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  1. Nucor is the U.S. market leader in merchant bar and rebar products. Our bar products are produced in modern steel recycling facilities, ensuring the highest quality while creating sustainable value. Nucor’s bar mill network is strategically positioned with efficient access to all major and supporting markets, ensuring quick turnaround on orders – including next-day delivery in some locations. Our full range of bar products provides our customers greater flexibility for managing inventory turns.
  3. Will Wells Fargo ever move its headquarters to Charlotte? Its CEO has options. Since the California Gold Rush, Wells Fargo has been San Francisco’s bank. It’s history is part of California’s history. But in today’s San Francisco, Wells Fargo stands out more like a relic of history rather than a product of it. Over the past decade, Wells Fargo’s headcount in San Francisco has stagnated, while it has increased its staffing in Charlotte and other cities. Since buying Charlotte’s Wachovia in 2008, Wells has increasingly entrenched itself in the city that became its East Coast headquarters. Its headcount has grown rapidly from about 19,000 in 2010 to 27,000 today — the most in any city for Wells. The leaders of consumer banking and operations are based here. But the total headcount in the city is far smaller than that of both San Francisco and Charlotte, at about 3,700. And the cost of New York salaries and office space wouldn’t lead to significant cost savings in comparison to Charlotte or another more-affordable city. Plus, after plans for Amazon’s second headquarters in Queens fell apart, it’s unlikely that Wells would get a plush incentive package like those Charlotte has offered other firms in the past. In the meantime, with about 15,000 employees in San Francisco, “you pay a huge premium to stay,’’ said Dennis Donovan of site selection firm WDG Consulting. “I would take a look at considering moving executive offices out, including to Charlotte,” Donovan said. “It’s cost effective. You can attract all kinds of talent. It meets all the requirements for a headquarters.” Read more here: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/ne...#storylink=cpy
  4. Cleveland airport comes in at 44 busiest airport in USA and Charlotte at 12 in 2018.
  5. Burger King and they have some construction going on now.
  6. Caring.com is moving it's HQ's in San Mateo Calf. to Charlotte. It is hard to do business in the Bay area says CEO. Bay Area hiring is like banging my head against the wall, says CEO Jim Rosenthal.Source from BB Journal
  7. Telecom company signs lease to bring HQ to Ballantyne A fiber bandwidth company has signed a deal in Ballantyne Corporate Park as part of a headquarters relocation to Charlotte. Segra, the rebranded name of the merged Spirit Communications and Lumos Networks Corp., has signed on to lease about 30,000 square feet at the Woodward Building, at 11215 North Community House Road, according to Cushman & Wakefield, which brokered the deal on behalf of the company. The Charlotte Business Journal previously reported that what used to be Spirit Communications was eyeing a headquarters relocation to Charlotte from Columbia, South Carolina, where the company was previously based. Attempts to reach Segra for more information by deadline were unsuccessful. It was not immediately clear the number of jobs or planned functions of the Ballantyne office. The former Lumos Network Corp. already had its data center business unit based here, with about 30 employed in Charlotte as of about a year ago. Tim Biltz, CEO of Segra, said in a statement that the company is "delighted" to expand its presence in Charlotte and establish its headquarters here. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlott..._news_headline
  8. No city in NC can beat Charlotte on building office building in its center city. In the last year to the present Charlotte has had about 18 office building built, open, under construction , or pl;an. It could be more, I do not have a list or lost count.
  9. That will give Charlotte 4 Fortune 500 Companies Headquarters in uptown Charlotte.
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