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  1. I know. It was crazy. I had been at my parents' house in Franklin with my wife and we were driving home to East Nashville. The electronic billboards said, "Do not pullover in the shoulder to watch the fireworks." Somehow that was ineffective. I saw a couple of police officers trying to manage the situation but it was very much a free-for-all
  2. Maybe they included all the people who pulled over on I-24, the ramp to Shelby Ave., and Ellington Parkway
  3. Aside from just creating new space for a park, what is the rationale for capping the river? Wouldn't it be better to cap the interstate? Or reroute the portions of the interstate loop that cut off East and North Nashville? I know it's (hopefully) just a design exercise, but this seems a bit out of touch
  4. Pomodoro is pretty good. I don't know much about Italian cuisine so I can't vouch for authenticity, but I can vouch for general tastiness. There is also Nicoletto's Italian Kitchen on Gallatin near Litton Ave. Never been there but... For Vietnamese, Far East Nashville on Fatherland is a mainstay. There is also the recently opened Babo for Korean. Another decent Asian place with kind of a Japanese/Korean/Sushi mashup menu is Nomzilla. Lastly, for Japanese/Ramen, there is Two Ten Jack. The Peninsula has been getting raves so if you're looking for European cuisine (particularly Iberian/Spanish), then you should check that out. So, I think the restaurant scene on the East Side is fairly diverse but of course it makes sense that ethnic restaurants catering to particular groups of immigrants would be clustered where those immigrants are mostly living and for the most part, the Murfreesboro Rd and Nolensville Rd corridors in Southeast Nashville are where a lot of immigrants settle and is where you'll find Ethiopian and Middle Eastern restaurants (and Latin and Asian and markets and groceries catering to them as well). Korean and Vietnamese are along Charlotte Ave on the far west side. I don't think we have a big Chinese population,correct me if I'm wrong, which is why Hunan Express is typical.
  5. This ignores the fact that density doesn't require tall buildings. The densest areas in the world--parts of Barcelona and Paris for example--are medieval. Most hyper dense cities are low to mid-rise and have only seen a smattering of high rise and skyscrapers tossed in the mix
  6. Hey, no worries. I'm glad you took the time to respond. I guess ideas like imposing and oppressive are subjective but I have a hunch that's what the design guidelines are all about, in this area of town at least. Considering that there aren't any restrictions in the CBD and we've never gotten anything taller than 600 feet, I think handwringing regarding restrictions and guidelines in other parts of town is misplaced. Not to mention that Metro hands out exceptions like candy. I think we are getting "what the market will bear/bare" anyway. We're getting a tall building along the riverfront where Market Street apartments were so...
  7. Am I the only one who thinks it's entirely reasonable and appropriate to have severe height restrictions on Rutledge Hill? And that this building is doing that one thing right? (Even if it's botching a lot of other factors like its relationship to the street and suburban style car access.) Tall buildings on that elevation would be severely imposing and...IMHO, degrade the beauty of the river bluff. I kind of think the new Belmont dorms are way too tall perched on their hill as well.
  8. I drove past it today and I think it looks fairly nice. Maybe pictures don't do it justice.
  9. Yeah, they should have built a glass box on top of a parking garage
  10. I've ridden them downtown a couple times--shouldn't be any dumber than riding a bike downtown. Except that time I rode it on a cobblestone stretch. That was dumb
  11. Metro needs to redesign the roads to slow down traffic so that scooters and cyclists don't have to be braver than Evil Knievel to ride on the roads like they're supposed to. Too many of our city streets are designed like highways and people reflexively (and selfishly, stupidly, ignorantly, cluelessly, with a sense of entitlement and outright meanness) treat them like drag strips in their two ton weapons. Municipalities all over the country need to be prioritizing everything except cars and, actually, begin making it harder to operate them within our cities. For our health and safety, our wallets and for our ability to keep living on this planet. Who's next on the soapbox?
  12. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2019/03/nashville-jobs-amazon-hq2-salary-do-better-law/584983/
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