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  1. same user name on skyscraperpage, but i never post on there, i just check in from time to time. i don't live in nashville currently so i won't be able to make a forum meet anytime soon, but the rest of the guys are a great group and it's always fun and informative if you can make a meet in the future.
  2. Great job Arkitekte! Thanks for posting these on Urbanplanet because I couldn't find them on skyscraperpage. I really like the photo from the occupy site with the dog and the state capitol in the back. That's a cool photo. I hope we can look forward to more photos from you in the future.
  3. The online magazine Salon has started a new series on cities called "Dream City: How Should We Design the Cities of our Dreams?" The first article basically sets the stage, outlining the shift in attitudes and reinvestment in cities, making a case that many of the big changes and big projects have been spearheaded by local citizens, rather than by governments and planners. The big problem, as outlined in the article, will be how to ensure that cities are affordable and not exclusive enclaves for the wealthy. Anyway, it should be interesting to check in from time to time and see where thi
  4. Cool. Looks like it was a beautiful fall day. You guys should be out there taking pictures more often. It's great to see cities all over the country coming back to life and people reawakening to the fact that it's actually better to live in a functioning urban environment rather than the suburbs. I mean, live in the country if you're a farmer, a cultist, or militia member. Otherwise, save the planet and live close together.
  5. Wow, just a few weeks ago Tony kind of sneaked back on the scene with a low-key announcement for a modest residential building next to Centennial Park. Then, out of the blue, he hits us over the head with three hugely ambitious projects for the downtown core. (or in his view, one for the downtown core and two for whatever SoBro is) I'm super excited to see this and glad that he's rededicated to strengthening the urban core and not sapping it with projects like Maytown. I'm not a height-monger like most on this site so 600ft, 700ft, whatever, doesn't really matter to me. I think this bui
  6. Another positive sign that the trend towards urbanity will continue. http://www.tennessean.com/article/20111030/NEWS/310220081/Designers-pursue-downtown-magnet-elementary-school?odyssey=mod{sodEmoji.|}newswell{sodEmoji.|}text{sodEmoji.|}FRONTPAGE{sodEmoji.|}p
  7. I didn't want to start a new thread for this and since new restaurants are a kind of project... http://www.tennessean.com/article/20111030/NEWS/310300050/Nashville-sees-an-explosion-restaurants?odyssey=tab{sodEmoji.|}topnews{sodEmoji.|}text{sodEmoji.|}FRONTPAGE This is great news on multiple fronts: namely that Nashville can support so many restaurants in this economy, that banks are lending and investors are fronting money for historically risky enterprises and that storefronts in multiple neighborhoods across the city will be occupied. Also, I'm surprised that rents in Germantown an
  8. Great update PHofKS! It's much appreciated especially since I'm not in Nashville now so I don't get to see all the new stuff going up. The wayfinding signs look good. The MCC is a beast. And the east side river front park is going to be fantastic. Is that a tower crane behind the red communications building in the downtown shot?
  9. Looks like you read NewsChannel 5's mind. http://www.newschannel5.com/story/14212979/20-percent-of-downtown-acreage-is-vacant-space Although the report doesn't give an indication of the boundaries.
  10. Really interesting photos. The terrain north of the river is wild! I never knew the geography was like that. It's amazing how tiny downtown looks from the air (the cemetery is bigger in area) , but also how built out the surrounding area is--albeit with a lot of one-story warehouses and the like. Cheers to the continued success of Nashville. And greater things to come.
  11. It's just a rectangle! WTF!!?? Since when did they start building buildings out of rectangular, boxy-like forms and not ovular, circly-like forms? Oh wait...since forever. Ha ha, extreme sarcasm. Seriously, the rendering seems OK, if overly large, but that fits in with the neighborhood, I guess. My biggest concern would be street front activation. According to the City Paper article, this is slated to have a coffee shop (wheeee) along the 5th ave. side and a restaurant along KVB (I think). That leaves a lot (seriously a lot) of blank wall along long stretches of lonely sidewalk. And g
  12. Put a roof over the scrap heap. Keep industrial uses in the city, on the river. (Properly regulated of course)
  13. No private developments in significant and sustainable quantity will ever come along in the vicinity of the MCC. Any hope of SoBro becoming an in-town neighborhood is effectively dead with the construction of this fiscally moronic monstrosity. It would be equally sensible to build a baseball stadium in the flood area. And while we're pulling out all the stops replicating urban planning's worst moves of the past 60 years, why don't we force a property tax generating, jobs-providing, good for the community and environment service--aka PSC--out of the county so the city can buy the land an
  14. How can the city and state start restricting developer's ability to build in the flood way (post-catastrophic flood), then turn around and plan a massive Atlantic Yards-type development right in the flood way?
  15. For realz. Both Centennial Park and Bicentennial Park should be lined with mixed-use buildings with ground floor retail; restaurants and cafés and civic buildings like museums and performing arts centers. The little side streets between Centennial and 31st already have a lot of residential; single family, duplexes and apartments as well as various offices and services but there is an opportunity for much greater density. I don't see the retirement building as a problem.
  16. I know this stuff's been more or less completed and open for biznass for a while now, but no one's posted pics yet. The Velocity is an arbitrary jumble of ill-conceived and bad-mannered rectangles made of a mish-mashed melange of mystery material (best architecture criticism ever). I think 1700 Midtown is miles better. I mean, the façade seems so arbitrary and non-rhythmic, with little bits of building peeking out here and there and some parts sticking up further or being wider than others. Doesn't make sense. And the two paper lantern/devil horns jutting out on top? Cheesy.
  17. A few updates: The Acropolis, across from Centennial Dog Park near 31st. Ave and Long Ave Town homes right around the corner form the Acrapolis: On 31st. ave just off West End, close to the West View and Row 31: Bristol Midtown 1700 Midtown (I'm not sure if anything Bristol's built in the last 5 years will be standing in another 50, but God bless them for doing so much) That's my motorcycle down there. Ain't she cute?
  18. Actually, I think I've seen that building. Looking at the map on the craigslist listing above, I thought the location was closer to Germantown, but it's actually on the commercial strip of Jefferson close to Popeyes and Capt. D's. A picture would be welcome.
  19. Is that for realz? The listing says available in Spring 2008.
  20. A forumer over on the Nashville Charrette believes that it is housing for recovering substance abuse addicts, part of the Campus for Human Development.
  21. Here's a pic, sorry it's not the best. I didn't see a billboard or anything advertising what it is.
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