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  1. Or at least the soccer club where not as many seats are needed...
  2. Sorry, you got kind of lumped in with my response. You're absolutely the hero of the Transportation and Mass Transportation Mega Thread
  3. Vision Zero isn't something cooked up by the same visionaries as WeGO, ya'll. It's an international initiative (started in Sweden) that Nashville has joined with a mission of reducing traffic fatalities to zero. So maybe in a sense, it could be about tearing things down, i.e. the infrastructure that leads to 40,000 fatalities a year
  4. I questioned myself as I wrote that. But I think it might come down to how engaged and assertive any given council group is versus any particular executive administration. I think there is a lot of room in the framework for each to assert its will. But, maybe you're right, as the executive is staffed by full time people with incentives--time, money, legacy, to do that job, as opposed to the council, which is a body of citizen-legislators. Maybe I was thinking it's the other way around given the tremendous turnover in the mayor's office that Nashville has experienced since... Purcell?
  5. It doesn't hurt. Narrowing traffic lanes can help with traffic calming. But I'm not sure how you get more people to actually start utilizing the bike lanes. Maybe companies incentivizing not coming to work in a car, cash back for not using a parking space, etc.
  6. I think, by and large, "Nashville City government" does give a crap about public transportation, but you have to keep in mind that Nashville City government is council strong and executive weak. And the metro council is 40 members with constituencies in far-flung areas of the county ill served by public transit. Hard to get citizens and their representatives on board with infrastructure they don't stand to benefit from (i.e., they don't think they stand to benefit from). Not to mention, Nashville is a somewhat progressive city in a conservative state, the government of which goes out of its wa
  7. Oh good. I'm tired of taking my jet to Atlanta every time I want a new Lamborghini
  8. Whereas architects and developers used to be context sensitive and site aware--nowadays they're like ... "Money, money, money. YOLO!"
  9. Apparently we understood the flood plain and that the East Bank wasn't a good spot for intensive development. But nowadays ... YOLO! (Is YOLO still a thing?)
  10. At the risk of being too reductive, but also with the hope of clarification so that there is a common starting point for people to argue from, here's what the Metro Charter says about what Metro Nashville government does (the literal list is in blue italics which I provided): Sec. 1.05. - Functions within general services district and urban services district. The metropolitan government may exercise within its general services district those powers and functions which have heretofore been exercised by the County of Davidson or the City o
  11. Consider the source: "Townhall.com is the #1 conservative website. Townhall.com pulls together political commentary and analysis from over 100 leading columnists and opinion leaders, research from 100 partner organizations, conservative talk-radio and a community of millions of grassroots conservatives. Townhall.com is designed to amplify those conservative voices in America’s political debates." That is copy and pasted directly from the about page on the Townhall website that you linked to. Media literacy is increasingly difficult in this partisan age, but just trying goes a
  12. Um, OK. I don't think it's a question for anyone else considering you're the one who said that asking a certain question on the current census "skewed" results on prior censuses. To me that seems like a logical fallacy or space time continuum bending impossibility, but I'm willing and able to be wrong. But I see that we're playing games here based on what content isn't allowed on this forum. But it sucks that you can obscure political speech with purposefully vague language then try to deflect when asked directly to clarify. How bout those Nashville Bits & Pieces? Someone is building
  13. I'm just trying to understand, how could citizenship questions on the current census skew previous censuses?
  14. But the numbers, and framework, in the article that Smeagolsfree linked to come from Truth in Accounting... a Koch funded group. And never mind
  15. It is kind of like putting a band aid on an amputated leg (sorry for the gruesome analogy). But maybe it's the start of a larger process of restitution....
  16. It would be worthwhile to chop that up into Tweetable chunks in a reply to Bob Mendes. And maybe comment on the Nashvillescene page as well
  17. Well, Cooper has only been mayor for two years. And it's not like he can do this unilaterally
  18. ^ That map really makes it apparent the connections that were severed with the interstate. And that's just one small section
  19. I know you said "ONE of the main purposes" but, like the pedantic know-it-all that I am, I can't help but point out some other purposes, such as: accessibility--for transit, pedestrians, and drivers; proximity to other stuff people might want to do before and after a game; and inclusivity. The last might be symbolic and maybe not everyone feels this way, but the city is a welcoming place whereas the suburbs aren't.
  20. I came across this today and thought I'd share. Not sure how committed Nashville is to removing cars, but it did recently lower speed limits on all residential streets to 25mph. Some more physical traffic calming measures are needed because many drivers ignore the limits, especially on streets that are used as cut throughs. "Cars Will Take the Streets Back Unless Cities Act Quickly" https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/04/cars-will-take-streets-back-unless-cities-act-quickly/618615/
  21. Ruraljuror is my mother#$%ing hero Also, how about that Nashville economy eh?
  22. Without getting into a whole thing, transit will fail without walkability at both legs of the journey. Sidewalks (or some serious traffic calming) are a critical piece of any transit infrastructure. I should say, any successful transit infrastructure
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