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  1. Update from 4/22/2017 MSU has finalized it's design for it's new interdisciplinary science and technology building-Link to MSU's site on the project-. The building will come in at 6 floors, 160k square feet and cost approximately $100 million. It will be built in south campus near the southeast corner of Service Rd and Bogue. Site work is just beginning now and the building should be completed in August 2019. MSU has also finalized it's design on an expansion to its Broad College of Business, the LSJ just recently ran an article on the project: $62M MSU business school expansion aims
  2. From June 2016 According to our well connected and respected former mayor, the Lansing area will likely see a new GM plant built next to their existing plant in Delta Township. The article doesn't speculate on specifics, but another Delta-sized plant would mean a $2-$3 billion+ investment and upwards of three thousand jobs at the assembly plant itself. New GM plant likely in Lansing region, Hollister says According to Mayor Bernero, plans for a downtown casino are still inching forward: Casino plan 'slowly clearing the hurdles,' Bernero says Lansing's big upcoming development, t
  3. I'm going to try to keep this thread updated with the latest on Lansing developments. I'm going to begin by copying my last couple posts overviewing Lansing development news from another development forum where I keep the Lansing thread updated. From January - 2016 In Lansing: Sparrow is building a new 120k sq ft, four floor cancer center with an attached parking garage just west of their Professional building on Michigan Ave. The parking garage is essentially complete and work is beginning on the cancer center itself. Sparrow Plaza webcam - Christman Sparrow is al
  4. hood

    Lansing Off Topic

    The thread is mostly pictures, some are large. UP automatically resizes pictures though, so I don't see how that could be a problem. I can't receive messages here because I'm "MemberZ"
  5. <p>underconstruction</p>
  6. hood

    Lansing Off Topic

    The first building is the old Post Office. I'm not sure of the others I have an copy of an old map (~1925) I'll see if I can't find info on there.
  7. Recent pics of construction: Accident fund - New River Trail - New Chilled Water Plant (Making way for Accident Fund project) - Parking Garage Demolition - New Troppo restaurant - MSP Headquarters - The new City Market is also moving along with all the steel up, I don't have any pictures yet though. Here is one from Lmichigan -
  8. There is new 13,000 sq ft year-round City Market being constructed in Lansing to replace the current one. It is being built for less than $2 million, so something similar should be well within GR's grasp.
  9. hood

    Lansing Off Topic

    I haven't been to wharton a whole lot of times, but I've usually sat near the back of the lower level, and even off the sides you have a very good view, I'd imagine the closer seats, nearer to the center would be better yet.
  10. Construction progress on the MSP HQ, their a little over half done with the steel:
  11. Thats easily the best shot I've seen of downtown.
  12. Thats good, I always like to see new pics. BTW, I love that building, it's easily one of my favorites in Lansing.
  13. hood

    Lansing Off Topic

    The debt was forgiven and the new contract was signed as part of the same deal. I guess I should specify that the "non-compete" clause in this case only means that the city can't offer tax breaks for another hotel project. The deal actually sucks for Raddison too, without another major hotel downtown Lansing will continue to fail to attract sizeable conventions, leaving the Raddison's own rooms empty.
  14. hood

    Lansing Off Topic

    Yup, the city forgave millions in debt, then turned around and signed the non-compete clause again. That really pissed me off, I honestly don't know how they allowed that to happen, and I can't beleive people didn't make a bigger deal out of it.
  15. hood

    Lansing Off Topic

    There was actually a large Embassy Suites proposed for the site of Olds Park a few years before they built it. But there was someone on city council fighting it or something.
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