there the better. Still, I'd bet it would be better than taking the kids down into the middle of everything! Hope you all have a blast! It really is the greatest show on Earth! Be sure to bring a radio so you can tune in the symphony playing along with the fireworks..
  12. Definitely consider parking near the Farmers Market if you can - say, in the state employee parking lots just on the North side of the railroad tracks.. it's not a bad walk at all and you'll be glad you did it when you see all the poor schmoes trying to get out of the parking garages and lots downtown. If you park in that area, you'll be in your car and out of town before the ones down there even get to the interstate...
  13. I've seen the historical marker for Heiman's house but this is the first photo I've seen of it. What a shame there aren't still lots of those little gems along that street!
  14. The church where Ocean Way is now used to be Tony Alamo's cult/church. I worked in the travel agency behind it at the corner of 16th and Edgehill. I'll never forget the day the federal agents swooped down on that place.. the area was afloat in big, black SUVs and there were dark-sunglass-wearing suits all over the place, talking into their cuffs, before they went in and took over. I don't think they found Tony's dead wife that day - maybe she had already been resurrected? That was an exiting day, for sure!
  15. With regard to United Airlines, we learned yesterday that they're replacing their pint-sized regional jets with real grown up jets - I don't know if foretells anything about possible non-stop service to the west coast, but to me it hinted at a stronger presence here..
  16. That's right - we're at the top of the hill - great views... been there since day one 11 years ago.. It's tucked away there so that you have to know how to get there in order to go through. Thanks for going the right direction on that one way, by the way!
  17. I think you're right about that.. with the new development going in on Rosa Parks across from the Farmers' Market, we're disappointed to be losing the view of the market and the Bicentennial Mall beyond (in fact, we're afraid we're going to feel closed in)... but we are looking forward to a bump in the property values, so we're certainly not complaining!
  18. now that you mention it, I seem to recall that too.. It'll be nice to have two options at last if that turns out to be the case...
  19. Here's what I took away from the Nextdoor discussion: Although, the discussion about Value vs Mainstream, etc seemed pretty up in the air - no definitive response from the Kroger rep, but it does seem odd that a "Value" store would have sushi and full service seafood departments. I see a lot of negative comments about the Rosa Parks Kroger here and in other forums (especially Nextdoor!) and I don't get it. We've been shopping there for nearly 11 years and have seen lots of positive changes in the store over that time. When we first moved to the neighborhood, the store was run-down, unclean and loaded up with sullen, unhelpful employees. Something has happened because the service and overall attitude of the staff at the store has improved markedly; I never have any problem getting assistance from most everybody that works there.. The place is a mess right now, with all the construction going on, but that's to be expected, I suppose. They can't exactly close down the store to do the remodel. I remember when they were remodeling the Kroger in Donelson 15 or so years ago and it was a mess, too.. I had hoped we would get a Harris Teeter in Capitol View and that that would cause Kroger to up their game.. looks like that's not going to happen and if Publix goes in on Demonbreun Hill, who's to say what we'll get. Could be a Whole Foods for all I know -- which means we'll continue shopping at our Kroger for the most part! David
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