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  1. You are absolutely right when you say that negative attention always gets the press and not the positive. My point in my previous posts has nothing to do with perceived notions of the North End or any other area in the city. There are plenty of areas in Northeastern cities that are way more culturally diverse than any area in Hartford. They balance each other out and are a lot more functioning than an area that is overwhelmingly populated by one ethnic group. Savin Hill in Boston, the Armory in Providence, Forest Park in Springfield, and Brooklyn are all areas of cities that have extremely diverse populations. They function better cohesively and attract people from all segments of the population. Hartford lacks diversity. I'm not afraid of living in an area where cultural differences are the norm. I prefer it. I have white,black, Puerto Rican, and Dominican, and Cambodian neighbors. I like that. There are areas of Providence where one culture dominates. Broad St. is 75% Dominican and I would never live there. I wouldn't feel comfortable.However, the majority of Providence is very integrated and culturally diverse and that's what, in my opinion, is crucial in the success of a city. That's one of the reasons I don't still live in Hartford today. When I lived there, I felt like I lived in the middle of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico with all the violence, drugs, and poverty. I didn't feel welcome. I'm different. I'm gay, white, essentially raised by Puerto Ricans, well-raised, and not a flamer. Where do I fit in? Where do I feel comfortable?
  2. Boston metro has 2 X the population of all of CT.
  3. No, it's a bad idea for Connecticut. It's another example of poor urban planning techniques on the part of the state. ...... Refer to my post on Utopia. You can't develop projects that will directly compete with other ones in your own state. Bad move....but one that has consistently played itself out for years in CT.
  4. No more posts in the Hartford forum for me.....Don't want to get banned...No insults to Connecticut I made.Thought it was funny I did...Oh well, I'll stick to arguing with Garris. LOL
  5. Overrated, Overpriced, and not really a good area...Beautiful homes if you like living in a bubble ! Cranston Street has neighborhood services if you like living on the edge!! ( drugs , crime, neglect ) The area establishments cater to mostly Hispanics and Asians..If you have a car, you may not mind. On the other hand, Elmhurst is the same way with scattered neighborhood merchants. You really can't walk to the store unless you live close to one of the clustered blocks..However, the area is probably one of the best areas in the city other than the East Side neighborhoods...and the price is a lot cheaper!!
  6. I think that developers and commercial lenders want to see the feasibility of these projects in a market like Providence before they go ahead with major financing of new mega projects. Hopefully, these projects will all succeed and spur new growth. These lenders and developers want to know that this boom is real and not someone trying to make a fast buck ..( like Vinny Mesolella )!When the groundbreaking for 110 and the new Westin take shape, people will gather an idea if the market will be able to sustain all this new growth..I don't think anyone should be concerned with a slowdown of progress. If these new projects in progress produce results, new development proposals will follow where other ones have died.It's a spinoff effect..BTW..Keep in mind that the majority of these developments are privately financed and not by the State or city.
  7. The suspense is killing me!! I would really like to see something with " HEIGHT " built in this city. We need 1 or 2 more buildings other than 110 Westminster to give us a true metro feel to passerbys. Give them a reason to get out and explore..A 200' building will not grab the attention of Rt. 95 travelers..Providence is a much better city but lacks the skyline that Hartford and New Haven have...I'm sorry to say it, but it's true !! BTW...I am not instigating..I know the prov. vs. Hart. thread is over.
  8. The massive building behind Brooklyn Tea House is almost complete. I can't wait to see how this looks in the area... Smith Hill is the next great area of Prov. to be discovered..I love living here. The walkability factor to Downtown is numero uno. I think in the coming years this will be a hot area...as well as Chalkstone Avenue and Mt. Pleasant....( 2 underutilized underappreciated vibrant ethnically diverse urban neighborhoods ) One can only hope and have visions..BTW..The Castle Cinema on Chalkstone Avenue has just opened again under new ownership!! tHIS IS GREAT! I remember coming here in the 80's and early 90's for .99 matinees on Wednesdays.The place was always packed. I always said that when the Castle closed so did the neighborhood. Hopefully, it can be regained back to its original splendor that I remember as a child. I think that even with its problems, it is still an economically vibrant walkable area. There are banks, restaurants, convenience stores, pizza parlors,pharmacies, bakeries, florists, liquor stores, specialty stores, and even a supermarket within the 1/4 mile block from River Ave. to Academy Ave...There are not many if any other areas in Prov. with that type of diversity in a walkable neighborhood.
