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  1. Way to rub it in.
  2. From Vibrant, Safe 8th
  3. Wooooooo! Time to bring in the interstate and f%*& that s%$ up! Urban renewal/"progress"! “In Tennessee, plans for the construction of Interstate 40 were in fact redrawn to route the highway through the flourishing Jefferson Street corridor, home to roughly 80 percent of Nashville’s African-American-owned businesses. Not only did the construction of I-40 destroy this commercial district; it also demolished 650 homes and 27 apartment buildings while erecting physical barriers separating the city’s largest African-American universities: Fisk University, Tennessee A & I University, and Meharry Medical College.”
  4. And then run for president! Sorry, that was just a softball that I couldn't resist.
  5. Funny your picture didn't include the major selling point and the project's namesake--the power station across the street.
  6. I kind of agree, but I do think wider sidewalks would be a good thing.
  7. don't like Stix?
  8. Our continued reliance on cars as the only viable method of transportation is the disaster. Examples exist from around the world where car traffic has been reduced and businesses have thrived. If only there were a way to illustrate, some sort of picture that shows before where there were a lot of lanes for cars and then--stay with me here--an after picture that shows the area when it became more multimodal. And then there could be some To further back up the case.
  9. NO!
  10. Says the city that's the size of the entire county.
  11. That's a dumb regulation. Metro should get rid of it.
  12. I actually don't have a problem with the "zebra stripes." I think it's one of the more interesting garage camouflage schemes I've seen around town. What I can't stand is the ratio of parking garage to building. It's like half parking garage, and it just looks completely ridiculous.
  13. Just some photos I snapped yesterday.
  14. Man, when I read "subway", my first thought was this dude's crazy...subway? In Nashville. Then I realized you meant the sandwich shop. You must really like sandwiches.
  15. I said "of" the Westin, not "from" the Westin. But it was a joke anyway. Thanks for being a buzzkill. But, man, the JW Marriot!