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    Detroit Off Topic

    http://detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?A.../708310414/1003 Welcome back the Lodge Freeway!
  2. Downtown Grand Rapids this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day. I love the clouds in this shot.
  3. wow, great picture Zissou...I think I just found my new wallpaper for my new 22 inch monitor
  4. Here is a shot of the Downtown Skyline from my seat in the grand stand at the Wayne State Football game.
  5. Here are a couple photos from Yesterday. What a great sports day in Detroit!
  6. When I move out of the apartment I am in now, I would like to look into something downtown, and always thought the Millender Center would be awesome. So yeah, if anyone has pics of views from it, that'd be sweet.
  7. Nice Tigesr pic! It's funny seeing all the people with their camera phones and digital cameras taking pics, lol.
  8. JeffM

    Detroit Off Topic

    wooo weeee! Downtown and CoPa were electric tonight. Kenny Rogers was masterful. My voice hurts now...Traffic was a pain...for some reason, they didn't have cops at the intersections they normally do. Grand River and the Fisher was a mess...it took 30 minutes to go like 1/2 a mile. It was a joke. Once we got out of that though, it was smooth sailing. GO TIGERS! It looked as though brighter additional lighitng was added to the Penobscot, and that a concious effort was made to leave lights on in the Comerica Tower. The Ren Cen needs more lighting at night...you could barely see it.
  9. love that pic Zissou. It looks like it was taken just East of that other one you took to which you made an HDR , or whatever its called again, photo.
  10. I think what is cool is when you are in Downtown Windsor driving or walking down the streets, you look ahead and you see all the skyscrapers in Detroit, and they look they they are right there in Windsor with you. Anybody have pics of that?
  11. JeffM

    Detroit Off Topic

    A few scenes were filmed on the campus of University of Detroit Mercy too. I will probably rent it just to check out our campus. I wish they would have filmed some in Calihan Hall, our basketball arena.
  12. Zissou, now you just need to retake that CoPa HDR shot with the soldout crowds they are now getting
  13. set is a relative word, but yes, it is supposed to be Detroit. The references to Devil's night is one thing that gives it away, they also refer to it as the Motor City.
  14. You know what movie really paints Detroit in a really bad light, is the movie "The Crow". Of course they didn't shoot it in Detroit, and it is based off of a comic book type story, so everything is always raining and dark...but it really paints the city in a bad way for those who haven't been here. It was made in 94. It looks more like Tim Burton's Gotham city. I haven't seen 8 mile the movie in quite a while, but I do find it unfair the judgements people make on the city. The All-Star game and Superbowl have really helped our overall image in the public. The problems are obviously much deeper than abandoned buildings and shotty road work and poor lighting...but the city is headed in a positive direction IMO.
  15. Are you on a Mac or PC?
  16. Here is one I took with my camera phone on sunday... Historic Calihan Hall @ 6 Mile and Livernois. (Really about 6 and Fairfield, bu that's if you want to get technical)
  17. Good work Allan, but I was wondering why you didn't add University of Detroit Mercy's sports to the Sports section. And for that matter Wayne States too, both are in the NCAA. UDM is NCAA DIV 1 and Wayne St. is NCAA DIV 2. www.detroittitans.com www.wsuathletics.com
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