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  1. @titanhog When you put it that way...what is the average Nashvillian supposed to know that makes that scheme better?
  2. Why should the city incur any financial burdens to facilitate professional soccer?
  3. Wow, I didn't know 100 people are moving here a day!
  4. ^ I like everything you're saying here, but I'd like to answer the question of liking getting into cars with strangers with a "yes." Most strangers are perfectly nice and interesting people. Also, when you take the train/bus, you're riding with a bunch of strangers. Same with plane. Strangers everywhere!
  5. ^ Ummmm...it looks like it's going to fall over. Although, would that be such a bad thing?
  6. With no due respect to transportation engineers, they don't have any idea what they're talking about either. See Nashville transportation for evidence.
  7. Lol, I wasn't knocking the tall and skinny as a type, just the fact that it appears that the vast majority of new construction in certain neighborhoods is being gobbled up by investors and turned into STRs. Edgehill, Chestnut Hill, North Nashville. There's a common element amongst all of them as well
  8. Who buys a tall skinny duplex in Nashville to actually live in? I thought they were all AirBnBs.
  9. ^I'm sorry, did you say yurts? Also, I hope they leave the zip lines.
  10. Sidewalks run the length of Rosa Parks through Metro Center, but otherwise, with the exception of a few isolated bits of sidewalk, the rest of the spaghetti network is pedestrian amenity free. On the plus side, there is plenty of grassy edge between the road and parking lots to pave for future sidewalks
  11. That's just people suddenly realizing that Broadway dead ends at the river and they need to do a Uee...in the most Nashville way possible
  12. It's not really an opinion. Pro sports is a business. A team's presence in a city is purely transactional. Just ask Cleveland. I'm not disputing that sports is culturally and personally significant in wide swathes of the country. But it's also not a given, nor is it wrong for a population to feel blasé about its local team when the product on the field isn't all that great. I'm sure that longevity and team history and local economics and demographics and who knows what else play a role in how certain teams ride out cycles of good and bad performance relative to their fans' interest.
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