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  1. MidTowne Village Development Updates

    Yeah, I was hoping my comment would generate some kind of reporting too. Here's a link to the recently awarded LIHTC projects:
  2. I want....

    Tax credits for this project got approved a couple of weeks ago. This should be a go at some point in the relatively near future.
  3. Klingman's Warehouse See page 9. It is a 45 year commitment to get full points awarded. Virtually all applicants will extend their commitment to LIHTC standards to win these points. The minimum commitment is 30 years.
  4. Arena South

    I like that lot 5 is split in two with a new street. Short blocks, yes please!
  5. I bet it will look just like Brookstone's Metropolitan Park apartments down on ionia, built on top of the church. I tought that building looked okay when it was new, but now I think it looks kind of dirty; like it needs a power wash or something. I'm glad to see Brookstone do a project outside of downtown. It will be nice to have some LIHTC apartments in this neighborhood, however I am definitely in the camp that believes downtown is becoming overwhelmed by income restricted apartments.
  6. THE Downtown Market updates

    It always seemed to me that 131 and 196 were kind of redundant from their intersection to the Burton street exit for 131 and the Chicago exit for 196. Between those two points we have 2 highways running parallel to one another only 1.5 miles apart. There is a little tributary to the Grand that intersects 131 near Burton and creates a natural ROW. Why not follow the creek and combine 131 and 196 until we get to the big junction downtown? Tear up 131 from Burton to 196 and keep 131 North from there. See thumbnail. We’d still have plenty of highway off-ramps near downtown, so the office community couldn’t complain too much about highway access. We’d free up tons of real estate in central downtown, remove the S-curve and connect the urban market to ITP Central station/Amtrak.
  7. I wonder if this is connected to Zondervan's move
  8. technologies of the future

    This technology could potentially solve a lot of the world's problems. In January, two Italian scientists announced they had invented a reactor that fuses nickel and hydrogen nuclei at room temperature, producing copper and throwing off massive amounts of energy in the process. Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi demonstrated their tabletop device before a standing-room-only crowd in Bologna, purportedly using 400 watts of power to generate 12,400 watts with no hazardous waste. They told observers that their reactors, small enough to fit in a household closet are able to produce electricity for less than 1 cent per kilowatt hour.
  9. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    The contest runs from September 23 though October 10 I'd like to know why they picked Leonard, College, Wealthy and Straight/Alpine for the boundaries. I'd like to submit my front yard as a venue, but I don't quite fit...
  10. The Watering Hole

    Does anyone know when the South Division road work will be finished? I drove it today and it is still a huge mess. I don't know how they could hope finish before winter.
  11. MidTowne Village Development Updates The dentist was the first to close on one of 33 units in the brown brick Park Row condominium complex. ... With crews putting the finishing touches on 18 sold Park Row units, Burton's was one of three that received a final occupancy permit last week. Great news. This project looks fantastic, hopefully we'll see more like it after the real estate market corrects.
  12. I don't think it will be the biggest, the tallest or the most expensive, but the concert venue and retail/restaurant piazzas will be the biggest cultural addition to Grand Rapids for a long time. ... If this thing gets built
  13. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Here's an articles that's posted on detroityes about a transit funding bill making its way through the state legislature. A bill starting to move through the Capitol could provide a piece of the puzzle needed to push forward new mass transit in Southeast Michigan and other parts of the state. The measure, sponsored by longtime transit advocate Rep. Marie Donigan, D-Royal Oak, would allow Michigan's tax increment financing law to be used to establish
  14. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Thanks for posting the report Rizzo! I had a chance to go through it tonight and I wanted to post my very random thoughts and the questions that accompany them. 2012 kept being referred to as the first year of operation. Is that a doable? Optimistic or pessimistic? I don