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  1. I agree with you Neigeville. However, I dislike how the uses are segregated in the plan that was shown in the paper yesterday. There's no reason to have the office buildings shunted to the back. They should be mixed in with the residential and retail.
  2. How does a building built half a century ago, or half a millenium ago for that matter, become "functionally obsolete"? Does it have walls? Floors? Ceilings? Doors? Windows? A roof? Yes to all those. OK, then it still works. WTF? Just sell the bulding and let a private developer gut it and turn it into apartments. I really despise seeing perfectly good buildings come down. Especially when there's nothing imediately in the pipeline to take its place. And some numbnuts in the comments section said it would be nice if the capitol were surrounded by greenspace. Has he seen the capitol?
  3. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="UTgrad09" data-cid="1249311" data-time="1356645330"><p> Nice meeting with you, Nashvillain. I haven't done a walk like that in quite a while. I think it froze my brain, though. The restaurant I was trying to think of was Zola. The chef from Zola started Etch (in the base of Encore).<br /> <br /> <a href='http://etchrestaurant.com/'>http://etchrestaurant.com/</a></p></blockquote> It was nice meeting you too and a nice walk on a cold day. Good luck in the new year. That goes for everyone else on th
  4. I just remembered I'm going to take my car to get new tires tomorrow hopefully early. I think I'll be able to be downtown by 11 but I won't know for sure until I talk to the people at the tire place. Once I know I'll update. Provence is OK.
  5. I'll be downtown tomorrow morning if UTgrad, Timmay or anyone else wants to meet up. Reply to this or send me a message and we can solidify place and time.
  6. I'd like to get together but like you said in not sure when I'll have time. Family takes precedence.
  7. Yea, it unfortunately reminds me of the Velocity in the Gulch. Both look like a hodgepodge of different buildings mashed together. This one is definitely the better of the two by a long shot, though.
  8. And your point is...? Street activation and the pedestrian experience aren't important? We can't have an urban design disucssion on an UrbanPlanet discussion forum? Endless whining about Nashville's fear of height and lack of supertalls is fascinating but criticizing buildings for their aesthetics, design and relationship/contribution to the built environment is out of bounds? I understand that you and I don't approach the city in the same way. Our concerns don't really align, etc. But I don't usually come on the board just to criticize your point of view as I'm mature enough to handle that yo
  9. I'm more concerned with what this development will do for the street level. Unfortunately it's another car-oriented development in an area which really needs to begin transitioning away from that development pattern. I wish Nashville had some big time developers who weren't such stodgy conservatives stuck in a late 20th c mindset. Looks like west end will get a suburban strip mall driveway and t.he other three streets will get blank walls.
  10. I guess they have a decent track record with streets cape improvements on Church and Deaderick streets. This project is on a much more massive scale. I hope they don't scrimp on the small stuff that will make the whole project come together and improve life for pedestrians as the whole point is to have more people out of their cars and on their feet.
  11. I really hope no one is seriously considering taking out the parallel parking lanes along the brt route. Unless thy plan to add some sort of barrier between the street and sidewalk.
  12. It's also worth remembering that developers are beholden to banks to secure financing and banks are pretty tight with the purse strings right now. Condo projects may seem a little risky and probably require significant presales. It may be awhile before we see any mega projects like the mid 2000s. Maybe a strong run of successful smaller scale buildings would get things rolling.
  13. Cool photos, Bigeasy. Welcome to the forum and thanks for bringing a camera. That's always a big plus for people like me who are separated from Nashville. What are the two apartments in the pictures right after the MCC? The first looks like Nance Place I think. Is the second also at RMH?
  14. Thanks for the pics Dmills. Careful with the picture taking while driving. Also, here's a link to an awesome Nashville photo thread posted over at Skyscrapercity.com. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1544993
  15. I know it's not forum meet time, but I'm in town for a week or so and was wondering if anyone on the forum would be down for a meet-up/drive/walk/photo around town some time this week? There's so much going on in town, I'm excited to see all the progress.
  16. And you would find a great home in New York or Chicago where you can have all the skyscrapers you want.
  17. This building looks more like an embassy compound than a hotel on a potentially busy, vibrant corridor of downtown.
  18. That's great news timmay143. I was always struck by the crumbling and decrepit state of 5th ave. versus it's relatively bustling activity. This is a long overdue streetscape improvement.
  19. Why is it surrounded by a concrete barrier? It looks like its being designed by the department of homeland security.
  20. Good and bad news for Nashville in terms of sprawl and urban planning. The bad, the Nashville Metro area is the least dense, most sprawling metro in the nation. Its commuters log the most miles and longest commutes and if historical development patterns continue, the area will add some 365,000 acres of formerly rural land to its urban sprawl-scrape by 2035. However, The Nashville area Metropolitan Planning organization has come up with a plan to condense that development to a more reasonable area as well as a host of other smart, sustainable features as it plans for the future of the region.
  21. Heh, the city looked a thousand times better back back in the day. The view from the south just shows what a tragically located, block-eating monstrosity the MCC is. And what an awesome idea that Newtowner, Bzorch and Cdubb had to bury that urban black hole so a real city could be rebuilt on top. Let's hope that all these proposed hotels come on line and the MCC truly is an economic engine for the city.
  22. ^Maybe, but that's only if you like the idea, or the current reality, of West End/Broadway as a vehicle choked entry/exit through-way of the city rather than as a more fully-functional urban boulevard that makes room for personal vehicles but also, and to a much greater extent, mass transit and pedestrians. If mass transit can spur greater density, there may be fewer people using the corridor to get in and out of the city and more people seeing the area as the ultimate destination. Businesses are often times wary of reduced vehicle traffic when the city comes in with plans to reduce vehicle la
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