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  1. It always seemed to me that 131 and 196 were kind of redundant from their intersection to the Burton street exit for 131 and the Chicago exit for 196. Between those two points we have 2 highways running parallel to one another only 1.5 miles apart. There is a little tributary to the Grand that intersects 131 near Burton and creates a natural ROW. Why not follow the creek and combine 131 and 196 until we get to the big junction downtown? Tear up 131 from Burton to 196 and keep 131 North from there. See thumbnail. We’d still have plenty of highway off-ramps near downtown, so the office community couldn’t complain too much about highway access. We’d free up tons of real estate in central downtown, remove the S-curve and connect the urban market to ITP Central station/Amtrak.
  2. The contest runs from September 23 though October 10 I'd like to know why they picked Leonard, College, Wealthy and Straight/Alpine for the boundaries. I'd like to submit my front yard as a venue, but I don't quite fit...
  3. Does anyone know when the South Division road work will be finished? I drove it today and it is still a huge mess. I don't know how they could hope finish before winter.
  4. I don't think it will be the biggest, the tallest or the most expensive, but the concert venue and retail/restaurant piazzas will be the biggest cultural addition to Grand Rapids for a long time. ... If this thing gets built
  5. Here's an articles that's posted on detroityes about a transit funding bill making its way through the state legislature. http://crainsdetroit.com/article/20080623/SUB/806230336 A bill starting to move through the Capitol could provide a piece of the puzzle needed to push forward new mass transit in Southeast Michigan and other parts of the state. The measure, sponsored by longtime transit advocate Rep. Marie Donigan, D-Royal Oak, would allow Michigan's tax increment financing law to be used to establish
  6. Thanks for posting the report Rizzo! I had a chance to go through it tonight and I wanted to post my very random thoughts and the questions that accompany them. 2012 kept being referred to as the first year of operation. Is that a doable? Optimistic or pessimistic? I don
  7. I looked into this a bit further. Looks like the information that I got was a little misleading. Full time students that have children are eligible. SEC. 6. CLARIFICATION OF STUDENT HOUSING ELIGIBLE FOR LOW-INCOME HOUSING CREDIT. (a) In General- Subclause (I) of section 42(i)(3)(D)(ii) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to certain students not to disqualify unit) is amended to read as follows: `(I) single parents and their children and such parents are not dependents (as defined in section 152, determined without regard to subsections (b)(1), (b)(2), and (d)(1)(B) thereof) of another individual and such children are not dependents (as so defined) of another individual other than a parent of such children, or.'. (b) Effective Date- The amendment made by this section shall apply to-- (1) housing credit amounts allocated before, on, or after the date of the enactment of this Act, and (2) buildings placed in service before, on, or after such date to the extent paragraph (1) of section 42(h) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 does not apply to any building by reason of paragraph (4) thereof. http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c110:H.R.3648.ENR:
  8. FYI Students: On December 20, President Bush signed into law legislation (P.L. 110-142) that addresses the subprime mortgage crisis by making temporary changes to the tax code. The measure also includes a provision permitting households headed by full-time students to be eligible to reside in LIHTC units. This means students can now live in Metropolitan Park, The Globe or Uptown as long as they meet income restrictions.
  9. I think I like it. Want to see a few more angles. If the ivy is a big cost saving and winds up looking decent we'll probably start seeing it everywhere...
  10. Thanks guys. Too bad it's not being built on the grid in one of those cities.
  11. Does anyone know why the county is building a courthouse here instead of downtown or at least in the city?
  12. How much time would be saved if they shut it down? I think it would be worth it if the whole stretch could be completed in one construction season.
  13. Does the bill still need to be signed or is this a done deal?
  14. I'm still not sure this passes the smell test. All the original bidders for this land operated under the same set of circumstances and included a purchase price in their offers. Now the circumstances have changes pretty significantly. If the DDA was going to help, their incentives should have been defined in the original offering memorandum. Whatever though, I just hope something gets built here before the end of the decade. And hopefully the current developers have approached CVS about being a tenant. I don't see why CVS would go into this deal with Rockford, but not anyone else. Unless the drive through really was a deal breaker.
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