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  1. Our continued reliance on cars as the only viable method of transportation is the disaster. Examples exist from around the world where car traffic has been reduced and businesses have thrived. If only there were a way to illustrate, some sort of picture that shows before where there were a lot of lanes for cars and then--stay with me here--an after picture that shows the area when it became more multimodal. And then there could be some To further back up the case.
  2. NO!
  3. Says the city that's the size of the entire county.
  4. That's a dumb regulation. Metro should get rid of it.
  5. I actually don't have a problem with the "zebra stripes." I think it's one of the more interesting garage camouflage schemes I've seen around town. What I can't stand is the ratio of parking garage to building. It's like half parking garage, and it just looks completely ridiculous.
  6. Just some photos I snapped yesterday.
  7. Man, when I read "subway", my first thought was this dude's crazy...subway? In Nashville. Then I realized you meant the sandwich shop. You must really like sandwiches.
  8. I said "of" the Westin, not "from" the Westin. But it was a joke anyway. Thanks for being a buzzkill. But, man, the JW Marriot!
  9. Why aren't more people complaining about how this is going to block views of the Westin from certain vantage points?
  10. It's hideous. Maybe it looks better in person?
  11. I shot this yesterday and thought I'd share with you Nashville nerds. I'd like to do some more locations in the future.
  12. Nope, just rectangles.
  13. I heard 70 story 'scrapers on every one of them.
  14. How many "upscale wine bars" does one city need?
  15. Damn! That is going to be a huge Men's Wearhouse. Is it a flagship store or something?