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  1. Armchair Developer/Planner

    I been there and it is hard to move around for the people a lunch time.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    I think Charlotte has done just fine without Amazon, and it sound as it wants a big hand out where ever it goes. We have companies moving there headquarters to Charlotte all the time, so if we do not get selected, we may be lucky in the long run. From Charlotte Chamber of Commerce https://charlottechamber.com/chamber-news/recent-relocations-expansions/
  3. Amazon HQ2

    At the present time, Charlotte is in the process of adding over 5 million sq. ft. of office space in center city. Adding 8 million sq ft of office space over time would not be a problem for Charlotte. Our airport does meet its requirements. At the present CLT has a non stop flight to Seattle. http://clt.fltmaps.com/en As far as add 50, 000 people, Charlotte added over 110,000 in 6 year. I do not think we will see 50,000 workers at one time or 8 million sq ft of office space at one time. Amazon get a lot of College and University graduates for California. Charlotte sets in the middle of 9 Universities within a 1/2 drive of Charlotte From Forbes: Charlotte, N.C., is more often associated with banks than bots. Yet from 2006 to 2016, tech businesses in the Queen City expanded their job count by 62%, with 18% growth from 2014-16, the fastest clip in the nation. The new Amazon receiving center on Old Dowd Road at Wilkinson Boulevard in west Charlotte. The company plans to hire about 600 temporary workers in North Carolina this holiday season. Davie Hinshaw [email protected] http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/whats-in-store/article179087506.html
  4. Amazon HQ2

    Just for a business stand point, it make more of a case for a eastern time zone. Next why would you want to locate to one one of most expensive part of the the east coast, the northeast. If you look a airport connection, Charlotte can compete or surpass some of the cities favor. Austin Tx airport ranks 34th in the US, where as Charlotte is rank 9th. Only Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta and NY JFK are the 2 east coast airports busier than CLT. If Charlotte can hand the growth it has had in the last 6 years (110,627) I think it could handle Amazon. Charlotte would have no problem build 8 million sq ft of office space. At the present Charlotte is in the process of building and planning over 5 million sq ft in Center City. Raleigh in the last 6 years (54,988) airport rank 39 busiest airport in US. They would have a hard tine coming up with 8.1 million sq ft of office from a local developer stand point and finance of projects. I think only Atlanta and Charlotte are the two best cities to choose from.
  5. Amazon HQ2

    Sometime it is hard to see the forest for the tree. What the NY Times sees is the old cities as the right choice. I still say look at the southeast USA in the Eastern time zone. I am not in the know about what Amazon will do. I think they will want to be the big fish in the pond.
  6. Amazon HQ2

    But Charlotte gain more that 2 times the number as Raleigh.
  7. Amazon HQ2

    Between 2010 and 2016 Charlotte Gain the population of 110,627. So I think it could handle Amazon.
  8. Independence Corridor

    Southestern NC does not get much love from NCDOT. I know, I lived down there for 23 years
  9. The Good News Report

    Charlotte was the largest city on the list.
  10. Amazon HQ2

    I do not think it will be a coastal city due rising ocean waters.
  11. Triangle Economic News

    Raleigh & Charlotte will still grow with or without Amazon. Be careful for what you wish for. https://www.bisnow.com/national/news/office/sleepless-over-seattle-why-cities-need-to-think-hard-about-amazon-hq2-80072?rt=48709&utm_source=MorningBrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20171012_charlotte_morningbrief&be=kj%40charlottehomes.com
  12. Amazon HQ2

    Amen It will be in the eastern Time zone, in the southeastern USA
  13. Amazon HQ2

    What also would kill Raleigh is its airport. It is no where near the size of CLT . it is not in the top 25 airports in the USA it is the 39th busiest airport in the USA where as CLT is now the 10 busiest. It is no where near the size of CLT. https://www.world-airport-codes.com/us-top-40-airports.html
  14. Amazon HQ2

    Just for a business stand point, it makes more sense to place a second HQs in the eastern time zone. Well Fargo HQ in San Francisco and its East coast HQ in Charlotte giving it a 12 full hours of business. Well Fargo has more employees in Charlotte than San Francisco. I do not think Amazon will do anything different. You want the max hours you can get for for HQs being open. Where they put it is the big question.
  15. Amazon HQ2

    You will be a east coast city because that will give Amazon a 12 HQ day. Look at the south eastern US for that city. It will have a Mega airport and good interstate roads. Only 2 cities fit that bill, Atlanta and Charlotte. Both are on high ground. Discount any coastal cities or Florida due to rising oceans. In 50 years Miami may not be their due to rising water.