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  1. There was a fire in the Duron store back in January. Now Duron is temporarily sharing space in the Sherwin Williams building across the way. Maybe they are fixing it up now.
  2. This link didn't work for me, but I think this may be the new link to the story: http://www.charlotte.com/business/columnis...ory/312462.html Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. My hairdresser said she heard that Harris Teeter on Central might be moving over to the Family Dollar plaza so it could expand. Can there be any truth to that? I thought they were going to be expanding in their current spot and that is why they purchased the land where the former gas station stood.
  4. It is in the old Resettlers Marketplace space which is the building somewhere in between the Something Classic building and the Lunchbox Records building on the opposite side of the street than CVS, if I'm thinking of it correctly. I'm not sure if they'll be selling plants...I'm going to try and stop in there soon since it says they're open while they're stocking up.
  5. On my way in to work today, I noticed a new sign for the American Beauty Garden Center on Central Ave. When I did a google search for it, I found this: http://www.abgardencenter.com/index.html
  6. We went there last night and absolutely loved it. I had the Margherita pizza and it was the best (Margherita) pizza I've had. My husband had the Signature burger which is beef and lamb and really liked it as well. It was full of people when we went there and I loved the cozy vibe. It seems different enough from Hawthorne's that we'll still frequent both. I actually finished my entire pizza (which is unheard of for me) so I unfortunately didn't have room for dessert, but next time I will make sure to leave room because they all sounded great--crepes, berry cobbler, or wood grilled fruit kabob.
  7. On my way home today I saw the Intermezzo Cafe had a lit up OPEN sign in the window. Isn't Jackalope Jack's being redeveloped in Plaza Midwood though and not on 7th St?
  8. I think it's the spot that used house "Lucy" which designs children's bedrooms and relocated to East Blvd.
  9. Even if that were the case, it would have been nice if they put in those glass bricks so residents would at least get some natural light.
  10. I'm pretty sure that it is going in at Matheson and Simpson. I saw a sign up there for it.
  11. You know what building I find fascinating that reminds me of the vibe in PlazaMidwood? --the Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna. http://www.kunsthauswien.com/english/hwh.htm http://www.outbackphoto.com/places/2000/20...dertwasser.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hundertwasserhaus I can't wait to go see it in person in March! I love that it has a living roof, too. I'd love to see a pic of the Seattle building mentioned above.
  12. Are you sure that you are not thinking of a different store? CFT and Sunshine Daydreams are not even in the same building. Also I was just in Sunshine Daydreams last week and they were very much open so I just called them to see if they somehow just shut down and they did not. They asked me to please correct it on this board so that people do not think they are closed because they are very much open.
  13. I just got finished eating at a new restaurant called Foskoskies. It is in Luv B's old location on Shamrock in the vicinity of Country Club Heights neighborhood (right by Shamrock Garden Elementary and next to Pike's Pharmacy.) Anyway, they just opened up 2 weeks ago and it was wonderful! On my walk yesterday I noticed their new name on the awning so we decided to go check them out today. They did a great job decorating and definitely have an eye for detail. We started with their Crazy Goat Salad and pretty much licked the plate clean. The greens had crumbled goat cheese, sprouts, sundried cranberries, and toasted pecans. Everything in it was extremely fresh and the house vinaigrette was wonderful too. My husband got a special of the day which was tilapia on a bed of rice with mixed vegetables that consisted of haricots verts, mushrooms, and peppers. The haricots verts picked up the taste of the mushrooms and peppers and were tasty. It also came with a side of bread, which they make in house. I got a toasted cheese with fries. The fries were perfectly seasoned and the bread for the toasted cheese was so fluffy...they may bake that in house, too..not sure. They also have freshly squeezed lemonade which was a bit too sweet for my taste and they do french press coffee which my husband was thrilled about. I thought everything was reasonably priced. That meal came to $30 for the two of us. They said that everyone who works there lives in the neighborhood. Their menu also states that they are trying to offer healthy meals by not cooking with transfats. I'm very glad they are there because it gives the neighborhood a place to eat that's within walking distance. Oh yeah, on a sidenote...I don't recall seeing it mentioned here yet so if it has been I apologize in advance, but I thought I'd also say that Pearl (in the old Ethan's restaurant) is closed. We noticed that a month or so back. I wasn't shocked because the last few times we were there they were always out of things like wine and such.
  14. I was there last weekend. The biodiesel tank wasn't in it yet, but he was supposed to have it in this weekend. They also sell corn burning stoves and will deliver corn to your home on a monthly basis. The owner, Mark, said you can heat a large home for $60/month with corn (I think he said it was up to ~2500-3000 sq ft. although check with him to verify on the #). They also sell the conversion kits to run veggie oil in cars and Kirby and Kale over near CPCC on Indy can install them. He also said he knows some guys into solar energy who don't have a store so he may be carrying some stuff in the future for them. Very cool place and people.
  15. Oh, I've been meaning to go there. I am so happy that something else is there now....my husband does not like Schlotsky's so he would never go there with me. Now that space is filled with something that is now an option for us.
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