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  1. Scott


    I'm sick of this crappy ownership. I wish the Bruins would move to another city.
  2. ^ Both of those pictures are very cool!
  3. ^ Parts of Roxbury and Dorchester Tim! Neponset and Cedar Grove, the part of Dorchester that I grew up in is quite safe. So are other areas but they are no bargain when it comes to rents. Fort and Mission Hills in Roxbury are also quite nice but expensive. EDIT_ I'd consider Quincy because you can get a newer apartment on the Red Line for the money.
  4. I think i took this picture while adjusting the settings on my camera. I call it... When Urban Planet was young...
  5. I have a love/ hate relationship with Boston City Hall. I love it outside and hate it when I have to do business there.
  6. Cambridge Street in Boston on a gloomy day from the Yawkey Center at Mass General
  7. Memorial on Boston's Public Garden to the many Bostonians killed in the September 11th 2001 attack in NYC
  8. Lining up for the Whale Watch on Long Wharf
  9. Excellent pictures guys!! B)
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