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  1. Nice shots, PHofKS. Although Encore is hardly a skyscraper (thankfully).
  2. Great job and thanks, Smeagolsfree. It's funny how the Bicentennial Mall area is quietly taking the lead in becoming the first downtownish neighborhood despite all the hype and fanfare that Sobro and the Gulch have received.
  3. Did anyone else see the story on intown condo and loft living on News Channel 5 at six o'clock? They reported that the SigT would start construction later this summer and that the project was one third "sold." It was an interesting look at a lot of the projects around town (the Icon is taking forever) with lots of free press for Tony G whose big V show condo looked like it was collecting some water on the balcony despite two drains. Perhaps he should have taken a quick peek-a-roo before showing it off to the news audience.
  4. Anyone have a status report on this? Harrison Square: And this? Can anyone provide any contextual info: how it sits on the lot, etc?
  5. Oh, Encore, what a crass and cynical name they have given you. Hey, they've zoomed out the webcam a little so we can admire the Schermerhorn uninterrupted for hours and hours on end.
  6. There's a new 3/4 view rendering of the Rhythm/Music Row tower (at least I hadn't seen it) which shows a significant set back of the tower portion that I was not aware of. You can catch a brief glimpse of the rendering while the webpage loads, rhythmnashville. Or you can see it in an ad in the real estate section of today's City Paper. I think it looks decent but does anyone have any idea what the two window-like sections flanking the central window over the main street-level entrance are? In the plan, it looks like it's clad in shutters but in the overhead rendering it looks like some brow
  7. According to a Wikipedia article, Highest income counties in the U.S., 2000 census figures rank Williamson County as the 27th wealthiest per capita in the U.S. The only county in the state to place in the top 100. I've heard it placed in the top 10 or so more recently but I can't offer up any sources. Another google search listed Belle Meade as the 27th (coincidence?) richest "place" in the U.S. regardless of population. With an average income of $104,908 (!) and a population of 2,943. That's certainly more impressive, statistically speaking than, say, #3 Baker, Missouri, income $182,000 pop.
  8. ^Well, the million dollar price tag buys a lot of quality building materials I guess.
  9. Walked and drove around town yesterday and today. Here's a few photos. I think he was getting a ticket for that stupid-ass hat. HG Hill market was really busy around 1:00 or so yesterday. I took this while stuck in traffic around 3:30. The Pentagon, er, the Icon (this thing is gonna be huge) Nissan headquarters underway. Kind of an interesting project with the three immense concrete pylon things and the steel frame going up in between. I got a better look at it this morning on northbound 65. Here's some photos of the Brownstones in F
  10. Man, today was glorious, downtown was full of activity. Here's a couple of quick shots:
  11. Whoo-hooo! Go sprawl! Go sprawl! It's ya birthday! We're gonna party like ... Um, sorry, that was lame. Roll out the red carpet for ... drum roll please ... SURFACE PARKING! Weeeeeeee!
  12. I suspected that that was the case. Maybe you can hitch a ride on Skyscraper Geek's cape. Har har.
  13. Great job, don't worry about stepping on anyone's toes, new pictures are always welcome. I really enjoy the high up views of the Sun Trust (I've lamented the loss of the Viridian Cam in order to keep tabs on this one) and the view of Broadway looking towards the river, but ... No thanks
  14. Great job smeagols, thanks for the pictures, too. I think I remember reading that the developer of the Utopia didn't really have the financial muscle to pull it off at the time, so maybe they've kind of retreated to try and secure some more credit, collateral and whatever other 'c' words are needed to pull off such a project. That is Phase III of the Wedgewood Park loft/condo development at the corner of 8th ave. and Wedgewood, you know the one that looks like a cheesy Hollywood Western lot.
  15. Pictures are worth a thousand words so somebody get this man a camera!
  16. Wow, that's just way too much to take in for li'l ol' Murfreesboro. How 'bout they just demolish everything outside Old Fort Parkway, Main St, Rutherford and start over with a plan. Hey, same goes for most of Nashville. They could start by making the parking spaces downtown parallel and building a garage a la downtown Franklin (I couldn't find a damn space this morning so I could get a cup of coffee before class) so that the square doesn't consist of the courthouse surrounded by parking, access street, parking, sidewalk, parking, street, parking, buildings.
  17. Uh oh, here we go again. I wonder what they paid per square foot as compared to what Barber paid for the Westin property? Can't wait to see what, if anything, they have planned. Gene Gilbert and Ansley Williams of Music City Suites Love that duster!
  18. Las fotos son malas pero me encantan los edificios. I think that's, "The pictures suck but I love the buildings," in espagnol.
  19. I snagged these from the Tennessean I've never seen a photo similar to the last one, it's a very interesting location. Lexy, think you could do an update?
  20. ^I was really under the impression that the whole of Iran was completely devoid of color. Thanks for pointing out what an obvious retard I am.
  21. ^Pretty innocuous group of buildings, no? Almost looks like we're in Iran or something (except for the whole giant crucifix thing), so much sandy beigeness.
  22. I came across this building while looking at the plans for Villa Rich (yow!), and while it's sort of a rough location, it's a really beautiful building, the old cliche about not building 'em like they used to really applies here. Anyway, does anybody know anything about the status of this project? I assume that the Principle Building Group has been contracted to do the build out.
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