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  1. Not doubting the veracity of this claim, but I'd be curious to see a list of these developments
  2. Putting this in the Coffee House in an extant thread where no one will ever see it... Your City's Wealth Isn't Where You Think (strongtowns.org)
  3. And no offense to you Smeagolsfree, but your decision not to drive into town to catch a show at the venue without parking is exactly the kind of change in decision making and behavior that minimum or maximum parking policies are meant to induce.
  4. Your example of Germantown is revealing because every new project there has parking, and yet the streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways, and every available nook and cranny is jammed with parked cars during peak hours. This should tell us something (a couple things it tells us is that people don't like parking in garages. Don't like walking more than a block to their destination. There's a glut of underutilized garage parking. Traffic in urban neighborhoods is people driving around looking for a space close to their destination). There needs to be a shift in how we build our cities to shift people into alternative modes of getting around. Doing the same thing we've been doing for the past 70 years will result in the same outcome. Mass transit won't be viable if there's no reason to take it because your car is parked in the garage attached to your building (or the garage attached to your house in the burbs) and your destination has easy parking in the lot or garage attached to it. Furthermore, it's hard to get the densities where mass transit becomes truly viable and sustaining when so much land use is given over to car storage. Show me an example of effective mass transit in an American city where parking is abundant.
  5. Constantly complaining about how bad WeGo is... on the other hand, advocating for MORE PARKING!
  6. Mr. Biden, Tear Down This Highway from the NYTimes
  7. Lol, they'd have to be pretty dense to buy that when it would obviously be just as much a tax on suburban/exurban commuters. But, hey, could be worth a try!
  8. You're right about congestion pricing being a non-starter with state government and, as far as I'm aware, it's not even on anyone's radar in Metro (kind of like purchasing the tracks through the Gulch before CSX removed them went over everyone's head except Rookzie's). I'm just trying to project optimism and thinking that things (local and state politics) can change faster than we anticipate
  9. But shouldn't people have the choice? Let developers figure out how much parking is needed. Let people buy a unit without parking if they want. Sounds rational. As opposed to the current system where we have an absolute glut of parking and owners and renters pay for a spot--or multiple spots--whether they use them or not. At some point, Nashville will put pressure on driving. Congestion pricing. No free on-street parking. Removing lanes. These changes are coming (slowly because 'Murca), but the status quo is untenable.
  10. If downtown (which hasn't had parking mins since 2010 I believe) is anything to go by, they won't be very generous
  11. Agreed that the transit system in Nashville sucks. But my point is that buses in themselves don't inherently suck, they should be a part (first part) of a more comprehensive system. A rail line, light or heavy, probably won't drop you off at your front door either. The bus is meant to fill in the gaps--going all the places where there aren't tracks. Rail service could suck just as bad as our current system if it doesn't have frequent service and doesn't go the places people want to go in an efficient and timely manner.
  12. Buses ARE a good way to get around when service is frequent and they're not stuck in vehicle traffic. Also, when not all routes lead downtown. Riding the bus is great. It's a great way to see the city. It's fun to people watch. There's WiFi. They have bike racks. They can get you home safely when you've been out drinking.
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