  9. I don't know where you live, but parking is a real deterrent for some people when it comes to moving in a certain area. This city has not yet established a satisfactory transportation system to allow many people to turn in their cars and commute on public transportation. If there is no adequate parking, many people will forgo that living space for somewhere else..This has happened to me before when I contemplated moving to the West End.I commute daily to Quincy, MA. If there is no parking space, I am not moving there.The point of my comment was,Ruchele, that the thought processes of government is changing.Prov. has been under a Mafia dictatorship for way too long. Cicilline is changing our reputation and making certain decisions to propel economic activity....and yes, the parking dilemma does pose an issue when it comes to economic development.It's the main reason that people from outlying areas of R.I won't visit the capital city.They assume it will be a hassle.It is why certain professionals that WANT to live here and commute daily don't choose some of Prov.'s denser neighborhoods!!!!!(Federal Hill, West End, Smith Hill)It's the main reason Joey ( Mafia Boss ) Paolino wants to knock every angel love historic building down to build a parking lot or a garage!!!And 1 more thing...If you think that revenue from tickets doesn't matter, then why is it always in Projo how much the city is owed in unpaid tickets? The police don't patrol the East Side Ruchele! They only RESPOND to their calls!!The other 150k residents that live on the "other side" are ticketed because the police patrol their streets. P.S. ....If parking were allowed on the street, it would certainly slow some of the as^$^#%#%^hole drivers that live here....It most certainly would NOT cause more of a problem...
  10. That is ahuge problem here and always has been!!!The city is not going to throw this $$$$ away until some tax producing revenue comes in to offset this.I posted an earlier article @ 3 things that Prov. can do to jumpstart its economy.There are cities 5X's bigger than us and just as dense that do not have parking bans...Parking should be allowed on one side of every street MINIMUM!!!Boston and Philadelphia are denser cities and they don't have parking bans...Prov. is too small a city to void the parking ban and lose revenue unless some big contributors to the tax base come in.Hopefully, with G-Tech and other new development,we can expand our tax base...I think that Cicilline understands this and is working on getting it done.In the past, and to some extent here and now,there are many old-fashioned NIMBY typical R.I. residents that don' feel comfortable with change.Cicilline is in the process of changing the zoning laws...#1 priority...Market to developers and businesspeople about Prov. being a happening city...Encourage Smart Growth development in the city and foster local businesses to take flight...We are such a small city that with 2 or 3 major players investing in our city ,I truly believe that we would be able to afford that revenue loss an move forward!!I'm so excited @ all this new development.I hope this can be a catalyst for good things to come.
  11. Hello everyone...I've been scanning these posts and forums for awhile now.Everything is pretty interesting and urban studies is one of my favorites.As a native Providence man who lives on Smith Hill ( the other side ),I feel compelled to give my opinion which not too many people share.(according to these posts).I am fascinated with how Prov. has developed nicely and is fast becoming an urban center.However, the vast majority of these projects is producing high-end or luxury spaces.Providence is a working class city and the economy of our state is not sufficient enough to uphold the saturation of these planned projects.I am not being negative.I love my city. However,one must look at the truth.Our neighborhoods are substandard.We do not have an adequate retail base in our neighborhoods.The majority of these discussions focus on a population that is less than 10% of Prov. totals.I think it is absolutely ridiculous for the people on the right side (i.e.other areas of Prov.) to complain about shopping plaza designs and building height designs as if it were detrimental to a certain character of an area.I am totally against destroying some of the great historical architecture that we have here in our city.What we need is SMART GROWTH...Let me enlighten you on some things...Federal Hill has character as an area ,but many of the building there do not do anything.A tall apt. building with the right design will not hurt.There is still no supermarket in my neighborhood.I have to go to the " ugly" shopping plaza on No. Main.The plaza was built with a "Smart Growth" initiative in mind.No. Main St. is a dump and everyone that lives in that Summit neighborhood doesn't have their head on tight.They deny economic activity but allow a pawnshop to open.Downtown Prov. still needs a lot of work and transportation, not parking lots should come before anything.South Prov. has done a 180 deg. turnaround despite its reputation.It is arguably the most vibrant area of Prov. So as you see,there are many things that need to change in our city b4 we become this yuppified center.I admire everyone for being interested in our town.I know that the future looks bright for us. However, we should always remember that Prov. is made up of many different facets...and issues that face EVERY resident should be of more importance than some of these ridiculous reports.Only then can we generate enough economic activity to sustain our growth....Thanks....New User
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