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  1. ilektronik

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    Wachovia is trying to do this with the new Wachovia Securities setting up shop in the base of One Wach.
  2. ilektronik

    SKYE Condominiums and Hyatt Place Hotel

    the whole BellSouth Plaza building shook when it went down, I'm on the 14th floor of BSP (wachovia CIB land) and was actually in the elevator lobby and SAW it as it happened.
  3. ilektronik

    Northlake Mall

    I grew up in the DC area and remember Tysons Corner catering to more lower income/middle income families. I went back home to visit and stopped by Tysons and it has changed dramatically. I'd say it's still too soon to tell with Northlake, the area is just growing SO much right now.
  4. ilektronik

    Charlotte Off Topic

    wow metro you must psychic mind powers... i was just reading about that
  5. ilektronik

    Charlotte Off Topic

    so VERY true i too am cultivated in a cube farm daily. at least though when it's sunny out i can pretend as though i'm outside in a green field playing my my mind lol
  6. ilektronik

    Charlotte Off Topic

    is it ever gonna stop raining???
  7. ilektronik

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    you should have walked in with your axe strapped to your back rockin' the eddie t-shirt, then bought some expensive antique and dropped right after you pay for it. as they stand there horrified you could just shrug and say "meh...i was gonna use it for my cat's water dish anyhow"
  8. ilektronik

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    that doesn't sound too optimistic...... ZING!! (sorry lame pun)
  9. ilektronik

    Northlake Mall

    Did you notice the lama farm about a mile south of the mall??? i always think of Napoleon Dynamite when I pass that.
  10. ilektronik

    Northlake Mall

    Do they allow viewers?????
  11. ilektronik

    Northlake Mall

    I have been to KaDeWee and was overwhelmingly unimpressed. *big yawn*
  12. ilektronik

    Northlake Mall

    i live a stone's throw from the new mall and can tell you that the whole area has spotty cellphone service. when i first moved here i thought perhaps cingular just didn't work well in charlotte, until i realized it was only the northlake area that has crap service.
  13. ilektronik

    Northlake Mall

    yea that feature is nice. my daughter and i have been bike riding on that for a couple of months now. i'm curious to see how "safe" of a ride it will be now that it is open to traffic
  14. ilektronik

    The Vue

    where is this sales office???
  15. ilektronik

    Northlake Mall

    my wife works across the street from the mall on Perimeter Drive and she said that it is all out insanity there right now. She said that a chick from her work took an early lunch and headed over there and it took her 40 min to find parking.