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  1. My hope is that Sears remains in the Friendly location for years. It has been a staple there for years and IMO fits nicely with the surrounding businesses. I dont see it moving or changing anytime soon. I really dont understand how people feel it is so sub par that it doesnt belong there (anymore)
  2. I'd be really surprised if it did... Another article I found on the topic mentions that the owners of Friendly Center are looking at other projects and potential to put their interests into, like the Heart of the Triad.. http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/stories/2...6091200^1442474
  3. Who actually owns the land that Sears sits on there? Is it Sears, Friendly Center or ? I know it is considered a part of Friendly...but that doesnt mean Friendly owns the land or the building. Just curious if anyone knows.
  4. I saw this on the news tonight. I was surprised to see this property up for sale. It sort of reminded me of when the Koury Corporation sold The Four Seasons Town Center. http://www.myfoxwghp.com/myfox/pages/Home/...mp;pageId=1.1.1
  5. I think that has been addressed by the multi-use lanes that run from High Point Rd through to the coliseum that were developed several years ago. Lanes change directions/purposes when traffic is expected to be heavy to easy in and out arteries to the events. High Point Road has always had heavy traffic...I doubt that this new village would really add much more to any existing traffic generated by people that frequent that side of town already.
  6. Im just the opposite. I rarely go to Four Seasons, yet end up going to Friendly (from Gibsonville via wendover) two -three times a month. I prefer Wendover to the Highway.
  7. I always felt it had a timeless look and feel. I miss woolworths (there and elsewhere) and never felt it didnt fit in. I loved scott seed and the ordinary grocery stores ....but I also love it now. Like I said, I never remember it being dated or having a dark period. We went there all the time for various reasons--and still do.
  8. I do not ever recall this "dark" period you speak of. It may be more popular now(perhaps because more people live in Greensboro than ever before) ...but it never had a period of time where it was not a major player in Greensboro's retail. (except when it did not exist) Remodels have happened, businesses have come and gone...but something always replaced what left and traffic has always been challenging there at best.
  9. I wouldnt say it is "just now catching on". It was how folks shopped in 1957. It never went "out of style". I was born in the 1960's and have been going there my whole life. Indeed! I guess the hope is that folks that live there will walk while they are within the Friendly Center community.
  10. We drove through this new section of FC last week. I was not impressed.
  11. Well you never know, Wal-Mart might want to have some of that residential land rezoned so they can join in all the Friendly Center Chaos.... hmm... ::flees::
  12. I agree. Nothing like it. (Thus my only reason for battling the crazy traffic from time to time to go there LOL)
  13. The only thing I find worth making the trip into the bad traffic of Thruway is Deweys. Beyond that, I usually skip it, and probably will continue to. I am not a shopper lured in by name brands and it being supposedly "upscale".
  14. I agree. My daughter and I had jokes when KMart merged with Sears that perhaps they would name their stores SMart...
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