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  1. New Holland has most of its windows installed, they might make their October opening yet...
  2. I feel like the article was more about "not-SF" than it was "buy GR". Modern tech companies are pretty far-flung to begin with as it allows them to pull from a wider talent pool. Companies that insist on butts-in-seats are going to be left behind in the recruiting process not only for the 8-5 requirement but also due to the narrow field of potential candidates. I happen to know the couple they interviewed personally and the article isn't kidding - he is able to make SF wages acting as a fully-integrated member of their team while living in a place where they can put that money to maximum use (and without the traffic!)
  3. I've just been hooked up with Lightspeed gigabit internet at Union Square. Their service is available in several downtown-area residential developments and they also apparently are offering 10gbit service as well. I know several folks were hoping for Google Fiber to show up, but it looks like we now have a local provider option that is offering the same speeds at a lower price. I have been in touch with the CEO of this company throughout the approval and permitting process with the city and the building. The guy responds to email/tweets/phone calls nearly immediately and is excited about interfacing with the public. Try doing that with the CEO of Comcast I've only been running this for a few days but so far so good, the speeds are what they advertise and my experience with their support has been excellent. I'm hoping this is the start of what Google said was their intention: forcing the national providers into upgrading their systems and offerings, or creating market awareness allowing startups to enter into markets previously dominated by the major providers with a differentiated product. At the end of the day, Google's efforts have paved the way to allow this to happen, so while we never did get Google fiber in town, some GR residents do now have a similar option at a competitive price.
  4. That entire Sketchup collection of buildings looks fantastic. Is that drawing with models publicly available anywhere?
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