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  1. You guys are lucky to get the Prioreschi's from Columbia. They are two of the principals of US Development and have forever changed the city of Columbia, SC. They have brought living to city center when nobody else thought it could be done. They are responsible developers and were crucial component to bring Mast to Main St Columbia.
  2. Hello Norfolk I wanted to drop you guys a note about US Development and the Prioreshi's. They have forever changed the landscape of our Main Street in Columbia SC. When they came in the late 90's from NJ our downtown was a dump and people laughed at them saying "nobody will live down there". Now we have several hundred living on Main St and even more in our Vista area. They have invested a tremendous amount of money, time, and passion into our city and are very active in our city partnership and community. Congrats on saving what looks like a real cool building and gaining another developer who believes in your downtown.
  3. vicupstate - I couldn't agree more. This would be the most significant thing to happen to Main Street Columbia and a real feather. I have heard the same rumblings that it is Mast looking to purchase the Louries Bldg.
  4. I can't wait for it to open to check it out. Looks like a great asset for Columbia
  5. Looks like the fire station is getting ready to gear up http://www.thestate.com/nation/story/421796.html
  6. Rising High has paper on the windows and said it was closed for remodeling. Anyone know anything? Maybe they will make it a Congaree Grill like 5 pts one? It would be nice to have a little change.
  7. I am a little dissapointed in the look of the apartments. I drove by them today and it looks like glorified garden apartments trying to be urban. I was also surprised it does not appear to have elevators.
  8. I heard that Wachovia is suppose to announce on April 1 some MAJOR exterior and interior renovations to 1441 Main (across from Art Museum) and making it their HQ for Cola
  9. Why is Finlay asking what is being done about the homeless? Isn't that City Councils Job to figure out? What is he doing about it? His buddy Tomlin pretty much screwed up the centralized homeless shelter. So what, don't invest money on Main St until the homeless issue is resolved? You cannot stop economic development until all the problems go away. If you look at Main Street from 7 years ago until now - it has made tremendous strides - especially since no TIF was created to help spur growth in that area and no development corporation helping make deals happen.
  10. comingtocolumbia - I have never seen Main Street so crowded - entertainment was great and it was great to see what Main St. can become. Hope they keep up the momentum
  11. Man - I think everything in the Vista is starting to look the same. I would like to see some flair - but the design group at the city might not accept that I guess?
  12. This looks like it will be a fun event. I may be out of town- but hope I can make it Urban Tour 07
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