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  1. News clipping deleted A pic of mine of the Square My fav square too BTW
  2. It's an exciting time in the life of this city. Identified as one of the top 10 hot spots for entrepreneurs, Savannah is attracting many new businesses that will add vibrant growth to the city. According to the University of Georgia Terry School of Business "Georgia Economic Outlook for 2006," the job growth rate in Savannah is nearly double that of the rest of the state. This influx of newcomers also brings new ideas and a major reinvestment in downtown. The City Market parking garage seen from the third floor of the former Savannah Morning News building will soon be torn down to make way for an underground parking garage. Plans are to renovate the building into upscale retail and residential space The demolition of a central portion of the former Savannah Morning News building on West Bay Street creates a wide opening in the city block between Whitaker and Barnard Streets. Plans are to renovate the building into upscale retail and residential space. Architecturally, we have seen this new thinking translate into more contemporary design influences and a greater trend towards more mixed-use development. While Savannah is no stranger to contemporary design with influences like the Savannah College of Art and Design, it is somewhat of a departure from the new architecture we have seen over the last 10 years. A move toward a more modern aesthetic is something that needs to be carefully studied and considered in order for it to fit in with the rich context and architectural styles that exist in Savannah today. Fortunately, the City's Historic Review Board and organizations like the Historic Savannah Foundation are mindful of this. Their scrutiny and vigilance will ensure that Savannah never loses its historic character even as it moves into the future. In the year ahead all indications are that quality mixed-use development will reach out in new directions. We should see several projects getting underway that will continue to add to Savannah's architectural tradition and to the vitality of the city. Over the past few years, we've watched mixed-use development and redevelopment move west from downtown into the area south of Liberty Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Barnard Street. In 2006, a push east may match the development initiative on the west side. The redevelopment of Trustee's Garden at the east end of Bay Street will transform the 7-acre site from its current mix of deteriorating commercial and former industrial buildings to a vibrant mixed-use development. The development of the President Street extension will also continue this push west toward the Islands. Other notable mixed-use projects range in size from the massive redevelopment of Ellis Square and Hutchison Island, to smaller projects such as the Starland Condos by Lominack Kolman Smith Architects and our new Dawson Wissmach Architects headquarters on East Bay Street. Over the past decade, we have watched as our downtown architectural treasures have been returned to their original splendor at an increasing rate. Of course this trend will continue throughout downtown in 2006 as buildings that have outlived their original use are being slated for renovation or adaptive reuse. At the same time, redevelopment and new infill development for mixed-use projects will lead the trend in downtown investment. With so many opportunities, this year should prove to be full of bold and exciting projects that will add to Savannah's vitality and leave a positive mark on downtown for years to come. All this is happening where the yellow PG is located
  3. A few of the many many projects going on at the moment. 1) Columbia Place Residences at Columbia Place, a gated enclave of 10 opulent condominiums located on historic Columbia Square. The elegant style of the residences at Columbia Place recalls the grand mansions of old Savannah, yet these condominiums boast all of the modern luxuries of elegant urban living including two or three master suites, state-of-the-art kitchens, wireless Internet systems and much more. Residences start in the high $800,000
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