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  1. Just some photos I snapped yesterday.
  2. Man, when I read "subway", my first thought was this dude's crazy...subway? In Nashville. Then I realized you meant the sandwich shop. You must really like sandwiches.
  3. I said "of" the Westin, not "from" the Westin. But it was a joke anyway. Thanks for being a buzzkill. But, man, the JW Marriot!
  4. Why aren't more people complaining about how this is going to block views of the Westin from certain vantage points?
  5. It's hideous. Maybe it looks better in person?
  6. I shot this yesterday and thought I'd share with you Nashville nerds. I'd like to do some more locations in the future.
  7. Nope, just rectangles.
  8. I heard 70 story 'scrapers on every one of them.
  9. How many "upscale wine bars" does one city need?
  10. Damn! That is going to be a huge Men's Wearhouse. Is it a flagship store or something?
  11. Yes, I live in one of the newly constructed apartments, not in the core, but Mid Town/Centennial Park area, and it is indeed loud, poorly insulated (hot/cold) and most of all, expensive. I would never buy a condo that was stick frame. And I can't wait to get out of this crappy apartment.
  12. That's a great photo. Also, for anyone looking for a unique vista of the city, I'd recommend a drive or walk across the Woodland St. bridge (especially at night). The mini-skyline of Sobro really expands the downtown vista and for a few brief moments, Nashville looks pretty impressively big city-like.
  13. Don't forget the Westin!
  14. Kroger also has the store on 21st Ave and Blair (was developed by Harris Tee-tar), which, as the crow flies, isn't too far from Centennial or Charlotte Ave. I live in one of them new developments on Charlotte Ave. near Centennial, and sometimes wind my way over to that Kroger, rather than trudging out to the one further west off Charlotte.