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  1. Frankfurt, from the top of Kaufhof, taken 2 weeks ago. The only real skyline in Europe.
  2. a closer shot, taken from the train...
  3. the battersea power station in london where they used to burn coal. this thing is HUGE. according to wikipedia it's going to be "converted to a commercial and entertainment complex as the centrepiece of a project to rejuvenate the area."
  4. from the modern La Defense business district in Paris the Grande Arche check out the external elevators
  5. Now that's a great picture! I didn't stay very long, just popped in & out on my way back to Charlotte from Atlanta. After seeing that (and other) pictures on here of that river/park I wish I would have checked it out, especially since I was there as the sun was setting. I will definitely go back and spend some time there when I get a chance, it seems like a great town. Downtown is very nice already and has tons of potential.
  6. Speaking of Georgia Tech, why is Georgia State's housing pretty much on Tech's campus when State is all the way on the other side of town? I heard those buildings were used to house the '96 Olympic atheletes? I guess State just worked out some kind of sweet deal on the buildings? I was checking out these two schools last week (starting to think about grad school) and thought this was kind of strange. I guess State students get a free MARTA pass?
  7. Nice pictures! Here are a few I took this weekend when I passed though Greenville...
  8. That's one hell of a shot right there, serhio79, absolutely beautiful!
  9. Thanks, here's two more shots from the south side of Charlotte...
  10. Here's a night shot of Charlotte, looking from the southeast...
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