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  1. No city in NC can beat Charlotte on building office building in its center city. In the last year to the present Charlotte has had about 18 office building built, open, under construction , or pl;an. It could be more, I do not have a list or lost count.
  2. That will give Charlotte 4 Fortune 500 Companies Headquarters in uptown Charlotte.
  3. CATS must have management problems.
  4. I live in a town in another state for 12 tears. It had only one office tower built in 12 years I will take Charlotte with office towers coming up like weeds. I have been in downtown Houston , Philadelphia, New York, San Diego, and many more, and all these cities had building that were not the best in town. Be happy we have 6 office buildings under different stages of construction in uptown. Not all of them will win a building beauty contest.
  5. If you do not like LU1, how about you build one you do like. LU1 will not win an award for the best build, but a place where people can work.
  6. I hope he gets a MBL team. Would be great for Charlotte.
  7. I think people around the country now known the value of Charlotte in banking. When banks outside of Charlotte plan to more their merge bank without asking for money to Charlotte , that tells you how important Charlotte is in the banking industry.
  8. The Lynx Blue line save Southend from being a place you did not want to go. It is a different place than it was 30 years ago. Over a Billion dollars have been invested in Southend. Now we are going to see how the north part of line will develop. So far we have see a lot of development near uptown. University City is now being to show some life in new development. It you put the LRT in the right place. it will have development like near seen be for in the Triangle. Who knows what will happen in the triangle in the next 50 years
  9. I think the UNC System would not help UNCC have a School of Medicine l and they did in would be 30 to 50 years from now. What we have now will be better that just waiting for the UNC System to move on a School of Medicine .
  10. Atrium Health has signed a letter of intent with Wake Forest Baptist Health and Wake Forest University to develop a partnership that would bring a four-year medical school to Charlotte. The groups announced the letter today and look to sign an agreement by the end of the year. “Phenomenal things can happen when like-minded partners, committed to the same transformative vision, come together in new ways to better serve our patients and communities,” said Gene Woods, president and CEO of Atrium Health, in a statement. "We can truly transform health care throughout North Carolina and far beyond." Plans include building a Wake Forest School of Medicine campus in Charlotte that would be the region's first four-year medical school. Few details are available about the impending partnership and what it means for each group's operations. Atrium said it is "the very beginning of in-depth discussions." https://www.bizjournals.com/charlott..._news_headline
  11. I hear today that contractors are have to go out of town to rent canes and operators. We have max out the number of cranes local.
  12. From what I have read, State of California has cut all business with Well Fargo.
  13. Urban Planet Charlotte Crane Index has Charlotte at 25 cranes
  14. I would not be surprise to see another Fortune 500 company making its home in Charlotte this year.
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