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  1. Wow! It sucks that you had to spend the night in the hospital, but it was almost worth it for a view and a dramatic sky like that!
  2. ^ That's a massive building. Is it still standing? Excuse my ignorance of Vandy's campus, it's blocked by trees.
  3. ^ Good, so hopefully the city (and state) will get serious about mass transit. Downtown real estate is too valuable to waste on cars.
  4. I don't know, in South Korea there are brothels and peep shows everywhere. I'm not sure how I feel about this kind of moralizing through zoning. In the article, Mr. O'Connel talks about not wanting this kind of business in people's back yards. Well, in an urban space, one doesn't really have a back yard, and it's not as if the strippers strip out in the streets.
  5. Maybe the developer is really into poetry and didn't even realize that music is a thing in Nashville.
  6. I was just kidding. My name happens to be Phillip spelled with two. I will cease derailing this important thread. This project sucks! (Actually, I'm indifferent, I just thought that response was expected)
  7. And man, they are the most spectacular photos I've ever seen. You really need to get an iPhone.
  8. Eh, the tree canopy, Bicentennial Park and the Capitol are not a bad backdrop. Joe Scarbrough is kind of a numb nuts anyway.,
  9. Great shot, Chris. It's awesome to see this corner finally developed. It may not be Siggy, but it's still huge for Nashville's built fabric.
  10. I like how they are cantilevered over the side walk and the facade is brick as opposed to cheesy siding. Also, it's nice that the balconies are inset as opposed to hanging off the side of the facade and that the ground floor is lined with retail (hopefully that makes it into the final building). So even though the designs are super-conservative and lacking in any ornamentation, they at least contain good choices in terms of street activation, materials and quality. Hopefully the developers don't cheap out.
  11. Possibly, but I think the more likely reason is simply economics and there hasn't been any sound business model for anything super tall in Nashville. Tony G would've been able to build his 70 floor Signature Tower if the bottom hadn't fallen out of the housing market. That wasn't Metro codes doing.
  12. Great photos as always, Chris. All the updates are appreciated and so is the quality and care you put into your photography.
  13. Maybe the band will be in the studio when that happens (crosses fingers).
  14. You mean the democratically elected local ultra-left wing free-spending fanatics.
  15. Art Deco or not, it would be such a waste to tear down a structure like this and rebuild. So much in our culture is disposable and ephemeral, architecture should last. Buildings cost a lot, monetarily, materially and in terms of energy expentiture, it's downright stupid to tear down what's extant if there's not some legitimate reason to do so. This building is so much better, in terms of materials and quality, with whatever would replace it, that it would be a shame to lose it.
  16. A couple things. 1. Such a huge footprint and only one small section on the street wall given over to retail. 2. Instead of ground level retail, there are two vehicle driveways.
  17. Those are reflections of the same three cars on the street. You can see the crosswalk reflected in the window as well. I really like this design. I think it's an appropriate scale for the site. I like the massing of the gulch and think twelve stories is a good intermediate zone between the low brick buildings across the street, the 20 something floor Icon and the six story-ish Gulch Flats and Velocity. You guys should be flipping out about this thing. It's got a curved side! It's not just another boring box!
  18. Downtown should not be just for the top ten percent of households. And high rises do not equal urban living. Not every new residential building in Austin is a high rise, just a handful out of the dozens scattered around town are.
  19. Watkins would be nice. My only problem with this would be parking requirements. Unless it became a more settled student population with dorms and various public transportation options, I think you would see a flood of students driving in for class in the morning, then leaving in the afternoon. Not really a boon to the overall vibe. But if it spurred a boom in low cost housing construction, I'd be for it.
  20. I really like this. It's a good looking render .The possibility of a speakeasy-type establishment in the basement is a great idea as well as whatever event/bar/deck space is developed for the rooftop. I like this developer.
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